Is the Patriot Power Generator Worth the Price?

The Patriot Power Generator is the most expensive survival tool we carry. So naturally, the question comes up… Is it worth the price?

I thought I’d share what some of our customers have to say about this:

Ken H. shares how he’s saved more on his electric bill using his Patriot Power Generator than it cost him!

Watch his video here:

Here’s what Ken had to say:

“I looked at the Patriot Power Generator for about a year before I decided to get it. And after I purchased it -- I wanted to test it to see how long it would last.

This thing is actually pretty amazing! Even in the winter… our solar generator collects energy like crazy. I’ve even powered up this little travel trailer for about 6 hours on it.

I can charge up anything I need… my laptop, cellphones, backup battery packs, electric chainsaw and my 4Patriots HaloXT Flashlight. Just about everything that comes with a USB port.

It’s definitely worth the price. I’ve probably saved more on electric bills than what it cost easy. And I haven’t even had it a year yet.” - Ken H. 

Paul D. thinks the Patriot Power Generator is Worth Every Penny!

“We were in the eye of Hurricane IRMA. My wife became really, really happy with our purchase. We could keep cell phones, radio batteries and several rechargeable multi-purpose batteries charged. And had reading lights for reading. A small string of LED lights on our porch light gave us needed security.

It seemed expensive when we bought it … but believe me, we now realize it was worth every penny. It recharged as advertised. Five stars.” - Paul D. 

Bob says Patriot Power Generator is the Best Value Out There:

“You get what you pay for, and what you get with this unit makes the price VERY reasonable!! Access to AC and DC, plus even USB ports for charging electronics! Also, it shows the current state of charge, and even how many watts of power are currently in use… allowing the user to estimate how long the charge will hold!

PLUS you can have the solar panels charging while using it!! Then of course, it's silent, keeping others from being aware you even have it!! Don't go anywhere else, for any other price, higher or lower!!!- Bob C. 

Phillip thinks the Patriot Power Generator is Well Worth the Money and has an Awesome Warranty!

“I was thinking about a solar generator because the noise and fumes from my gas generator was getting on my nerves, then I got the email from 4Patriots.

What sold me was the fact that I could charge and discharge this generator once a day every day for more than five years.

The warranty -- who in the world gives a warranty like that? No one else. The compactness, weight and all those features, outstanding! And finally, the portability factor even including the solar panels.

Now I have used the system to run most of my hand tools, a small refrigerator, a desktop computer, a laptop and cell phones. I had no problems with over or under power/load. The best part is that most of the tests I did at night and inside. Very quiet.

Hooking up the solar panels was a breeze and the unit began charging with no problems. This unit is well worth the money, a great piece of gear to have and an awesome warranty to go with it. I very highly recommend the Patriot Generator.” - Phillip R. 

Chris Wants You to Know You Won't Find a Better Generator for the Price - He Looked!

“We were planning to get this for a few months and when the ‘Coronoa-virus pandemic’ hit I was worried we either wouldn't be able to get it due to supply or it would take forever to ship it. Well we called, they were in stock and it was delivered in two business days so good news on both accounts.  

First I want to give huge props to the customer service department. That poor lady I talked to spent over an hour with me getting everything I ordered squared away and even stayed on the line twice when I had to call my bank because they were denying the charge. Customer service 5 Stars!

As for the Generator kit itself, I felt like a kid in a candy store opening up all the goodies and bonus items it came with. My wife was saying she hoped the power went out just so we could try it all out. The generator came fully charged.

I spent literally weeks researching all the different portable generators and while there are definitely competitors for this system, you aren't getting the quality of components or electrical output anywhere else without spending a lot more money. Something that could be clearer is that this system can be re-charged with the included solar panel; but you can also recharge by getting a hand crank, windmill or even use a stationary bike. Those other options are not available through 4Patriots, but the technology is out there and from what I found as long as you hook it up with an Anderson Cable and it doesn't exceed 400 watts you should be good to go.

Bottom line, being prepared gives you peace of mind that you can't buy. I look at this item as an investment, and we also plan to use it outside of emergency situations. Camping, tailgating, anywhere without easy access to power... this guy is coming along. And on top of it all, you're supporting an American Company that supports veterans... Wins all around.” - Chris

And Christine Likes That You Don’t Have to Buy Gasoline For It! 

“I have everything in my van that I need to bug out, including my two service dogs and my Patriot Power Generator! It handles my lights, AC if I need it, a small heater, my microwave and my TV. I also have a small refrigerator I can plug in. I put my solar panels on the trailer hitch and recharge while I use my generator inside.

I’ve used a gas generator before and spent $50 for gas for 3 days. But the Patriot Power Generator can go inside while I sleep, and I don’t have to worry about anything. I feel a lot more comfortable.

Anybody that wants the peace of mind knowing they have power when they need it without the cost of the gas generators, this is the perfect thing to have. I’m really glad I made the investment and I’m trying to convince my family members to get one too. I’m pretty sure they will. If they’re smart!” - Christine H. 

Remember, your new solar generator makes free electricity from the sun. You could be at home, or in your RV, cabin, or undisclosed, completely off-the-grid location. It DOESN'T MATTER.

If the sun is shining, you can charge your Patriot Power Generator 1800 and be able to generate free electricity for you and your family.

And thanks to the new MPPT technology, now you can also charge with a hand-crank, bicycle, wind turbine, windmill — whatever!

Many customers have also shared how the portability of the unit provides a TON of additional value.

At only 40 pounds, with easy-carry handles, your generator goes anywhere with you. Especially if you need to “leave home in a hurry” — this portability is a huge advantage over other types of backup power.

You can even take it on camping, hunting and fishing trips. Or on your next RV vacation, or for weekend tailgating. You can probably picture a HUNDRED ways you will use and enjoy having an easy, free source of power.

And the Patriot Power Generator 1800 has a longer lifespan that ever before.

You can fully drain and recharge your unit over 2,500 times. That’s like having 6.8 years of daily use – about 4 times the shelf life of most generator products!

We’re sure you’re going to love the peace of mind that comes with your new solar generator, knowing that you and your family are well protected in the case of a blackout. 


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