Mail Call Sparks Memories for U.S. Vets During 4Patriots-Sponsored Honor Flight


When you’re away for an extended period of time, any reminder of home is cherished.

This is especially true for those in military service around the world. They are proud to serve their country. And will do so to the best of their abilities. But they also long for the day when they can return home safely to family and friends.

In the meantime, letters from loved ones help fill the void. It’s an essential morale booster for troops. That’s why mail call is such a special time in the life of an active-duty soldier. And it’s been that way for centuries.

Soldiers long to hear their name called. It means a family member or friend has remembered to reach out to them.

600+ Letters of Gratitude

 Last month, 4Patriots sponsored a Lone Eagle Honor Flight. It enabled 25 veterans to spend three days visiting memorials dedicated to wars. Including ones in which they fought.

A number of 4Patriots employees took part in the celebration. And serving as a reminder of the mail call days from the past, they took with them more than 75 of the 600+ letters of thanks we received from grateful folks such as you.

Those selected letters were presented in book form to each of the 25 veterans. As they read the letters, the veterans basked in the love and admiration expressed by appreciative Americans.

The mail call session proved to be one of the highlights of the trip for many of the veterans. It was a vivid reminder of their service to the country for which they’d risked their lives. Take a look at this video to see what I mean. 

Heartfelt Thanks Expressed

Room does not permit me to list all the letters the veterans received. But here’s how a few of them read:

“Thank you for doing what you must to keep us safe and free here in the U.S.A. I know it hasn’t been easy and I have heard your stories first hand. You should know that people do appreciate your efforts and any sacrifices you have made.”

“Dear Veteran, Words cannot express how proud I am to honor those heroes like you, who choose to serve their Country. It humbles me to realize the sacrifices you and your family endure. Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but it is my sincerest way of letting you know how much I care. THANK YOU!!”

“To those who have sacrificed so much so we can enjoy freedom… THANK YOU! Because of your dedication, selflessness and courage, we sleep at night safely. May this country continue to always honor those who served and who are serving, and never forget your worth!”

“Dear American Veteran, No matter the military branch or unit(s) of your service, I wish to express my heartfelt thank you to you and your family for your service. I absolutely love our Constitutional Republic… and I honor all who have served to protect and defend it from enemy aggression.”

250,000 Vets Have Benefitted

The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization that flies U.S. military veterans from across the country to Washington, D.C., free of charge. It launched in May 2005 when six small planes flew 12 veterans to Washington, D.C.

Soon commercial jets were used to transport the large number of interested veterans. Approximately 250,000 veterans have been flown to the nation’s capital for this purpose over the past 17 years.

Among the sites veterans see during these tours are the World War II Memorial, the Air Force Memorial and the Navy Memorial.

Plus the Marine Corps War Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial. As well as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and others.

4Patriots Donates Power Banks

Last month, 4Patriots donated Patriot Power Cells to all participating veterans and guardians who were part of the Lone Eagle Honor Flight. Those power banks helped recipients keep essential devices charged during their stay and beyond.

With May being Military Appreciation Month, 4Patriots extends its sincere gratitude to active duty military members and veterans who have laid their lives on the line to keep us free, independent and self-reliant.

At 4Patriots, it is a tradition to support military and veteran-focused nonprofit organizations. 

And as one of our loyal customers, you are making a huge impact upon the lives of these 25 veterans and many others.

You Make It All Possible 

By supporting our business, you allow us to provide funds and products to worthy organizations that benefit these heroes and others.

Your purchases of our products have enabled us to commit to a “1K a Day” program in 2022. That means we commit to making financial donations of at least $365,000 this year to charitable organizations that champion freedom and self-reliance.

Among the organizations receiving these donations are Operation Homefront, Team Rubicon and A Soldier’s Child Foundation. Plus Fisher House Foundation, Hire Heroes USA, Pets for Vets and For The Troops.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Honor Flight Network may visit


  • Fred Burkhalter - May 23, 2022

    I’m a vet also. Love goes out to all the vets Semper Fi

  • David Hollingsworth - May 20, 2022

    I thank you for your service and the support for your company a great service for the military is support i have family at service our country my grandfather is WW2 veteran my mom is dad is a Vietnam veteran
    I thank you all for your support for your troop and there family.
    Thank you
    David Hollingsworth

  • Mureen J. Schaueer-Ogonowski - May 20, 2022

    My Dad was born in Germany and came here as a young 12 year old. He always taught his children to respect the flag. During the month of May, he always told us NEVER to pass a man selling a Poppy. He gave us each some money to purchase a Poppy which we hung on the front mirror in the car. He told us that whenever we could, to thank a Veteran for their sacrifice, because it was the only reason that we were able to walk the street freely, go to any church we wanted, get any job we wanted, go shopping anywhere we wished, etc, etc, etc. We heard it all: ALWAYS appreciate being an American Citizen. God Bless everyone of our Veterans.

  • phyllis - May 20, 2022

    Also, with regards to the veterans, it is nice to know how there were people protecting our freedoms. I am concerned with current state of politics in this country and hope and pray that they are the right ones (they are not). With WW III around the corner, this country needs all the help it can get. I just hope that should it occur, we will be victorious as we were during WWII. Let’s just hope that WW III is a long time coming but only God knows.

    To all the veterans, stay well and God Bless you all.

  • Phil Lerma - May 20, 2022

    Dear Vet thank you for your service to our country. God bless
    You all.

  • J. Murdock - May 20, 2022

    Thank you for Serving, it’s a honor to know we have great men and woman who have or is continually Protecting this
    great country USA. I will continue to pray for you Daily. Stay bless

  • Alvin D. Watters - May 20, 2022

    You people are great with every thing you do !

  • Jane Anglin - May 20, 2022

    Thank you for your commitment to our veterans!

  • Randee Mendenhall - May 20, 2022

    In these trying times in this country and around the world we need to give our thanks and appreciation. to those who have sacrificed their lives to protect something that is so very precious to all of us. Our FREEDOM. Maybe some won’t realize how special that is until it’s gone. Let us pray they never have to find out that way. So I thank you from the very depths of my heart to each and every one of you. To the ones who have served and to our young soldiers serving now, may God bless and keep you each and every one.

  • Maria - May 20, 2022

    I received the food and l love the package and very organized l try some food and are delicious thanks fourth patriots

  • Pamela Duffy - May 20, 2022

    We love our Veterans! We thank a vet every single time we meet one. Because of their sacrifice, we have freedom. Much love from Tom and Pam Duffy in Lakeland fl

  • Al Roemer - May 20, 2022

    4 generations of service men in the Roemer family. Army, Navy and Marines. Thank you to all you men and women that have served your country so well. May God bless and protect all!!!!!

  • Christina and Richard Fairchild - May 20, 2022

    Thank you for such a great outreach to our military families.

    Being from a military proud serving family means so much.
    Many are gone, but you have shown that they are not forgotten for their sacrifices to our great country.

    Christina and Richard Fairchild

  • Rob Feringa - May 20, 2022

    I have to say I was very heart struck by the people that wrote notes to these veterans and as a veteran myself I am very thankful for God and this great nation. You at 4patriots have shown that you posses great hearts and compassion towards veterans who fought for this great nation. I could write on but just know keep doing what your doing because it matters! Thanks Rob

  • Barb Kullos - May 20, 2022

    I really can’t say how much I am thankful for the service that military service and their families do for our country. I have had many siblings who served in one branch or another in the Vietnam War, and my dad in World War II. So my heart goes out to you all. Please take care! A WONDERFUL DAY to YOU ALL!

  • Duane David Garcia - May 20, 2022

    God bless all the Veterans.

  • Albert Brinson - May 20, 2022

    As a combat veteran, I have an intimate understanding and appreciation for my peers. Still GY6.

  • Steven Bogart - May 20, 2022

    I allways support military and law officers Both are so more needed then you
    ‘Ll ever know!

  • Suzanna Cantley - May 20, 2022

    THIS made me cry. As a wife of now gone vet of Viet Nam and a President of Harley motor cycle club Of Viet Nam Vets at his death. It is an honor to see the love go on.

  • Thomas Pride - May 20, 2022

    I am a true believer in the phrase “Pay it Forward” we in this country sometimes think we have it tough. The truth is that just to get to this horrible place, people risk life and limb, in washtubs, inner tubes, or just trying to swim. We all have the United States Armed Forces to thank for keeping this the #1 destination for leaving Tyranny and coming to Peace. I want to Pay it Forward, anytime a veteran needs help we have to help, the CO we have at this time won’t help, our forces are ridiculed by the C in C and his panel of loonies. I hope each vet knows we love and care as well as need them. God Bless America,

    Thomas Pride

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