Lessons Learned From COVID-19?

I would love nothing more than to report to you that America has flattened the curve on COVID-19.

That the worst is over. That things are getting better. And that we're fully prepared as a nation to deal with any second wave that might come along.

But as we all know, the truth is very different. The number of confirmed cases is growing by leaps and bounds. Especially in areas of the country that have recently opened up.

There have been more than 2.5 million confirmed cases in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the real number might be 10 times higher in some areas.

More than 125,000 deaths in America have been attributed to COVID-19. Some states like Arizona, California, Texas and Florida are returning to partial shutdowns.

Hand Washing & Mask Wearing

We still have a long way to go until we get this thing under control. But in the meantime, there are some lessons we can learn from the pandemic.

One is that hand washing and mask wearing help. Pretty much everyone can get onboard with hand washing. We all touch our faces much more often than we realize. And that's a great way to infect ourselves.

Mask wearing is more controversial. Some say that only N-95 masks are helpful. But there's plenty of evidence that other masks can limit the spread as well.

Hong Kong is said to have a 97 percent mask compliance rate. As of this writing, they've had only seven reported deaths connected to the coronavirus.

A Very Connected World

Another lesson is that our world is very connected. Asia and Europe may seem like a long ways away.

But due to the millions of people who regularly travel internationally, an infected individual there can be on our shores in a matter of hours.

Yet another lesson is that factual data should determine our actions. Yes, that data might change as more is learned about a virus.

But it's important to use the most current data to make decisions that affect behavior. This can save lives.

Longing for More Social Interaction

Human beings are social creatures. This is another lesson we already knew but have been vividly reminded of.

Have you noticed that your introverted friends have been able to adapt to the new norms more easily than your extroverted friends?

Introverts don't require as much social interaction. But all of us need some. Social distancing has presented a challenge for many of us.

Connecting frequently in socially acceptable ways during a pandemic is essential to our emotional wellbeing.

No. 1 Lesson – Be Prepared

Of course, the number one lesson we've learned from this pandemic is to be prepared. This is something we've been preaching for many years.

No longer are Americans saying, "This will never happen here." Or, "This will never happen to me."

Now we all know that it can and will happen to us. Both individually and as a nation. And we realize the government will be unable to take care of us when it does.

Being prepared – with survival food, water purification devices, auxiliary power and more – is the only way to live.

Don't Count on the Supply Chain

In the past, we've seen images of empty store shelves in areas where a hurricane is approaching. Or where a tornado has just caused serious damage.

But this pandemic resulted in empty store shelves just about everywhere. Now we've all seen this first-hand.

Over time, many stores were able to restock most items. But some products, such as disinfectant wipes, still can't be found in most stores.

Having plenty of supplies at home, including food, paper products and medicines, means you'll have what you need when you need it. And you won't have to run to the store repeatedly and encounter those who could be carrying the virus.

Peace of Mind Can't Be Overrated

Most discussions about preparedness involve specific products. Such as food, water, flashlights, batteries, etc.

But there is another major component of preparedness that does not get as much attention. And that's the mental health aspect.

Those who are prepared for an emergency say peace of mind is a very important factor. Knowing you're prepared keeps you from panicking when things get bad.

Being prepared means feeling calm and confident. Before, during and after the storm.

Thankful to Be Here to Help

You've probably heard that the preparedness industry has grown during the pandemic. In fact most other survival businesses have run out on a lot of their emergency essentials. But not us here at 4Patriots.

Every day we hear from folks saying how glad they are that they took steps toward self-reliance. And grateful for our fast results and shipping. That warms our hearts. We are so happy we are in a position to help people like you prepare for current and future uncertainties.

And I'm honored to be part of a group that donates some of its profits to organizations that support the fine men and women who serve in the U.S. military.

We are truly blessed to do what we do here at 4Patriots!


  • MP Parker - July 06, 2020

    You lost me at the “wearing masks” propaganda. Perhaps masks help in some cases and for some things but if you want to pitch survival food and other resources, don’t insult me by preaching left wing doctrine. Just get to your sales pitch. By now I have seen and heard enough of that bovine excrement in the mainstream media to have all the angles covered. I don’t need or want more indoctrination, I can make up my own mind regarding mask wearing without your opinion! If you must put that into your sales pitch, please leave my name off your list because frankly it neausates me at this point. Thanks.

  • Jeffrey Woods - July 06, 2020

    Please stop telling us about the padded number crap about the virus. If your company is believing the governments bull then you are off my list

  • Nancy - July 06, 2020

    I have been amazed at how many people still don’t realize how global life is now. And how many more are believing that FEMA will step in and make the world right again in 3 days. Have we forgotten Katrina? I am so thankful that I grew up with Depression Era parents who taught me self-reliance and being prepared. And I am also thankful for 4Patriots for so many quality products and resources to provide the peace of mind in the continuing uncertain future.

  • Ron Goodwater - July 06, 2020

    Thank you guys for all the great work you all do for America.

  • Gretchen - July 06, 2020

    I just cannot thank you folks enough. 4 Patriots has been a blessing! Knowing l have what l need with your kits of food for survival, the solar kettle. 

    These products have given me more peace of mind!
    God bless!

  • Patricia - July 06, 2020

    THANK you for being. I have had very little interaction with military folks since hubby retired many years ago. Yes, I have your boxes of food ordered. I have another company’s freeze-dried foods, but they are in our basement and I am in a wheelchair. Your foods will be kept where I can easily get to them. Blessings be yours.

  • Patricia - July 06, 2020

    THANK you for being. I have had very little interaction with military folks since hubby retired many years ago. Yes, I have your boxes of food ordered. I have another company’s freeze-dried foods, but they are in our basement and I am in a wheelchair. Your foods will be kept where I can easily get to them. Blessings be yours.

  • Thomas Reed - July 06, 2020

    Keep up your efforts to educate us.

  • Patricia - July 06, 2020

    Cdc are using fake numbers. NURSES SAY EACH TEST ON SAME PATIENT COUNTED AGAIN AND AGAIN. Antibody tests counted as active cases when are not. Unused swabs called positive. Virtual made up diagnosis even if no symptoms. Illegals sneaking in with their diseases. Destroy Chinese virology labs before more chicken, swine flues that will kill more. Stop Chinese spies and disease spreaders. Stop inferior, poisonous, germy Chinese products. Now.

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