Meet the Men Behind the Heroes' Heritage Flag – Exclusively Available this Presidents' Day

Dave deployed 4 times to the Middle East. Bravely serving in Kuwait, Iraq and Qatar.

And when he returned home to Arizona, he served on the frontlines. Working for the department of Homeland Security in defense of our borders... to keep us safe.

Dave's dedicated his life to protecting our freedoms. And now, he honors our great country by crafting beautiful, heirloom-quality wooden flags with a team of skilled Military and Law-Enforcement Veterans.

Meet Andy from Michigan

Andy served in the U.S. Navy. As he sailed all over the world serving his country with honor, he dedicated countless hours of his free time in a little woodworking shop onboard.

There, he honed his craft – he became a master.

In the Navy, Andy earned leadership skills that he still uses today. He's a foreman of a popular woodworking shop in Michigan that specializes in making high-quality American flags that honor the sacrifice and service of the brave men who craft them.

Who Else Wants to Honor the Men and Women who Defend Our Freedom?

Why am I telling you about Dave & Andy?

Because we can finally share our secret.

Over the last few months, we've partnered with Dave, Andy and other veterans to bring you something like no other.

Something that will show everyone who enters your home exactly how you feel about America and our courageous veterans: Solid-wood collectible flags made by brave Americans.

In a few moments, I'm going to reveal how you can acquire one of these stunning wooden American flags for your own.

It's something special we're doing to honor Presidents' Day. First, though, let me give you an inside look at how these magnificent flags are made.

Precise, Painstaking Process

Dave, Andy and other veterans select only the finest American-pine wood. They then use a vigorous inspection process.

Next, they slow-char the wood and hand-rub it to bring out the natural color of the wood grain.

Then these veteran craftsmen carefully raise the grain. That's so the texture of the wood becomes multi-dimensional. Colors fall into place on the wood as it rises up through the char.

Because every flag is handmade and custom-built, no two are exactly alike. Every one is a one-of-a-kind heirloom.

Generations Will Enjoy It

The next step in the process is hand-staining the wood in red, white and blue. Each star is precisely hand-carved, then placed on the blue background so it rises up in 3-D.

This painstaking woodworking technique results in a 3.5 ft by 2 ft flag that's ready to hang. Just take a look at Matt from our team here at 4Patriots and Dave holding the finished result:

They're built to last for generations. That's a big advantage because that's what everyone will want to do with them. And any aging will only enhance their beauty. Just see

Andy, Dave and their fellow U.S. veterans take tremendous pride in their craft. But these warriors are even prouder of the country they served.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

By this time you might be asking, how do I get my hands on one of these veteran-made American flags?

I'm excited to tell you. But in full disclosure, I have to warn you that the supply is very limited.

We started planning for this special months ago. In fact, these hardworking vets sent these beautiful flags in batches to our warehouse – and put in extra hours during the holidays - for the sole purpose of sharing them with you.

It takes a long time for them to produce each handmade flag, due to their relentless pursuit of excellence. That's why we were only able to secure 1257 of these Heroes' Heritage Collectible Flags as part of our Presidents' Day sale.

A Symbol of Freedom and Pride

You won't be surprised to learn we have a Heroes' Heritage Collectible Flag hanging in our 4Patriots office. It's one of many that I own.

Every time I walk past it, I think about the veterans who created it. And how they poured their American pride into its craftsmanship.

Yes, they want to display their incredible woodworking skills in a stunning piece of Americana. But I get the distinct impression these flags mean more to them than that.

I believe they create every flag to honor the freedom they fought so bravely to protect for us back at home.

Isn't the Heroes' Heritage Collectible Flag something you'd love to proudly hang in your home?

Heirloom-Quality Solid-Wood Flags Won't Last Long

I've promised these veterans that I'll get the word out ASAP about the Heroes' Heritage Flags they made for our Presidents' Day Event.

And remember, only 1257 were made.

So if you'd like to own one (or two!) – I'd suggest jumping on it (like I said... ASAP). Because as long as we still have them available, you can get your own flag for just $99 down.

But it all expires Midnight Pacific on Tuesday, February 18. That's when this patriotic event becomes history. Take your chance to support the brave men and woman who put their hearts into making the Heroes' Heritage Flags :

>> Get Your Veteran-Made Flags on an Easy Monthly Payment Plan

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