How Has Your Life Changed Since 9/11?

Some of you may remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. 

Others may recall where they were and what they were doing when the space shuttle Challenger broke apart just over a minute after launching on January 28, 1986. 

Probably all of us can picture where we were and what we were doing 22 years ago today when the deadliest terrorist act on U.S. soil occurred. 

We all have the date – September 11, 2001 – indelibly etched upon our minds. Our lives were changed forever. We’ll never forget.

4 planes, 19 terrorists

Today I want to give you a brief recap of that fateful day and remind you of what has changed as a result. I also want to give you an opportunity to chime in with your memories of 9/11. And ask how you commemorate the men and women who lost their lives that day. 

It was a sunny Tuesday morning across most of the U.S. when word started coming in that several commercial flights were flying off target with no communication to the FAA or local towers.

Nineteen terrorists hijacked four planes, each taking off from Eastern U.S. airports and headed to the West Coast. American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, while United Airlines Flight 175 slammed into the South Tower 17 minutes later. 

American Flight 77 struck the west wall of the Pentagon. United Flight 93 crashed in a field in Stonycreek Township in Pennsylvania after passengers thwarted the efforts of terrorists steering the plane toward Washington, D.C. and presumably the White House.

War on terror commences

You’re probably reading this paragraph moments after finishing the previous one. But that’s not how I wrote it. I had to step away from my computer for a few minutes to compose myself. My grief and anger came rushing back at me much more forcefully than I had anticipated. 

I don’t know about you, but it’s 22 years later and I’m not close to getting over that hideously horrible act of cowardice by America’s enemies. No other event during my lifetime has left me more sad and furious at the same time.   

Nearly 3,000 people died that day due to the senseless attacks and at least twice that number were injured. Structural damage was estimated at $100 billion, with total economic damage up to $2 trillion.

Al-Qaeda’s attacks launched a global war on terror that continues to this day. Three years after the attacks, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility after having denied it. In 2011, he was killed during a raid on his compound in Pakistan by the U.S military.

Homeland Security founded

As we are all very much aware, many things have changed since 9/11. Especially in connection with national security and travel. 

The U.S. and some of our allies have gone to war in Iraq and Afghanistan to battle terrorists whose stated goals include the destruction of America.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security was established in 2003, with headquarters in Washington, D.C. The chief goal of this agency was to develop a security framework to protect our country from large-scale attacks directed from abroad. 

There are now nearly 250,000 Homeland Security employees. Among its missions are anti-terrorism, border security, and disaster prevention and management.

The rules have changed

Anyone who has traveled by air over the past 20-plus years knows how dramatically that previously simple activity has changed.

We now stand in long lines, removing shoes and belts. And we now have our persons and our belongings scanned much more carefully than before.

While many people become frustrated over the tactics of the Transportation Security Administration, there is no question that it is much more difficult than before to hijack a commercial flight.  

Similar safeguards have been put into place with other forms of travel. Including water and train travel.

Attack sparks patriotism

What about the mindset of Americans following 9/11? How did that change? Shock, sadness, fear, and anger were the immediate reactions of many citizens.

A surge in patriotism ensued. Following U.S. airstrikes against the Taliban and al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan, nearly 80% of Americans said they had displayed an American flag.

Political differences were set aside, with President George W. Bush’s approval rating leaping 35 percentage points in a three-week span. 

Public trust in government rose dramatically. As did the percentage of Americans who turned to churches or prayer in response to the attacks. 

Americans are resilient 

Of course, nothing lasts forever. While national security remains a major focus of the U.S. government 22 years after 9/11, trust in government has lessened and political partisanship has grown.

The emphasis on security has probably made us a safer nation, but there are many threats we are still grappling with. Including cyber attacks targeting the country’s infrastructure and threatening to disrupt our daily lives. 

Americans are resilient people. We always will be. We don’t shy away from challenges and we come together – despite our differences – when the situation calls for it.

None of us will ever be the same after the events of September 11, 2001, but perhaps in some ways we’re better. We’ve proven we can get up off the canvas and proactively carry the fight against our enemies. We’re determined to never be caught off-guard again.       

It’s your turn 

As promised, I want to provide you with the chance to express your thoughts and memories of this tragic date in U.S. history. 

You might want to include where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news. How has 9/11 impacted your life since then?

Please feel free to do that in the comments section below. If there is anything special you have done or are planning to do to honor the women and men who perished on 9/11, please include that as well.


  • Lauretta L Lawler - September 14, 2023

    My pastor was in Missouri with his mother and the folks who took care of him had to take their son-in-law to New York for surgery. While they were there, their son-in-law, his wife and their two daughters looked up and said the plane was going to hit. The son-in-law received many health problems from the debris. I was at the pastor’s house at the time taking care of their dig and watching the tv as they asked me to do. The pastor was talking on the phone to the wife of the son-in-lsw. They got cut off and the pastor thought they had been killed, They came back two weeks later and brought me a bag full of newspapers full of 9-11. So thankful they all came back alive.

  • Kris - September 14, 2023

    We were at home in the kitchen when my husband called to notify us to turn on the TV

    We were homeschooling so everyone was at home
    I am thankful for the stories here of the way people prioritized their efforts like the young firefighter torn between his duty to country and his duty to his parents

    These days the effort by the enemies of our country want to confuse the priorities God set forth for us to protect and provide His word and for families to maintain the home

    I cannot imagine the sorrow these young brave firefighters, police and construction workers had to go through as they made their way into the hell hole our country endured

    May we pull together in these days as a nation United against the tyranny which has been wearing away the regard we need to have for the Lord Jesus Christ and the word of God rightly divided and grow stronger in the faith to walk according to the truth in Paul’s epistles to this dispensation

    Ephesians 1: 9 Having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself:

    10 That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him:

    Our thanks to all who have served in any capacity to care for the survivors among us

    Thank you 📖🔍🏋🏻‍♀️🤺🥳

  • Patrick Jones - September 13, 2023

    I was at a sales meeting in Orlando. One of the people had to go back to their room for something. When they came back they said a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Candidly, the consensus was it must have been an accident. Another person then spoke up saying she had a family member that worked there. We stopped the meeting and went downstairs to watch TV. Once we realized what happened, the meeting was over. One of the attendees lived in the same town I did. We quickly secured a rental car. Another person decided to wait and fly out the next day (bad decision as flights were cancelled). I drove through Atlanta doing 80 -85 MPH. The interstate through Atlanta (possible attack site) was almost void of cars. What a great feeling to see America unite after the attack. How sad it is today to see the division and hatred that fills our country. Gd Bless the family members of those who lost their lives on that day and the lives of so many first responders that are suffering because of their great work 22 years.

  • Gary Bates - September 13, 2023

    I was a Houston firefighter at the time. I was taking my parents on a cruise. We had just docked at Grand Cayman Island. My mom had called my cabin, and said she and dad were heading down to disembark. They would be waiting for me. For some reason I turned on my tv while I was putting on my shoes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then I noticed the second plane. When it hit the South tower, I nearly collapsed. As a firefighter, all I could think of was those firefighters climbing up those stairs. I think I cried every night on that cruise. I was told that every Houston firefighter was ordered back to their fire station. My parents were depending on me, so we completed the cruise. I drove straight from Tampa to Mobile, to drop off my parents, and head straight to Houston. Our Department sent 12 firefighters to Manhattan to “work on the pile”. At least two of those firemen have since died from cancer. I’ll never forget that horrible day. With our borders wide open, I fear that very soon, we will have another 9/11.

  • KEVIN O'DWYER - September 12, 2023

    I was walking my dog up 16th Street in Brooklyn, heading one block over to Prospect Park. One of my tenants was running up the block behind me yelling my name. I turned around thinking that he being a victim of a crime, he was yelling what a you doing here, the Mayor wants all cops and fireman to respond to the World Trade Center. I said what for, he said there gone, there gone, just then a Military jet came roaring over our heads, He screamed to me, there gone, there gone, the terrorist blew them up. I had did a 4 to 12 the night before, and did not get to sleep till 5:00 am, I had slept through the attack. In 1993 I was at the Towers 20 minutes after that attack, I was working patrol then in the 17th Pct. so I could not comprehend him telling me there gone. I was working in the N.Y.P.D. Intelligence Division now, so I responded to 26 Federal Plaza were I was assigned to a Federal Task Force. Going over the Manhattan Bridge and seeing the enormous amount of smoke raising up from where the towers once stood, is something I will never forget. We did not get to go to what is now known as Ground Zero till 9:00PM, they were staged personnel throughout the city in the event of more attacks coming in. Then it was determined that there would not be anymore attacks. The members of my unit and I walked down Broadway to Chambers Street, then made a right to start our decent into hell, the street lights were out, the electricity for lower Manhattan was knocked out, as well well has cell phone service. At Church Street and Murray Street we saw a wheel from one of the planes, thick white dust was every where as we walked through it like walking through soft snow. There were driver’s licenses, and papers of all sorts for as far as the eye could see. A female Sgt. one of the driver;s licenses up, and said that she would mail it to the address, we stood around it, in an informal circle, as if holding a service for the soul we knew was no longer among the living. At Church and Vessey Street we came upon 4 fireman on a fire hose aiming a flow of water up and into a pile of twisted steel, not moving the hose left or right, or up and down. Someone said leave them alone, they are in shock, very eerie with generator lights, the cascade of water, the winter wonderland of papers and dust on all the trees, it was very quiet, which only added to the surreal nature of it. I saw 3 fireman sitting on the side of a very damaged Fire truck, just looking at the ground. The debris made it right up to the Churches iron gate. the same Church were they lauded Father Judd on the alter. He had been killed reading last rights to a dying fireman, God’s hand was at play. We then headed up to Broadway again, and started to go to One Police Plaza, for the order was given for us to be pulled back, for regrouping for September 12th, we could not in our capacity of dress, and lack of emergency be of any help. The next day started a nightmare of working straight through to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

  • Cynthia Lahne - September 12, 2023

    I was getting ready for work that morning and I had the news on. All of a sudden they switched to what was going on at the world trade center and I watch that first plane hit and I stood there in disbelief and then I saw the second plane hit. And I began to cry because I knew that this meant serious devastation. I had no idea how right I was. As they watched the flames in the smoke, I saw that man leap to his death rather than be burned alive. I will never, EVER forget that!
    I begin to pray for those still in the building, hopefully need to get out when I saw the first tower collapse and I knew that so many of my American brothers and sisters we’re not going home that day. And I watched is all the damage and devastation continued until I had to leave for work. I cried all the way there and when I got there, there were others like me who were also feeling the same way I felt.
    Luckily, we worked for a really good company and they told us if we wanted to go pray this is when the local churches were open and we could go and we would still get paid for our time. I remember at the church, praying feeling helpless, angry, hurt, devastated, fearful and knowing that this was all I could do.
    I will never forget. We should never forget.
    Since then, I’ve learned to be more mistrustful of others, and for a long time I hate it every single person that came from those countries even though I knew they were involved. This lunacy took me a long time to process, and to be honest I don’t know that I have completely come back to the person that I was. A part of me still sits in fear and anger at the people involved both those who we actually saw or knew were involved as well as the people that we didn’t see and didn’t hear about. Who am I supposed to trust? I don’t trust my government. I don’t believe that they did everything they could’ve done. I’ve seen too much evidence that they did not. And I don’t trust a lot of foreigners anymore , just because I don’t know them and they’re not citizens of my country.
    I have become a fiercer patriot than I ever thought possible, and I will stand for the flag, no matter what. I will fight for my right to be an American citizen, and for my country to stand long after the others fall. So yes, I’m still affected in very small parts negatively, but in my charger parts as a positive patriot. I don’t pray for those people who are involved that that did that I don’t pay for them at all and today. I still hope they burn in hell every single moment of their continued existence in the universe. Spiritually, I hope they burn in hell for the rest, I pray for healing And I hope that someday the world can be a better place. I know it’s possible, I’m just not sure that it’s probable.

  • R K - September 12, 2023

    I was working at a global computer manufacturing company. While downloading the bios on a line of computers I noticed that all of the engineers had gone still and silent. That never happened, so after completing the process on that computer I got up walked over to their table. It was where they fixed coding problems so each of them had at least one custom made computer of their own, on-going design. As I approached, I noticed they were staring at their monitors, so I looked too. One of the engineers had a friend living in a high-rise apartment in NYC who was working from home at that moment and had turned his cameras to the Twin Towers. It was about 6 blocks away. The images I saw were live and much more graphic than anything I saw hours later on my home TV when the “breaking news” hit the airwaves – or since. After a few minutes the entire plant was silent as the owner and many of the admin personnel had real-time computer access as well. They closed shop early in case anyone had family in NYC. Never thought I’d witness an attack on America like that. “Never forget!” It was much worse than anything most have seen. So were some of the changes enacted that day. We were all in shock. Loved seeing all the flags afterward, hate what was kept quiet.

  • Glenna Routhier - September 12, 2023

    I was at work, someone had a radio on when we realized what had happened we turned on the TV. We watched in silence not able to totally comprehend what we were seeing and hearing. We had some contractors who’s office was about 8 blocks away from the Twin Towers and they took pictures and sent them to our office. We could not believe what was happening, we later learned some of our clients had perished in the attack. I live in the DC metro area was upset about the Pentagon, I drove by and could see the flag on the building and all the scorched blacked area and gaping hole. All I could do was cry and even now when I think of that day I still cry (I cry a lot when I’m mad) I’m still mad at all the senseless loss of life. I pray for world peace but doubt it will happen in my life time……but Hope springs eternal.

  • Leslie - September 12, 2023

    9/11/2001 Was our own government in collision with the WEF&WHO responsible for this heinous act of terrorism against the American people. Wake up. We have to stop the compliance. Our constitution is being taken apart one piece at a time. If we allow ourselves to be inched into a civil war we will lose the constitution and rest is a very uncomfortable future. Turn off the boob-tube and do your own research.

  • Michael - September 12, 2023

    On 9-11, I was working for the state prison system, cleaning the visiting room. I looked out the front window of the room and across from the room was an area we call control. This is where the doors are all controlled by the officers on duty. They have TV screens in there, some to monitor the prison and one that has local news on. I noticed they were gathering around this TV intently watching it and not knowing what was going on. We carry radios and a announcement came over it that there was a meeting before lunch for the maintenance department needed to attend. We were given the news about what occurred and that the prison was being locked down because the inmates were on the blocks cheering that this tragedy had occurred. So many thoughts go through your head. By the way I live in Pennsylvania in Indiana county. So shankville is not far from us. I have went to shanksville to see the hallowed ground and witness the loss of life that occurred there. I hope that we can rise up from this tragedy to see the big picture of the things that actually occurred there. Trust is something our government must earn. I can’t believe there is so much deception going on from the media to the government right now. I hope the american people will realize that sometimes the government doesn’t have our best interest in mind when they make decisions. My hats off to 4 patriots for thinking of the people and what they need to survive.

  • Joseph Williams - September 12, 2023

    I was in college. The news kept repeating it’s news, but nothing new all the time. Reliving a horrible event like that in just my imagination is like pulling off a scab.

  • Richard Hancock - September 12, 2023

    I was at my job as a Department of the Army civilian employee at the Blue Grass Chemical Activity, a tenant of the Blue Grass Army Depot, located in central Kentucky. The Activity was responsible for the safe storage of toxic chemical weapons, (nerve and mustard agent filled munitions) that occupied an approximately 100 acre, high security, storage area located within in the 15,000 acre ammo storage depot. Around 0845 an alarm sounded requiring designated personnel to report to the Emergency Operations Center, where I reported to fill my assigned position as the chemical surety officer, and was briefed, along with the staff, on the occurrence in NYC. The situation room had news stations displayed on the big screen monitors, and the Commanders of the depot and activity immediately agreed to initiate the emergency response team immediately. All ammunition operations were halted and we exercised our security support agreement with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) to respond and deploy a company troops to augment our in house security forces. The rest of the day was spent preparing to receive the troops, coordinate staffs, arrange all required support and establishing a security zone to protect the chemical storage area.
    The depot/activity staffs stayed on until the following morning to ensure that all the provisions of our plan were enacted. It wasn’t until the work load eased up that the impact of the attack started to sink in, and a great sorrow was expressed by everyone involved in the response. In a very real sense, I believe the cowardly attack affected this generation much as the attack on Pearl Harbor affected the greatest generation.

  • Laura - September 12, 2023

    I had retired from the AF in 1999 and went back to school to get my degree. I was go to class when the radio announced that a plane had hit the tower. They had TVs set up and everyone watched. When the towers collapsed I was like that’s not right, buildings don’t fall that way. I saw one lie after another after that. More was going on. On that day innocent people lost their lives, sacrifices for what? Greed and power? It has taken 22 years for the truth to start coming out. On that day forward we lost our freedom and I started preparing for what is happening now. May God keep those innocent souls in his arms and confront all of those who lost loved ones on that day. Keep them in your payers always.

  • Jeanne Marsh - September 12, 2023

    I had just got out of bed to get ready for work at around 7am in the morning in Boise, Idaho. The TV was on and I saw what was described as an accidental airline crashing into the World Trade Center. As I was listening to the report, another airliner came into view and I watched as millions of Americans did as the plane crashed into the second tower. I knew at that point there was no accident. That experience changed my life at that minute. I had to get to work, so I got ready and left. There was to be little work accomplished that day, as my coworkers and I were in shock at what we had seen and heard, about the Pentagon and then the flight taken down in the field in Pennsylvania. I listened and watched for all the news I could get. And that evening, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir put on a memorial concert that we could watch from our church building. On my way out the door to finally go home, I received a small American Flag that I still have around my house to this day. I will never forget.

  • Roy Simpson - September 12, 2023

    I was at home in North Pole, Alaska and saw the attacks on TV. Had to report to work asap at Eielson AFB. We were generating our F-16s for the possibility of more attacks and to intercept airliners if needed. Very long and sad day.

  • Mary G - September 11, 2023

    I was an Air Force KC-135 (aerial refueling tanker) pilot stationed Washington State, three hours behind east coast time. I was up getting ready to take my 3-year-old son to day care before heading to the squadron for a routine training day. I always watched TV in the mornings, mostly for weather and sports scores, but when I turned on the news that morning (around 6 am Pacific time), everything in the world had changed. Withing three weeks, I was on my way to a remote desert airfield in Oman, where we slept, ate, showered and mission planned in tents. I was in the first aircraft to cross into Afghan airspace on the first day of the shooting war – the AWACs wouldnt go until their tanker was on station, and the fighters couldn’t go until the AWACs was in place. We flew almost every day for 3 months straight. They had to send us home and replace us with new crews, since we’d exceeded all flying hour limits and run out waivers. I flew 330 hours in less than 90 days. By the time I left active duty in September of 2002, I’d been deployed over 9 of the previous 12 months. I had almost 11 years of service at that point, but I couldn’t stay. My son needed his mom.

  • Ila Johnson - September 11, 2023

    I was at work. I was a cook nanny for a family and was cooking when it happened. The TV was on and both the parents and theie two children as well a me watch it all happen. The children did not go to school that day and neither the husband or wife went to work. We all could not believe what was happening. Just like when President Kennedy was shot I will never forget where I was at and doing on 9/11. It was the first time I fully realized that that Terrorism was now happening in America with no dougt. I still remember the shock we all felt and the conversation we had after watching this on TV. I served in the miliary also and watched with horror when the plane flew into the Pentagon. We watched the news all day as tthings unfolded. I still remember the images of the towers collapsing , the other two planes cthat where also hijacked. Every airport was closed down, and life changed for everyone that day.

  • David - September 11, 2023

    It was a nice morning and I was working on a project when I heard news from New York city. As the event escaladed into major violence my heart went out to the people in New York. The rest of the day was filled watching one event after another. I never experienced anything of this magnitude, and felt like we were under attack as the event progressed. Again, my heart went out to those people as they faced this event head on. I will never forget this. My mother was blessed with the funding to see the sight many years later and let me know that she had the hardest time going through the sight without crying as it moved her so much. I pray that God will give her and the other families the grace to deal with their hearts as it was hard for them to lose family. For those families, God be with you all.

  • Jeff Tucker - September 11, 2023

    I was just getting up, and getting ready for school. My Dad called me to the living room, where He was watching the news the first Tower was already hit by the first plane. As I was standing there not even know what the towers where, or even what state they were in. The second plane hit. The first words I said after whitenessing the second plane hit, (oh shit) mind you I was a young man. I just watched people die. And the days after of all the images of people saving them selves from the pain they were about to endure those images and memories will always be with me. It was still a few years before I graduated high school when all these events unfolded I wanted to join the military but due to my medical history I would have never even passed a medical exam. So I was not able to join. But my older brother and several classmates served in Iraq and Afghanistan, all of them returned, not one of them were the same and for some the battle never ended when they came home. A tremendous thank you to all who served in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq,forever grateful.

  • Margo Carlisle - September 11, 2023

    My husband and I were on an RV trip and were at Niagara Falls that morning when word first got to us. Everyone was shocked and whispering to one another, the “who did what” “when did it happen” “what is with the second plane?”“Who did what to the Pentagon” “When” “What plane, in what State” Who did what with that plane" All remarks during the questions were followed with comments like Wish I was there to help, Glad I’m not any closer than here at the Falls,. We ended up ion Buffalo with family friends and were in shock like everyone else. The next day we headed to Alabama. No planes in the air, no trucks on the road, roads very empty, flags flying everywhere. Discussions of why weren’t the pilots of the planes noticed earlier before it was to late. My husband, retired Military was ready to re-enlist again if they needed more soldiers to take on an action. He had done 2 tours in Viet Nam but he was gung ho to go again if needed. Will never forget that day.

  • Rick S. - September 11, 2023

    I was getting coffee at a corner gas station, when the first plane hit a WTC tower. I asked what the weather was like, not much information was out. Size of the plane, the weather, I loaded up my coffee. I was going to work at a central coast Law Enforcement agency in California. I tuned in to a local news station. 25 minute commute time, I heard another plane hit the other tower. And as I pulled into the parking lot, listening to the radio, gearing up. My partner pulled in, he said good morning. Asked what was up. I told him “we’re at war brother.” By the time I got to my assignment, the pentagon was hit. I told my Sergeant I was going to the Armory and gear up. I was on our department Hostage Rescue Team/SWAT team. I was the Sniper Team Leader, and Primary Sniper. The Armory Officer and Sergeant were also on the team. We preped our gear getting ready for a call. We never got called out. This day still pisses me off, 22 years later the same way Pearl harbor does every December 7th…. That’s why I’m always preparing for the worst, praying for the best. Your company, 4Patriots is a breath of fresh air, I appreciate your Patriotism, and always keeping an eye out for Americans preparing for the worst, but praying for the best. Thank you
    Rick S.

  • Steve Burson - September 11, 2023

    I was at work, trying to feel my way through a new position I’d gotten through a temporary promotion. The phone at my desk rang. My wife was calling. She saw a newscast showing the crashes in New York, and she told me how planes had been turned into weapons. That sent me into near panic, because my workplace is about half a mile east of an airport (for smaller planes). We were told to go home around lunch time, but until then, it was all I could do to continue my work and not just stare out the west windows.

  • April - September 11, 2023

    We lived 15 miles from NYC although I worked in NJ. My boss called us all to the conference room to watch the news and then sent us home. I don’t remember the drive home- I was crying so hard. Many of our neighbors and friends worked in Manhattan and some in the towers. My husband was on his was to the Javits center but was turned around when they closed the GW bridge. Once I got home I called our elementary school and made arrangements to pick up my kids and some children who had parents we knew work in the city. Most finally made it home after a day or two, but some never did. Families lost loved ones. We had helicopters and fighter jets flying overhead for weeks. I’ll never forget those horrible days. So much sadness and loss of life.

  • Jeff - September 11, 2023

    I agree with Jack. W also put us in a war for >20 years that wasted a lot of money, he said it was about 9/11. NOT one of the perpetrators from 9/11 came from Afghanistan form my understanding. Hey why not attack the country most of them came from?? . hmmmm.? interesting. Maybe W gets a kick back letting the heroin in the country. Ever thought about how much heroin you can bring in the country when you have military planes flying back and forth each day? Just asking… W is a globalist based on his actions. Long story. Think you can make money selling heroin with hardly any cost, since the American Tax Payer footed the bill. And a lot of families lost blood.

    The war was to increase the debt. Then the globalist will take the world. We are the only country stopping them. And that will not change. But it may not be the same government.

    Not to mention our current pres… gave the enemy billions of dollars of high tech equipment. We will have to fight against in the future. Brilliant military leadership.

    I loved Reagan, well except to sign a bill to give pharmaceuticals a free ride to make garbage and call it a vaccine. I digress. Whoever heard of a company not being sued if they do something wrong? This must be reversed. Why would Reagan pick a globalist Vice President? I think more bad advice. Probably listening to the deep staters. Is what it is.

    We are living a series of bad decisions. Look around. W’s Dad is a globalist also, whole family of them. OH, and I thought term limits state Obama could only run twice?

    Once you know. You just know. Then you see it everywhere.

    Love the Country, love the people, do not love the Government. JMO…. All the patriots need to take it back peacefully. We can if we unite. I think its time.

  • Lisa R. - September 11, 2023

    While getting ready for work that morning I turned on the tv. Feelings of shock and horror filled me as the first tower was hit and then the airliner slammed into the second tower. Th realization came that there would be the need for blood for the survivors. Hurrying downtown to the Sacramento Medical Foundation Blood Bank arriving to find Blood donors already waiting. Many of my fellow co—workers were busy preparing for what would be a day I shall never forget. The Donors waited patiently in a long line that snaked around the building. Camaraderie and resolved deepened in those long hours as all those participating did what they could do to help relieve those suffering. A plane from Travis Air Force Base took our supply of O negative blood to New York. A special dispensation had been granted to fly there as all air craft was being grounded. We work late that night collecting all those ‘gifts’ of life being shared by all our wonderful Donors. Later, the head Dr. our our organization commissioned a large beautiful bronze plaque commemorating that difficult challenging time in our country. It showed an American Eagle rising up in flight towards the Twin Towers with a transfusion bag of O negative blood held in its talons. I will never forget that day and the unity I felt with all who were trying to do something to help.

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