Let There Be Light… and a Whole Lot More

What’s the best possible tool you could have in your home and in your car? A survival knife, a flashlight, a hammer, and a back-up power source all come to mind. As do a few others.

But none of them by themselves will be able to help you accomplish more than a few tasks each. The key to an ultimate survival tool is its ability to take on a number of jobs. Only a multi-purpose tool can do it all.

And that brings us to the best one I know of – the tactical flashlight. 4Patriots just happens to sell a great one, and I’ll get to how you can acquire it shortly.

But first I want to briefly explain why you need one.

Tactical flashlights – a need, not a luxury

First and foremost, a tactical flashlight will help you see your way in the dark. Regardless of whether you’re in the basement looking at your fuse box after the power goes out or outside after dark walking the dog or checking out a noise you heard in the yard.

Second, a tactical flashlight will provide you with various light settings. Super bright for seeing in the distance, normal for when you don’t want to attract attention, and a strobe feature when you’re seeking a rescue.

Next, some tactical flashlights can serve as a hammer if you need to bust open a window or use it as a weapon against an attacker.

Some even include a sharp edge to cut a seatbelt or rope, a magnet to free up both hands for work, and a solar panel to charge it.

9 functions, no waiting

Now, any device can have a certain number of functions – 5, 7, 9, etc. But if some of those functions are ones you’ll rarely use, and others are basically the same as each other, the number really doesn’t matter.

However, with the HaloXT Tactical Flashlight from 4Patriots, all nine functions are different, effective, and good for real-world usage.

Let’s take a quick look at each:

· Ultra Bright Flashlight. You’ll be able to see up to 200 meters away and can even use it to temporarily blind an attacker.
· Red SOS Flasher. The color red can be seen from a great distance, and the strobe effect will alert anyone that you need help. Such as if you’re trapped somewhere. It’s a great road companion.
· Work Light. When you’re working on something right in front of you, or you don’t want to attract attention with a bright light, just choose this lower setting.
· Magnetic Mount. There are few car repairs or other emergency tasks you can do with one hand. The magnet will secure your flashlight to a metal surface such as a vehicle, allowing you to use both hands to change a tire or whatever you need to do.
· Seatbelt & Rope Splitter. This flashlight has a razor-sharp edge that rips through a stuck seatbelt or through cordage or rope. It could be a lifesaver if your vehicle goes into a ditch.
· Glass-Breaking Hammer. The hardened-steel tip can quickly break open a car window that could get jammed in an accident. Every second counts in an emergency, such as if your car plunges into a body of water.
· Rugged Compass. A bug-out situation could place you in the wilderness with no clear landmarks to help you navigate. This compass can point you in the right direction.
· Solar Panel. The easiest way to keep your flashlight fully powered is by leaving it outside with the solar panel pointed at the sun.
· USB Charger. As if all this wasn’t enough, you can even use your tactical flashlight to charge other electronic devices such as your cellphone. Just unscrew the compass for access to a USB port.

By now, I think you probably realize you need a tactical flashlight if you don’t already own one. And I hope you’ve become convinced that we’ve got a splendid one with your name on it, just waiting for you to respond.


  • Kellie C - January 10, 2023

    I have 4, one at each door (3) of my home and one I carry in my pickup. I gave one to a friend as a Christmas gift, and 3 to each of my family groups last year for Christmas. I had one fall off my pickup onto the cement garage floor and doggone if it wasn’t still working. It doesn’t work perfectly but it does shine a bright light, and of course, you can still use the window breaker (which would also make a great self defense device if needed) and rope/seat belt cutter. The best flashlight I’ve ever had.

  • WILLIAM BOYLES - January 10, 2023

    The only thing I see missing is being able to start a fire.

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