My top 5 must-have survival gadgets

In the SEAL teams, if you don't have the right gear — you don't come home.

It might be as simple as the extra pair of AA batteries wrapped in tape that made all the difference on a mission in Iraq…

Or that one extra quart of hydraulic fluid that kept my teammate's heavily damaged helicopter airborne until he was able to safely land it in Afghanistan…

Then there's the 5 oz. self-applied tourniquet that has saved thousands of lives over the last decade. The fact is, the right tools make all the difference.

But what are the "right" tools? I've had to rely on each of these types of tools in many different situations and I can personally attest to their efficacy and life-saving abilities.

Not only do I cover how each of these tools comes in handy in critical circumstances, but also how these items - if not part of your everyday carry - at least need to be in your arm's reach "Go Bag."

1. Power: We live in a world where most folks can't go an hour without their gadgets, TV, mobile phone or their laptop. Well when the SHTF that might not be the case. But if you are fortunate enough to be in a situation where your personal electronics are still working, you are going to need power. This is why I am placing this as the first in my top 5 as a must have for survival. Whether it's solar power, or rechargeable batteries, having backup power is a must. I highly recommend these USB Rechargeable Batteries.

2. Tactical Rigger Belt With D-Ring Buckle: More than just keeping my pants up, this type of belt has a heavy-duty quick-release buckle that allows the wearer to remove it quickly and use it as a weapon. The D-ring can be used for emergency descent from a high point, used to anchor someone else or as an attachment point to keep someone close in a low-visibility situation.

3. Multitool: You get a lot of bang for your buck with a good multitool. You can cut with it, make repairs with it, even fight with it. I prefer a more robust set of pliers than the needle nose variety that comes on many brands, including the collapsible "fist pack" size.

4. Water Filter: You can go weeks without food, but you will only survive a few days without water. In a survival situation, you can't always expect clean water to be easily available. Which is why you need to be ready to filter out any possible contaminants that may be lurking in your water supplies. Having a water filter ready and available will also help get you access to clean, drinkable water immediately through streams, puddles, lakes and more.

5. Butane Lighter: There are several reasons you may need to start a fire — to keep warm, cook a meal or perhaps signal someone — and you can't count on a disposable lighter when that time comes. With the right collection of gear, you will be more prepared to handle any crisis situation and make it home alive. So start building your supply today so that you can be ready for whatever crisis arises.


  • John Bruce - March 08, 2022

    Folks use to question my thoughts and actions on being prepared for rough times.Not so much these days.They now see what I have been saying for years.I would much rather have these items and not need them,than to need them and not have them. I never expected this country to be knocked on it’s knees as it has in the last few years.God help us!

  • Curtis Fox - March 08, 2022

    Thank you ,
    These things are new to us. Please keep sending out your emails.

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