How to Use What You Already Have in New Ways

When we look at a bottle of aspirin, we probably think “headache.” When we see deodorant soap in the bathroom, we usually think about smelling good.

And when we realize our milk in the refrigerator has gone bad, we undoubtedly think about getting rid of it as quickly as possible.

But these are just three of the many items most of us probably have sitting around our homes that can be used for more than one purpose.

For example, aspirin can be combined with water to reduce the itching from insect bites. Deodorant soap can keep some animals away from your trees. And sour milk can be utilized to rejuvenate plants you may have growing in your home.

Below is a list of 15 ways to improve conditions in and around your home with common, ordinary items you probably already own:

  • Batteries will last longer if you store them in the refrigerator, and they’ll get an extra energy boost if you place them in direct sunlight before using them.
  • When you’re going in and out of your front door with groceries in both arms and you don’t want to set them down to turn the knob each time, loop a thick rubber band around the inside and outside knobs, twisting it so the “X” forces the latch open.
  • Take away the itch from small insect bites by forming a paste with a crushed aspirin and water, and applying it to the itchy area.
  • Use a five-rung pants hanger to organize your jewelry, choosing the top rung for the longest items.
  • Deodorant soap bars hung on trees and bushes can keep a variety of critters from eating fruit and berries growing on them.
  • Use your eyeglasses case to store jewelry and ear buds, especially when packing a suitcase.
  • If you place fresh coffee grounds in an open container and put it in your refrigerator, it will help take away unpleasant odors.
  • Instead of throwing away an empty parmesan cheese shaker, clean it out and fill it with plant fertilizer for a convenient way to feed your garden.
  • House plants are negatively affected by dust and smoke, but you can rejuvenate the cells in their leaves by cleaning them with sour milk.
  • Do you have a squeaky door hinge? Spray it with cooking spray, then move the door back and forth to work it in.
  • The next time you change the water from a fish aquarium, instead of pouring the old water down the drain, use it to water your house and garden plants. Marine life waste contains nutrients your plants can appreciate.
  • To avoid rusty rings on bathroom surfaces, use the top of an empty Pringles container as a coaster for items such as shaving cream.
  • Cut-up apples can remove wood and cigarette smoke from confined areas, even after they’ve turned brown.
  • When packing shoes in a suitcase, put them in shower caps you can grab for free at a hotel.
  • To keep flowers looking better longer, drop a penny and a dash of sugar into the vase.

I hope you were able to pick up a few ideas from this article that you can start implementing in order to improve things around your home. And I’m willing to bet that you’ve done similar things with other common household items that our readers would love to hear about. If so, please let us know.


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