March is Red Cross Month: Be a Hero in Your Community

We’ve all heard of the American Red Cross. It’s been around longer than any of us. 

Clara Barton established it in 1881. She was a hospital nurse during the Civil War. As well as a teacher and a patent clerk.

Barton got the idea for an American version of the Red Cross from the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian group. It gives emergency assistance disaster relief in America. As well as disaster preparedness education.

Presidential Proclamation

March has been designated as Red Cross Month since 1943. That’s when President Franklin D. Roosevelt first declared it as such.

The goal of the designation is to bring awareness to the group. And to its humanitarian mission.

Here’s Donald Trump’s presidential proclamation about it. “During American Red Cross Month, we recognize and honor the lifesaving work of the dedicated employees and volunteers of the American Red Cross.

“As well as the remarkable kindness of the American people who give so generously to this organization.

“Each year, the American Red Cross provides care, relief and comfort to Americans who are suffering from natural disasters.”

Clara Barton’s Vision

Barton was the group’s first president. Representative William Lawrence, a Republican from Ohio, was the first vice president.

The first local chapter was established at the English Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dansville, New York.

The American Red Cross got its first congressional charter in 1900. The group was first tasked with providing services to American armed forces members and their families.

As well as providing disaster relief in the United States and around the world. Today, the American Red Cross brings help to people in need every eight minutes, on average.

Serving Millions Every Year

The Red Cross responds to an average of 62,000 disasters per year. Most of these are home fires.

Volunteers helped approximately 24,000 people affected by more than 5,700 fires across every state. And that was just in one month last year.

In 2019, the Red Cross helped serve more than 8.4 million meals and snacks with its partners.

The organization also helped provide more than 284,200 overnight stays in shelters.

Turning Compassion Into Action

The Red Cross turns compassion into action. They do that so all people affected by disaster can receive care, shelter and hope.

They work so that every community will prepare for disasters. And so everyone has access to safe, lifesaving blood and blood products.

 The Red Cross Home Fire Campaign launched in 2014. Since then it has saved more than 715 lives. And helped install more than 2 million smoke alarms.

Approximately 864,000 households have been made safer. And more than 1.5 million youth have been reached through the campaign.

Ordinary Folks Make an Extraordinary Difference

Gail McGovern is president and CEO of the American Red Cross. She has plenty to say about the organization’s volunteers.

“During Red Cross Month, we honor the volunteer heroes who help families overcome life’s emergencies every day.

“These champions are our neighbors. Ordinary people who make an extraordinary difference to ease the suffering of others.

“Whether it’s saving a person’s life with CPR (or) donating blood for a hospital patient with life-threatening conditions. Or comforting a family overwhelmed by a home fire or other crisis.”

Eyeing the Coronavirus Outbreak

The American Red Cross is keeping a close eye on the potential outbreak in America. Here’s part of their official statement.

“The American Red Cross is closely monitoring the evolving situation… We are currently working with government agencies and state officials to determine what Red Cross support may be needed.

“The Red Cross continues to use safety measures to protect the blood supply from all respiratory viruses including this coronavirus strain.

“The Red Cross of China is supporting its government. To help meet the… demand for medical items including masks and gowns.”

4 Ways to Contribute

How can we contribute to the efforts of the American Red Cross? There are several ways.

One is by becoming a Red Cross volunteer. You’d help families affected by disasters. And possibly provide emergency assistance to military members and veterans. 

A second way is by giving blood. There is always a need for every type of lifesaving blood or platelets. The Red Cross supplies about 40 percent of the nation’s blood.

Third, you can learn lifesaving skills. The best way to do that is by registering for a class in first-aid, CPR or other skills.

Finally, you can make a financial donation. This will be used for food, shelter and other essentials for families who need it most.

Your first step for any of these activities is contacting your local Red Cross chapter. 

Red Cross, FEMA Agree

The Red Cross recommends stockpiling non-perishable food. So does the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

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  • vanilla cream - March 05, 2020

    Why didn’t you print the salaries of the Red Cross Pres., VP, etc. compared to the Salvation Army.
    My family always contributed to the Red Cross until the Calif. Earthquake (Oakland/SF) where the freeways collapsed. We donated several thousand dollars with the specification that it be used for the earthquake victims, only to learn later that the R.C. put millions of the dollars donated into the General Fund for stupid projects such as “diversity training” …. we wrote to ask them if this was true, stating that we would never contribute another penny to them. They responded with a “snarky” letter admitting that much of the money donated for specific earthquake relief had been deposited in their general fund, and that once we donated it was not our business where the money was spent. We have donated to the Salvation Army since.

  • mary brumley - March 05, 2020

    Years and years ago a family in Oklahoma house and outbuildings were leveled by a tornado that today would be considered a strength of EF5. The Red Cross helped them. Then later the Red Cross asked them to pay it back!
    The Red Cross should have told them that it was only a loan!

  • Richard Wilkins - March 04, 2020

    Clara Barton was my great great grandmother. I can send genealogy records if you like my mom does all the research for it and has it all well documented. Clara is rolling over in her grave at the corruption in our government that has twisted and perverted the Red Cross and all the other major charity organizations that have been systematically misused for evil purposes.

  • Cecil - March 04, 2020

    You will not like my message. Yes, I remember the Red Cross all my life and I’m 82 now. What I’ve see with your RC is you seem to care moor and do more for illegals demanding their rights to get into America and on welfare, where when they do get here and right away get on welfare at a higher amount than any Americans who worked their whole damn life and never asked for a penny from you. Yet, we have our vets and American families out on the streets, in very small tents, but you break your necks getting south of the border to help those who demand we let them in to steal more of our tax dollars. Billions of our welfare paid tax money is making it back to Mexico. Mexico is not our friend. The law, they ask for what the want in the first country they come into; that is Mexico, but Mexico until Trump stopped them, were busing them up to our border, not stopping them at their border. I also did not like at Red Cross when a women stayed outside because you would not let her bring her just inside your door. That little dog was her child to her but your idiot had to go by your rule. If you had brains you would know many people coming for help had their bets but you couldn’t ever fix an area for that but you give the illegals the best. Why the hell don’t you go look at the very small tents Americans are in along the streets of America, while the illegals here get all the housing. Say what you want but Red Cross is not what it was at the start and you are also being investigated for much that needs to be answered about the use of money you take in.

  • Donna Odell - March 04, 2020

    Love the Red Cross. They are one of the very few I donate to with confidence it will be well used. Thank you for supporting them.

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