Feel-Good Stories to Carry Into the Holidays

Studies show that bad news overload can negatively affect us. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

2020 has been one bad news announcement after another. What with COVID-19, extreme weather events, civil unrest, election stress and more.

Psychologists are having a field day this year with all the case studies they can examine.

Now, staying current with the news is important. But obsessing over it can be harmful. It’s essential that we periodically switch gears and fill our minds with good news.

Today I want to share five recent feel-good stories with you to help in this effort. These types of stories don’t get much publicity. But learning about good deeds being done across the country can encourage us to stay positive.

Single Dad Adopts Five Siblings

At the age of 12, Robert Carter went into foster care in Hamilton County, Ohio. As a result, he did not see some of his younger siblings for years.

Knowing how painful that experience can be, he decided as an adult to provide foster care for children. After learning that five siblings were in three different foster homes, Carter decided to step in and adopt all five kids.

“I understand how they feel,” Carter said. “I understand what they went through, so it really touched me.

“Every night I talk to them and let them know, ‘I’m your dad forever. I know what it’s like and I’m always here for you.’ So, (I’m) just making memories, letting them know I’m here and they never have to go.”

Kid Works to Provide Food and Toys

A 10-year-old boy in North Texas is on a mission to donate at least 100,000 meals to needy people by Thanksgiving. Orion is partnering with Feed the City to accomplish this.

Each bag he’s helping put together includes a bottle of water, fruit, a granola bar, apple sauce and a positive, handwritten note. “I know that we can change this world just by being kind,” he said.

Orion should know. Several months ago he was selected as the National Kindness Speech Contest winner. That prompted him to create his own “Race to Kindness” events.

One of those events was a race to collect 500 toys for children. In September he surpassed his goal and donated 619 toys to Children’s Health in Dallas.

Tebow Donates Shoes Off His Feet

Many of you are probably familiar with Tim Tebow. The former University of Florida quarterback was the Heisman Trophy winner in 2007.

He went on to play in the NFL for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. Tebow is currently a minor league outfielder in the New York Mets organization. 

Recently, Tebow visited a homeless shelter in Phoenix, Arizona to donate 50 pairs of new shoes. When it became apparent that more shoes were needed, he took off the pair he was wearing and gave them to a man at the shelter.

Then Tebow purchased enough shoes for the remaining people who needed them. And arranged to have them sent to the shelter.

An official at the shelter said Tebow went “above and beyond” with his efforts. “We appreciate his generosity and support of our community.”

Man With Down’s Syndrome Completes Ironman

At five months of age, Chris Nikic had open-heart surgery. He couldn’t walk until age 4 and could not consume solid foods until he was 5. By age 17 he’d had four major ear operations. He still struggles with balance, reaction time and low muscle tone.

Now 21 years old, Chris has overcome yet another obstacle. The Maitland, Florida resident recently became the first person with Down’s syndrome to complete an Ironman triathlon.

The race includes a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run. An Instagram post from the Ironman organization said this. “You have shattered barriers while proving without a doubt that Anything is Possible.”

Chris, who now gives motivational speeches, used a 1 percent philosophy while training. “It’s easy to be successful because I only need to get 1 percent better each day,” he said.

“Yes, I did the work, but I had angels helping me. God surrounded me with angels. Best part of all, new friends and family.”

Grass Is Greener on Gabriel’s Side

An entrepreneurial 13-year-old boy in Cleveland, Tennessee earns money by mowing lawns.

But because Gabriel acquires his second-hand lawnmowers from yard sales, they usually don’t last long.

Recently he mowed seven lawns on a very hot day. He recovered, but his lawnmower didn’t. It stopped working. In order to afford a working mower, he helped level a yard for a pool, working until 11 p.m.

Hearing about the boy’s situation, a Lowe’s employee named Shannon Ingram arranged to present Gabriel with a new lawnmower – free of charge. Shannon also established a GoFundMe account for him.

It’s easy to get down when 99 percent of the news we read and hear is bad. It can affect our health and our attitude. I hope you enjoyed the good news stories provided above. We need more of them in life.


  • Jo - November 30, 2020

    Thank you for the stories, it’s easy to listen to the bad news and worry… listening about these people doing what is right challenges me to do likewise… look around and see someone to minister to… pay it forward… our world needs you

  • Charlotte K Kalkofen - November 30, 2020

    Thank you for the much-needed good news! I enjoyed the 5 stories and applaud the stars of the articles.

  • Jerry Slade - November 30, 2020

    Thank you for your feel good stories. Each of them reflects someone serving Christ by serving others. If only we could remember the lessons we read long enough to start serving Christ in this way.

  • Dawn - November 30, 2020

    It’s people like this that gives me hope that the USA is not going to hell in a hand basket. Thank you for what you have done and will do in the future. Loads of love.

  • SD - November 30, 2020

    To Robert Boyd
    Thank you. Thank you for taking time to find & share these positive, uplifting stories in this our hour if need. Why not make it an ongoing effort? How much healing could you bring to our country & it’s people who are overwhelmed & overtaken with uncertainty? It would be immeasurable…

  • Mary Miller - November 30, 2020

    Hey guys, thanks for the stories of people who are trying to make a positive difference; what an inspiration! You made my morning- keep up the good work 👍❤️

  • Carol Sepulvado - November 30, 2020

    Thank you for the feel good stories you provided… I can go into Thanksgiving with an upbeat versus a beat up attitude.
    God bless you and God bless America 🇺🇸

  • Robin M Jandreau - November 30, 2020

    I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Patriots Family! I hope you will be safe, take care, and stay focused on just how much we have to be thankful for!

  • charles kelley - November 30, 2020

    God bless you!

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