Is Your Survival Food Healthy Enough?

I applaud people who have planned for their future by stockpiling survival food. 

With extreme weather events on the increase and a pandemic ravaging the world, we live in very uncertain times.

Through the years, many of us have seen empty store shelves. But it’s usually been on TV or in Internet articles.  

I think it’s safe to say that just about all of us have seen empty shelves in our local grocery stores recently. COVID-19 has weakened the supply chain and stores can’t keep up with demand.

Nutrition is key to your stockpile

So, I don’t have to tell you that you need an emergency food supply. But I would like to ask you a question today. Is your survival food nutritious enough to keep you and your family healthy?

Obviously, we want to stay as healthy as possible at all times. And keeping a strong immune system is more important now than ever before.

But what about when we enter a situation where the survival food we’ve stockpiled is all we have? Will it be as nutritious as we need it to be?

Dealing with a crisis takes a lot out of people. You’ll probably expend more energy than usual.

A crisis presents a challenge

Sure, you might be able to get through the first couple days of a crisis on adrenaline alone. It’s amazing what the human body can do short-term when necessary.

But after that, physical and mental fatigue will set in. It’s a downhill tumble until your body gets properly refueled.

Maintaining strength and stamina is nearly impossible without a healthy diet. Same with staving off illness and healing quickly from injuries.

It’s crucial that your survival food have the ability to keep you healthy as you face unprecedented circumstances. 

Sugar and sodium are the enemies

What are some examples of unhealthy food that might be part of a stockpile? There are a few obvious ones. Such as anything loaded with sugar. 

You might get a quick rush from a candy bar or a carbonated soft drink. But the crash will follow shortly. 

Another mistake made in stockpiling food is choosing items with high sodium levels.

In addition to being unhealthy, they’ll make you thirsty. Which means your fresh water supply will dwindle quicker.

Other stockpiling mistakes

Some folks buy food for an emergency in huge cans. They think they’re saving money while building a bigger stockpile.

They forget that once that can is open, the food’s shelf life drops in a hurry. Suddenly that savings makes no sense.

You also want to make sure your survival food has enough calories. And that it doesn’t contain a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. 

And there are some foods that are healthy if eaten promptly. Such as fresh fruits and vegetables. But they’ll go bad quickly if not dehydrated.

Look for carbs, protein, vitamins & more

The good news is there are plenty of healthy food items you can stockpile. If properly packaged and stored, they’ll carry you through even a lengthy crisis.

You want foods with plenty of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

No one food can give you all of the above. So, you need to make sure your stockpile includes a nice variety of healthy foods.

The key is to have plenty of freeze-dried foods because they will last a long time. None of us knows how long we’ll be in emergency mode. 

Healthy foods to include

 Among the foods that will provide plenty of carbs are rice, grains such as oats and wheat, honey, and fruit.

Foods that will give you protein and healthy fats include meat, poultry and fish. As well as beans, peanut butter and cheese. Plus eggs, oatmeal and dark chocolate.

For foods that contain lots of vitamins, aim for broccoli, spinach and tropical fruits. And almonds, dairy products and soybeans. 

The types of minerals you want to see in your survival food stash include calcium, potassium and magnesium.

 Variety is essential

Your food stockpile needs to be healthy, But not every individual food item will give you all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need.

That’s impossible. Not even a fresh vegetable or fruit picked from your garden can do that. The truth is, we need a variety of fruits and vegetables in our diets.

But who has time to find and purchase dozens of different fruits and vegetables? Especially with produce sections picked clean. And farmer’s markets shut down. Not to mention the time it takes to prepare them.

That’s why my buddy Jeff over at Patriot Health Alliance came up with a way to do the job for you. Just one scoop of Patriot Power Greens™ in water, juice or a smoothie gives you the benefits of 40 different fruits and vegetables.

Patriot Power Greens – a one-stop solution

Patriot Power Greens gives you lasting energy. And inflammation support for aches and pains.

It also provides cardiovascular and circulation support. Plus worry-free digestion. It has just what you need during normal times and in a crisis.

Like age-fighting, energy-boosting, immune-supporting power. In addition to the 40 fruits and vegetables, it contains vitamin and mineral blends for total body support.

Personally, I’d be happy to gain all those benefits every day even if a drink tasted bland. But customers keep telling us how much they love the delicious taste of Patriot Power Greens.

So if you're ready for the healing power of dozens of fruits and vegetables in one powerful drink, plus probiotics and digestive enzymes, with the energy and stamina for whatever comes our way, then make sure you have Patriot Power Greens on hand.

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