Hurricane Ian: Join 4Patriots & Team Rubicon in Relief Efforts

We at 4Patriots, like so many Americans, have seen the initial devastation of Hurricane Ian in Florida. 

Millions without power. Unprecedented storm surges causing widespread flooding. And damage to homes and businesses that will leave a lasting mark for months to come.

At this point, it's unknown how many lives will be impacted. Or lost. And we're keeping these folks and their loved ones in our prayers as we wait for the storm to subside. 

But there is one thing we do know. Americans are a resilient lot. 

We dust ourselves off, we band together, we look after each other, and we're prepared to do the hard work of recovery. 


This storm isn't over. While it's likely the worst has passed, many in the Carolinas, Georgia and throughout the entire Eastern Seaboard are bracing themselves for the days ahead. 

But we're heartened by what's already begun. 

One of our long-time charitable partners, Team Rubicon, is already on the ground and directly responding. Using the specialized skills, grit and determination forged in the military to deploy men and women to assist with safety, rescue and cleanup. 

Equipped with trucks, compact track loaders, a cache of chainsaws and more, the route clearance teams are already clearing trees and other debris from roadways. 

Team Rubicon also has multiple reconnaissance teams just outside the hurricane path that are ready to assess unmet needs after the storm.  

This includes deploying to affected areas to assist homeowners with emergency home repairs such as roof tarping, flood and debris removal, and other efforts to protect health and property.

We're proud to stand with Team Rubicon, because at 4Patriots we believe there's no greater mission than to assist Americans in need when disaster strikes at home. 
If you'd like to directly contribute to those efforts, you can click here to donate to the cause.  

To learn more about our partnership with Team Rubicon and to watch a video interview between their CEO and 4Patriots' own Danielle, plus to learn more about our other charitable partners and our shared mission of service, this year and every year, click here.

Since our founding, 4Patriots has donated over $830,000 in cash, plus truckloads of life-saving products and countless hours of volunteer service by our employees, to a network of valuable charities… all thanks to YOUR support and patronage. Thank you! 

As you know, at 4Patriots, we champion freedom and self-reliance. It's gratifying to know that when our customers stand face-to-face with the wrath of a natural disaster, they're equipped with the tools and knowledge that makes their safety and survival – both during and after the storm – much more likely. 

It's why we started this business, and why we'll always be dedicated to helping our countrymen and women prepare for emergencies. 

One more thing… If you'd like to make a purchase on our website, either to send to a loved one in need impacted by Hurricane Ian or to prepare for uncertainty ahead, we've instituted a site-wide Friends & Family discount on all items through the coming weekend. Simply use the code IAN10 at checkout

Please keep in mind, due to the storm, many areas will be experiencing shipping delays to the impacted communities. Our partners at FedEx and UPS will continue to update the status of order deliveries as information becomes available. 

As we've seen in the past, when disaster strikes, Americans respond. Because our love of country and of each other is stronger than anything Mother Nature can throw at us. 

It's why we're proud to be Americans, and proud to be 4Patriots. 

Thinking of you, and of all those in need,
Allen & Erin Baler (Co-Founders)
& the entire 4Patriots Team 

P.S. Our partners at Team Rubicon are on the ground right now in Florida doing amazing work to help the folks impacted by Hurricane Ian. Please consider making a direct donation to Team Rubicon here. And check out what their CEO has to say about 4Patriots and the donations we've made to Team Rubicon as a result of YOUR support - thank you again! 

"I wanted to reach out to you personally on behalf of the men and women of Team Rubicon and most importantly, those who we serve, and offer a quick note of gratitude for your team's decision to increase your monthly investment in TR – you have increased our ability to have impact across the country. We look at 4Patriots as one of our strongest partnerships and are humbled to think of the confidence you have in our work and mission. We can't wait to make an even bigger impact, together with you, in the future. Thank you so much for your partnership in our mission."
Art delaCruz, CEO Team Rubicon

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