Freeze-Dried Food: One Necessity You Can't Forget in Your Food Supply!

When shopping for food, most people probably aren’t thinking about is freeze-dried food. If you are like most people, it’s time to consider incorporating freeze-dried items into your food supply. Most people don’t know about the benefits of keeping freeze-dried food on hand and ready to go. It may not sound appetizing, but dehydrated food is an essential item you should have in your home at all times as part of your emergency food supply. It's not just for hikers and backpacking anymore.

There are many varieties and types of freeze-dried food, so your options are endless when choosing what you want to stock up on. When deciding on what type of food you want for your food supply or survival kit, consider the cost and shelf life of the food above all else. You want something that is cost-effective, has a long shelf life and stability, and is easily prepared, as well as something with nutritional value. When looking at your options, it’s clear freeze-dried food is a necessity and meets all the above criteria. 

What Is Freeze-Dried Food?

Freeze-dried food is food that has been frozen and dehydrated in a three-step process. It is a relatively simple process. In fact, it is so simple, there are ways to try freeze-drying on your own at home. However, we recommend buying it from reputable companies to ensure the quality, safety, and shelf life of the food. The three-step freeze-drying process is as follows:

  1. The food is frozen. This is pretty self-explanatory; the food is put into a freezer for a set amount of time. 
  2. Once the food is frozen, it is put into a vacuum chamber, where low heat is applied. The application of heat to the frozen food results in a process called sublimation, where ice evaporates into water vapor. 
  3. The last step is called secondary drying. This is when any leftover water molecules evaporate with the application of higher heat. 

After this three-step process, the food is nitrogen sealed into its container/packaging (we use resealable Mylar pouches). Sealing food with nitrogen prevents any possible contamination from water or oxygen, giving freeze-dried food its extremely long shelf life and stability. An oxygen absorber sucks all the extra air out, so there's no chance of it spoiling. The meals are generally single-serving complete meals that are ready to eat as soon as you rehydrate them with boiling water.

Why Should I Buy Freeze-Dried Food?

There are a few main reasons why someone should buy dehydrated meals. The reasons vary from person to person, but regardless of why you buy it, it’s a safe, cost-effective solution to stockpiling and storing food. These are the reasons you should buy freeze-dried food:

  • Safety and emergency preparedness
  • Traveling for long periods of time/traveling outdoors (which is why it's so popular as backpacking food)
  • A cost-effective way to store food products

Emergency preparedness is the number one reason why people purchase freeze-dried food. This is a great way to ensure your safety during uncertain times and when you may be in crisis mode. It is by far your best option for food during an emergency when you don’t have access to a grocery store, lose power and the food in your fridge spoils, or simply don’t have regular food available. 

When food is freeze-dried, it can last for years, and even decades when purchased from a reliable company. Our Survival Food Kits last for up to 25 years, giving you peace of mind that your food will not expire and be safe for consumption during an emergency, and it has full, nutritional meals, including veggies and macaroni and cheese. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your food is edible, so long-term food storage is a good idea, and we've provided you with the best freeze-dried food option!

Even if you buy dried goods or canned foods, they are not as reliable and stable as freeze-dried food. These are good options to have in your survival first-aid kit, but freeze-dried food is the better option due to its shelf life. Freeze-dried food that is specifically made for emergencies oftentimes comes in disaster-proof packaging, which is an added bonus to ensure your food is edible.

Another reason people buy freeze-dried food is if they are traveling for a long period of time, or if they are traveling/living in the wilderness. Whether you are going on a weekend camping trip or trekking through the desert or mountains, freeze-dried food is a smart way to pack your food for the trip.

The biggest benefits of freeze-dried food while living in an outdoor setting (for any period of time) are that it is convenient, easy, and filling. If you’ve been hiking for the entire day, you aren’t going to want to cook things or deal with adding extra ingredients together. All you need to eat your freeze-dried food is hot water. 

You wait a few minutes and then it’s ready to go, and unlike what some people believe, it's real food. Most freeze-dried meals are very filling and will keep you energized and full, with enough calories to sustain your body and give you fuel. It is so much easier to simply pour hot water over your food than having to unpack, prep, and prepare a full meal like beef stroganoff or even lasagna.  

The last main reason why people should buy freeze-dried food is that it is a cost-effective solution to food storage. Think about it this way: if you’re stocking up on food for your entire family, that will add up very quickly. You’ll have to get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for each person in your household. 

While canned food may be inexpensive, other non-perishables are not. Protein and meal replacement bars, jerky, and nut butter are not the cheapest items at the grocery store. When you buy a freeze-dried Food Kit, it comes ready for daily consumption. There’s no worrying about rationing and dividing food when each family member has their own kit. 

If you have, for example, a family of four, you would simply need to purchase four Survival Food Kits and add them to your emergency kit. This is much easier and cheaper than going to a grocery store and stocking up on multiple items, along with trying to figure out how much food each person will need. 


In summary, we have broken down the reasons why freeze-dried food is both a necessity and the best option for your food supply, whether it be for traveling or emergency purposes. Having this non-perishable food ready to go will make your life much less stressful in the case of an emergency, or if you are planning on traveling and spending time outdoors.


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