Everything You Wanted to Know About the Presidential Debate

Approximately 100 million people could be watching tomorrow night’s presidential debate. Will you be one of them?

The debate will be held in Atlanta, the center of much controversy following the 2020 election. It is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. Eastern time. CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash are the moderators.

A number of other network and cable TV stations will simulcast the event. It will also be available as a live stream on CNN.com. The debate will last 90 minutes, with two commercial breaks. 

Interruptions should be limited, as microphones in front of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will be muted unless it’s their turn to speak. No notes will be allowed.

As of this writing, Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had not met CNN’s requirements to participate. 

Here’s what you can expect from the evening.

No Live Audience for First Debate

Unlike most previous presidential debates, there will be no live audience. And this is the first presidential debate featuring a rematch between candidates.

In 2020, Biden and Trump squared off for a pair of debates. Trump’s Covid diagnosis canceled the third scheduled debate.   

This will be the earliest a U.S. presidential debate has occurred. Neither Biden nor Trump has even been nominated by their parties yet. Although it’s a foregone conclusion they will be at their respective conventions.

The second of the two agreed-upon debates will be September 10. ABC-TV will host that second debate. ABC anchors Linsey Davis and David Muir are the moderators.

The Top-Tier Issues

A number of critical issues are certain to be discussed and argued during the debate. Chief among them are the state of the economy and immigration policy.

The wars in Ukraine and Gaza will play a part. Especially when it comes to U.S. involvement in them.

Other topics that could find their way into the debate include abortion rights, how to combat cyberattacks on American infrastructure, and how to deal with climate change.

And both will question the other’s fitness for office. (More on that in a moment.)

Who Will Woo Independents?

A vast majority of American voters have already made up their minds about who they will vote for. Regardless of what occurs during the debates.

But here’s what many Republicans and Democrats hope for. They want their candidate to convince Independent voters to choose them.

Independents will be looking for a clear debate winner. As will some Democrats and Republicans who are not yet decided.

At 4Patriots, we don’t take sides in elections. We provide our readers with the facts they need to make educated decisions. And we believe that smart, prepared Americans are informed Americans.

The Gloves Came Off Early

Once they had accepted terms for the two debates, Trump and Biden wasted no time jabbing one another.

Trump said, “I am ready and willing to debate ‘Crooked Joe’ at the two proposed times in June and September.” He added he would “strongly recommend” more than two debates.

Biden said, “Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. Since then he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, make my day, pal.”

Will the jabs continue during the debate? Both candidates want voters to remember the substance they offered. Not the insults they flung.        

Agreement on One Issue

Both candidates are confident voters will judge them as the winner of the debates.

Biden said he’ll bring his plane to the Atlanta event. “I plan on keeping it for another four years,” he quipped.

Trump called Biden “the worst debater I have ever faced. He can’t put two sentences together.”

One of the few things they agree on is their disdain for the Commission on Presidential Debates. Both candidates ignored the commission’s attempts to set up debates. Instead, they chose the television networks’ proposals.

What to Look For

What should viewers watch for during tomorrow night’s debate?

Biden, 81, and Trump, 78, are the oldest candidates ever to run for president. They will question the other’s fitness for office. Trump has cast doubts on Biden’s mental acuity. Biden has called Trump “unhinged.”

The candidates’ temperament could also come into play. Both have displayed impatience and a temper. If either gets under the other’s skin – a pretty safe bet – we’ll see how the other responds.

Will either mention recent court convictions of Trump or Hunter Biden? That strategy could be effective. But it also has the potential to backfire.

Both candidates have walked back inaccurate comments they’ve made during public appearances. Fact-checking media will challenge those comments tomorrow night.

Anticipation Growing by the Minute

Would you like some historical flavor? This will be the 14th presidential election year featuring debates between candidates.

The first presidential debate occurred in 1960. Eventual winner John F. Kennedy faced Richard Nixon.

It was 16 years before the next debate. Eventual winner Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford squared off in that one.

Trump will become the first to appear in presidential debates in three consecutive election years.

With a close and contentious election 4½ months away, this debate should be one for the ages. Stay tuned.


  • Diane Sanchez - July 01, 2024

    Not sure yet but I’m leaning toward Trump. We have never needed help with groceries, but the way Biden has handled things were down to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We make $60. over the poverty line and can’t receive any help. I believe Trump may help poorer people, Biden seems to be trying to kill us off but starvation! God help Americans!

  • John - July 01, 2024


  • Sue Rae - July 01, 2024

    Not going to watch it. CNN is using both of them in order to raise their ratings

  • Rigoberto Rojas - July 01, 2024

    P. Joe Biden Did Not Win The 2020 Presidential Eletions. Authorities And News Medias Have Exposed A Coup Over and Over. And Then Perjury In Washimgton D.C. In The Attempt To Impeach And Jail and Execute/MurderPresident TRUMP.

    INFLATION IN AMERICA, DETESTABLE TREAMENT OF VETERANS And In 2023 Some 5400 Law Officer Were Injured Trying To Contain Refugee Crisis.
    On Top Of That P. Joe Biden Ows MEJICO Billions Of Dollars For Care Of The Refugees That Joe Biden Has Transported From Around The World.
    Joe Biden Gets all The Blame, But The Government Of The United Sates Is Filled With Hostile demons and Clones, Etc. The Truth Joe Biden Is a Figure Head Ruling The “Great Satan”, Sodom And Gomorrah, Communist Missions With It’s Present Leftist Swamp. The Invisible. But Not Invinsible NWO Ungodly Dragon, Beast666 and False Prophets Are On The Lose And Butchering, Mutilating And Transexualizing The innocent Children Of AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.
    Rest My Case.

    With Friendship, Sincerely, Rigoberto Rojas
    Facebook Comments Page.
    My Picture Has a Big Beard. Like Lord MOSES
    “In God We Trust”, Cuba/FloridaUSA K12 and Beyond.

    JUNE 26, 2024, WEDNESDAY, 7:57 P.M. EST.

  • Nancy Michael - June 27, 2024

    I am an Independent. Convince me.

    I do not like the swagger and insults. I would like some presentations on what either candidate IS going to do if elected. Don’t bother telling me what the other candidate IS NOT going to do.

  • Joseph Chimeno - July 01, 2024

    It is un-believable that Joe Biden is being allowed to run for the Presidency! This guy is a first degree Traitor who has
    sold out the US to Communist China and other adversaries! Joe Biden should be in Prison now for the rest of his
    life for all the crimes that he has committed! He has allowed out Southern Border to be wide open to criminals, rapists,
    child trafficking, drug trafficking, and terrorists to name just a few of his crimes! Wake up America and elect Donald Trump for President and let’s end this nonsense charade of Biden’s destruction of America! Pray to God that these evildoers in Washington DC (Biden and his supporters) are held accountable for their crimes! Amen!

  • Mike Faulkner - June 27, 2024

    Thanks for all the good intel you guys supply to old guys like me. Not to metion all the great stuff I have bought from you in the past. I am sitting here eating some pretty good oatmeal as we speak, this aint too shabby. Oh by the way, gonna be shocked as hell if sleepy Joe stays awake for da whole thing. I thank it runs too close to lights out at Shady Pines. And in the words of the immortal Forest Gump (That’s all I’ve got to say about that now, folks!!!)
    Your friend and humble servant. Mike

  • Joe F - July 01, 2024

    My dad told me, in 1958, that Nikita Khrushchev said communism will take over America without ever firing a shot. Over time, they, the communists, will infiltrate our government and they will take over, By the time we see it, it will be too late. And here we are. If we don’t have a major political change in 4.5 months, America as we know it will be gone. It’s Time to drop to our knees and ask God for forgiveness and to save us. Pretty simple.

  • Michael Matteson - June 27, 2024

    FINALLY!!! Aa debate where the microphones are ONLY on when it is the candidate’s turn to speak. It will be enlightening to see what they have to say when NOT trying to speak over the opposition i like the ‘no notes’ and ‘no help’ rules…
    This should be interesting.

  • Linda - July 01, 2024

    I want drug tests!! What in the WORLD did they pump into Biden for the State OT Union address. He could actually say a sentence, Unlike every other day! That poor grandpa needs to be home relaxing with his grandchildren. This is ELDER ABUSE!!

  • Mary E Alexander - July 01, 2024

    This debate is already set up to favor Joe Biden! No surprise there! Both moderators are Democratic. If they don’t like the way Trump answers a question, they will confront him and try keeping him from answering anything they feel will sway the debate in Trump’s favor. If they really want to have a fair debate, there should be one Democratic moderator and one Republican moderator. That’s my opinion, for what it’s worth!

  • Edward Marini - June 27, 2024

    I want to be the third contender. Power will not corrupt me. vote for Edward Marini .

  • Joel R McCloud - July 01, 2024

    In my opinion Robert F Kennedy Jr. is THE only canidate that is worth even concidering as a presidential canidate. I believe the the news media is blackballing him to keep him out of the debates. Trump should be in prison by now, any other person in the USA would be if they done everything that D. Trump has done. Biden is too old and his running mate is NOT qualified to be a Senetor let alone President of the US of A.
    Thank You for allowing me to finally make me thoughts on this matter at least presented. Joel R McCloud

  • Alice L. marold DVM - June 27, 2024

    Thank you for remaining neutral; a lot of preppers are not, and your article was carefully informative. I grew up in the suburbs of New York, across the river in New Jersey and saw Mr. Trump’s business practices destroy many small contractors known to my family, so I know who I cannot vote for. People outside New York are not familiar with this history, so not having a strong opinion in your article will hopefully allow them more time to use logic and information rather than simply emotion in their choice. Again, thank you.If you are uncomfortable posting this partisan comment I understand the spirit of your decision.

  • Michael - July 01, 2024

    I pray that the (TOTAL) administration ,not just the idiot Biden are removed from office in entirety!!! This group of incompetent beings are starting a war just to stay in office. Please God help rid this country from this very ignorant person & his complete administration along with anyone supporting this cause!!!

  • Michael - July 02, 2024

    I pray that the (TOTAL) administration ,not just the idiot Biden are removed from office in entirety!!! This group of incompetent beings are starting a war just to stay in office. Please God help rid this country from this very ignorant person & his complete administration along with anyone supporting this cause!!!

  • Fred Hepler - June 27, 2024

    Make America Godly Again – MAGA!

  • devvy - July 01, 2024

    I hope that Trump hammers Biden on all the issues and sticks to the facts! There are many facts that point to Biden’s corruption and bold faced lies and Trump needs to state those facts boldly and with conviction. The facts speak the truth. Trump needs to stay focused on the issues, because they speak for themselves. God Bless President Trump! We need him desperately to bring our country back!

  • Jim - June 27, 2024

    Let’s wait and see how it goes. I don’t think the moderator’s will be able to disguise their hatred for Trump. We’ll see.

  • annonymous - June 27, 2024

    CNN: post your requirements for participation! All candidates should be entitled to take part!

  • Vivian Baldwin - June 26, 2024

    Thank you for the insight. Not sure either of them is what we need but I’m leaning towards the Conservative view.

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