Getting to the Heart of a Matter

When 4Patriots learns that an organization is conducting a preparedness workshop, it warms our hearts.

We love to see people taking this subject seriously. And helping others get ready for an uncertain future.

One organization recently conducting a preparedness workshop is Heart of a Matter Ministries. It’s located in Sherman, Texas.

Founder Tina Gardner experienced firsthand the effects of Winter Storm Uri in February 2021. And saw what it did to friends and neighbors. She knew it was essential to offer assistance.

She did that immediately (more on that in a moment). But she also started making plans for a preparedness workshop nine months later. 4Patriots donated 26 HaloXT Tactical Flashlights for workshop participants.

Uri Shows Need for Preparedness

"Earlier this year we experienced a weather-related emergency in Grayson County," Tina said late last year, referring to Uri.

"Our ministry team delivered meals, blankets and water to local warming centers. A couple ministry members even filled up water trucks for farmers whose ponds froze. Their animals were unable to access water.

"Basically, we did anything we could to lessen the burden on the emergency responders.

"The inspiration for hosting this preparedness workshop came from understanding there are families who cannot afford the expense of basic preparations. I want to see them feel empowered and encouraged.

Reaching Out to 4Patriots

"Our workshop guests were families on fixed low income. As well as the elderly, single parents and disabled adults," Tina continued.

"We reached out to local church congregations and the local housing authority. We wanted to specifically connect with individuals and families who fit these criteria.

"The Preparedness Workshop covered everything. Including having the skills to evaluate the situation quickly. And to take effective action to protect yourself and family.

"Also, having a family disaster plan and practicing the plan with drills. And assembling supplies in multiple locations to reduce the impact of hazards.

"While looking to purchase items for our guests, I chose 4Patriots. My husband and I have purchased items ourselves. We love that it is veteran-friendly, family-owned and made in the U.S.A."

A Very Targeted Audience

Tina said her organization received many calls during Winter Storm Uri.

"Elderly people were calling us, saying their space heaters were breaking," she said. "Whatever calls we got, we did our best to meet those needs.

"We took them to warming centers and other shelters. But we couldn’t help everyone. The deep freeze brought a greater awareness to the problem. That’s why putting a preparedness workshop together was so important.

"We reached out to partnering church organizations. All of our attendees were elderly, single moms, or those who didn’t have the means to prepare."

Navigating a Challenging Path

Tina was born in Massachusetts. She moved to California as a teenager and now lives in Whitewright, Texas. She earned a degree in child psychology and an Administrative Certification from American River College. For 30 years, Tina was a court-appointed child advocate.

She said Heart of a Matter Ministries was birthed as a result of her challenging work as an advocate.

"It’s a hard reality to comprehend how spending so much of life trying to make a difference can result in not always seeing it play out," she said. "We try to bring meaningful change to the lives of the families we serve. But it doesn’t happen overnight.

"The Lord took me through a journey of remembrances. And identifying how to break the chains of disfunction to allow families to take a turn and see change in their lives.

"He equipped me with the tools and the knowledge to take it where it is today. He showed me those tools in my own journey."

Making the Public Aware

Heart of a Matter Ministries serves the Grayson County community. And beyond. Of the 123,300 Grayson County residents, 17,605 are living at or below the poverty level.

The county has numerous organizations providing support services and programs. But much of the general public is not aware of available resources.

Heart of a Matter Ministries serves as advocates and mentors. It connects people in the community to services and resources to meet immediate and long-term needs. As well as build circles of support.

The non-profit organization also has developed a database. This allows other ministries and public services to publish information regarding services and programs.

Life Skills and Career Readiness

Among services being utilized are job skill training and help with transitional housing. Programs include:

Advocacy, mentoring and counseling. When an individual is surrounded by healthy relationships, equipped with proper tools and supported by loved ones, everyday hurdles become less challenging.

Life enrichment program. The difference between poverty and a purpose-filled life can be knowledge and training. A range of life skills and career readiness classes is offered. Plus spiritual and personal growth workshops.

The Creators Studio. This is a space using arts and crafts to bring creativity and beauty. To the environment, community and each other. Creative art expression can bring joy, health and wellbeing.

Walking Hand in Hand

"We find it beneficial to walk along with these individuals," Tina said. "Instead of just telling people where to go for help, we walk them to the next step.

"Their needs include being prepared to reenter the workforce. Plus how to present themselves in interviews.

"Some of our clients are walking through employment and housing needs simultaneously."

Anyone wishing to donate to Heart of a Matter Ministries can visit Just click on "Donate."


  • Crystal Masters - August 08, 2023

    I just want to express gratitude for peace, and comfort during one of the hardest journeys of my life. I have seen the goodness in humanity, like nothing before. The " Heart of the Matter " ministry was always ready to assist, in ways that gave me a sense of security again. God created us to be kind, compassionate, and nurturing to others always.
    It is time we all step up, and do good work; lift others UP at any cost. I have been humbled through the sacrifice of others, and it is time we join together to help our fellow neighbors. Thank you To this GREAT Ministry!!!


  • Sharon Price - February 25, 2022

    I want to thank you for the blessings you’ve showed to those in need as you have myself.
    Your food is amazing too.❤️🇱🇷🇱🇷
    My our Father in heaven bless you abundantly.
    God bless


  • Cynthia Winston - February 13, 2022

    Wanted to Salute 4 Patriots! First for their military service to our great country. I am becoming more and more aware of the sacrifices involved for the entire family when one of their own enlists and serve. I can never say Thank You enough.
    Secondly, I want to thank 4 Patriots for their mention of the ministry “Heart of the Matter”. Without 4 Patriots I would never have learned of them and their mission. I identified with their group demographic being elderly and disabled. So glad that part of Texas is getting a good measure of TLC from Heart of the Matter.
    Blessings All, Cindy Winston

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