Military Backpacks & Your Survival Stash Have Much in Common

Two weeks ago, I sent you an email on the topic of U.S. troops carrying cellphones. We went through the pros (communication and morale). As well as the cons (security risks including revealing locations).

There are different opinions on this subject. But one thing I think we can all agree on is what our troops definitely should carry while on duty.

That’s what we’ll discuss today. Some of these same things are items we should either carry or at least have stockpiled at home. Just in case of an emergency.

At the end I’ll tell you about a 4Patriots offer that solves two of the biggest challenges you’ll have during a crisis.

Troops carry own stuff

You’ve seen photos of our troops on battlefields. They almost always carry a backpack filled with items they can quickly access. 

Back in the day, soldiers didn’t carry much equipment. A wagon holding those items would follow them. 

But today’s troops need to access items quicker. And supply wagons are too tempting of a target for the enemy. So, soldiers now carry their own stuff.

The backpacks themselves are usually black. That makes them less visible at night. Another option is camouflage matching the soldier’s attire.

Water bladders

Now let’s get into the backpack’s contents. Keeping in mind that at any moment a soldier might require life-saving equipment.

Especially when they face dangerous and harsh conditions. And when there is no fresh water or food source near them. 

Instead of bulky canteens troops once carried, they now have hydration bladders. Lighter in weight, these bladders feature a tube that reaches the soldier’s mouth. 

An added convenience for military personnel is that the bladders are self-cleaning. And anti-bacterial. This rids their water of most contaminants. 

Food rations 

When troops are marching across a battlefield, there are very few McDonald’s in sight. So, they must carry their food. 

Protein bars are a great source of energy and sustenance. But sometimes troops require food that also provides warmth. 

Some of their food sources include flameless ration heaters. In 12 minutes with no visible flame, a food item can be heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

One thing troops have learned ‚Äď sometimes the hard way ‚Äď is it‚Äôs better to have too much food than not enough. They never know when a mission might require more time than anticipated.¬†

First-aid kit 

Injuries come with the territory when a military mission is involved. These injuries range from minor to moderate to major. 

A troop’s first-aid kit must be comprehensive enough to treat minor and moderate injuries. And it should contain items that will at least stabilize a major injury.

With the assistance of other troops, they can use items in a first-aid kit to patch up wounds. That carries them over to when they’re in a position to receive more treatment. 

Medicines for a variety of injuries are included in military backpacks. The kits also include items such as sunscreen. 

Tactical flashlight 

A tactical flashlight is also a must for military personnel. That’s because it can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Shining a bright light in the darkness is an obvious one. But these flashlights can do much more. 

Including cutting through a barrier and breaking glass with its hammer. They also feature different light settings.   

A durable tactical flashlight can save a life. They can be charged with their solar panel and power up other devices. Most also feature a magnet and compass. 

Additional items 

What other items can be found in a soldier’s backpack? Here are seven… 

  • Ammunition for guns they carry
  • Gun-cleaning kit
  • Body armor they‚Äôre not currently wearing
  • Folded one-person tent (or part of a larger group tent)
  • Compass
  • Sleeping bag
  • Extra clothing (especially clean, dry socks)¬†¬†

Food & water filtration at your fingertips 

Take a quick look back at some of the items I’ve mentioned. Like food and water. Plus a tactical flashlight, first-aid, etc. Having these same types of items in your personal survival supply is important. 

You may never find yourself out on a battlefield. But it might feel that way when disaster strikes. Wouldn’t you rather be over-prepared than under-prepared?

As promised, here’s a way you can ensure that with just one decision. You can get a 3-month supply of great-tasting, nutritious, and long-lasting survival food. Plus $752.30 in free bonuses.

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  • MICHAEL KENNEDY - November 08, 2023

    Basically we are to think ahead for all we need….and IF we don’t have it….then that’s where YOU come in!
    YOU HAVE ALL YOUR 4 PATRIOT goodies which we all NEED!!!


    PS I hope to be able to get more asap. Thanks!

  • Lisa Dean - November 08, 2023

    I live in Florida.For extra water during hurricane, we fill bathtub for flushing toilet and fill 5 gallon buckets that we store stacked in our shed. Then fill for storm in our attached garage.we use this for washing. Regular bleach on hand,not laundry type, to add to buckets as needed. Not to mention wash all clothing, bedding, towels before storm. Take showers and wash hair before cleaners ahead of time.Lots of gloves of different types .Have a water valve shutoff tool. Use redundancy in cooking fuel, solar, lighters,etc. in case one method does not work, you can use another. Plenty of first aid supplies including tourniquet for chain saw accidents. Keep plenty of oil as well as gas for gas generators. And stabilizer as well as chain saws.get them sharpened. Stock up on bread, lunch meat, condiments,as well as patriot food kits. Have plenty of batteries and rechargeable ones for flashlights, from 4 pats. Have a dry place for sticks,etc to use star stove if needed.clothesline to dry everything. Small fridge for essentials. To plug into generator and fans.Charcoal for grilling meat,and lighter fluid or matchlight charcoal. Matches kept dry in changes of clothes in large plastic bags/ Ziploc to keep them dry. Women,stock up on sanitary needs. And always have more than enough toilet paper and paper towels. Just a few preps

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