Every Area of American Life Is Affected

We live in unprecedented times.

Many of us thought what is currently going on in the world could never happen in America.

A virus originating in China has turned into a pandemic. It has now infected 632,548 people in the U.S. and caused 31,071 deaths. More than 9,000 of these cases are healthcare professionals. Worldwide, there are over 2 million cases, and over 150,000 deaths.

Those were the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday. No doubt they are higher as you read this.

And the general consensus is that the actual number of U.S. cases is well over 1 million. Due to many infectious individuals not having been tested.

Will It Ever Be the Same Again?

COVID-19 has changed every American's life in one way or another. Many of us wear face masks and gloves when out in public.

Our children and grandchildren don't go to school. We don't eat in restaurants or go to movies. We don't attend sports events or concerts. Or go to plays or museums.

We limit our trips to the grocery store. Or we place orders for delivery, avoiding stores altogether. When we do go out, we make sure we stay at least six feet away from others.

Everything has changed. And some of us wonder if things will ever be the same again.

Trump Halts WHO Funding

Today I want to take a look at a few specific aspects of the coronavirus affecting our lives.

Last week President Donald Trump announced he is halting funding for the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2019, the U.S. contributed $553 million to WHO.

Early on his decision to impose travel restrictions on China was fought by WHO. Trump said the organization's reluctance to recommend travel restrictions was responsible for a "20-fold" increase in worldwide cases.

He added that his travel restrictions have saved "thousands and thousands of lives."

Economic Council Formed

Next, Trump announced he is forming an economic council. It will advise him on when and how to "reopen" the country's economy.

The council will consist of, among others, Jamie Dimon, Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg. They are the chief executives of JPMorgan Chase, Apple and Facebook, respectively.

Others will serve on economic revival industry groups. They include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Plus former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. And former senator and president of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint.

Re-openings Will Not Be Uniform

The reopening of the country's economy is likely to be a slow, gradual process. And it will look different in various states.

That's due to where states are in terms of recent increases or decreases in confirmed cases.

Trump said, "I will be speaking to all 50 governors very shortly. And I will then be authorizing each individual governor of each individual state to implement a reopening."

He added that re-openings would be "at a time and in a manner as most appropriate" for each state.

Are We Headed to a Depression?

Business shutdowns have damaged the U.S. economy significantly. In the past three weeks, 17 million people have filed for unemployment. Some say we are already in a recession. And that a depression could follow.

The International Monetary Fund says the world economy will suffer its worst year in 2020 since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The goal of reopening businesses is to start the process of getting back on track. Some people believe we can tone down restrictions by May 1.

But how will these re-openings and the softening of social distancing policies affect our health?

Relaxed Safeguards Lead to Virus Surges

In other countries the coronavirus is surging back in places where it had seemingly been restrained.

Such as in China and Singapore. And in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian states. If Americans are soon told it's OK to return to work and socialize again, will the virus surge back here as well?

Michael Osterholm is an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota. Here's what he says.

"I think people haven't understood that this isn't about the next couple of weeks. This is about the next two years."

'There's No Real Playbook'

Gottlieb said states should relax their restrictions only after new case counts have fallen for 14 consecutive days.

As of last week, the U.S. was averaging approximately 30,000 new cases per day.

Another group of health experts says stay-at-home orders should continue until at least May 20.

Caitlin Rivers is with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. She said, "We've never faced a pandemic like this before in modern times. So we're going to have to be flexible. There's no real playbook."

New COVID-19 Test Sparks Hope

Health officials are also concerned about a second wave of the coronavirus. Likely to occur in the fall.

That means America has about six months to prepare for it. By producing more personal protective equipment and hospital beds. And much more testing.

One piece of good news is that a new self-administered saliva test could be rolled out soon. It would mean many more people could be tested.

That would allow medical facilities to focus more on those who truly need care. And it would help health officials track infections better.

In the meantime, please do everything you can to stay safe. And let's look out for each other.


  • Ron ROllo - April 23, 2020

    I will NEVER buy another Chinese made product in my lifetime!! They poisoned our dogs with crap food our children with junk toys our neighbors with unhealthy floors and drywall and who knows what else?! Wake up America they are trying to kill us all in same way shape or form! Hell what’s a few thousand dead to them? They have no respect for human life! We cherish and pray for the salvation of every soul we’ve lost!! DO NOT by anything made in China!!

  • Charlene Mode - April 22, 2020

    We need testing AND tracing, like back months ago! Also back then WHO. ORG offered these to the US, the govt. (Ours) refused the offer, claiming ‚Äúit will disappear‚ÄĚ Later even Germany offered tests also, again declined. Also about the tests. One can have a negative test on say a Monday, go about their lives, and be a positive on anyday soon after! Also there are many that show no symptoms, but are unaware they ARE positive and thus a shredder. Then again there are those, + for Covid-19, self quarantine, 14 days, then claim, well I‚Äôm ok now‚Ķ No,No, that person needs TWO tests after quarantine for re-emergence. We know so VERY little about this virus. Everything is a unknown, a guess, another reason why the virus is called ‚Äúa novel‚ÄĚ virus. That means not only is it new, that at this time there is NO known cure or treatment. The ‚Äú19‚ÄĚ part of the name is the year it was identified, give that some thought‚Ķ We All need to behave like adults, agreed under severe stress, but be chilled. The scientists need to have our attention, and our prayers! Critical Care ‚Äď ICU RN, MSN ‚Äď recently retired, but called back ‚Äď alot.

  • Gustavo Quinones Vazquez - April 21, 2020

    I beleive we have to understand first how this covid-19 virus spreads. Then take the necessary precautions to stop spreading the virus and or getting the virus. Why it is so hard for certain people to understand this? I see and hear people still say that this virus is a hoax! They are seen walking and going everywhere without a mask or gloves. They are saying we must re-open the country. Really? of course the economy is suffering and it must recover, BUT it wont until the virus is stopped! I am not a scientist, but at least I know that if I don’t want to get sick, I will stay away from peop;le until the virus finally stops. Or get protected while I go about my business gathering things I need for survival. Duh!

  • James Harrison - April 21, 2020

    Thank you for your service to America. You are truly Patriots.

  • Christine Stephens - April 21, 2020

    The casinos in Las Vegas are looking to reopen soon and will have thermal thermometers and some mask but maybe you can contact the Wynn & Stations casinos & offer some addional messures that might help to keep people safe.

  • John Kriegshauser - April 21, 2020


  • NjR - April 21, 2020

    A very evil agenda perpetrated by very bad elites is being exposed by allowing some of them an up front position before the American people as they spread fear by exaggerated numbers and false information that is to lead the peopl down the path of acceptance of their agenda. The President and team are allowing the public to see for themselves, then the truth can come out and the evil elites will be held accountable and normalcy will return. No more division or ‚Äúdistancing‚ÄĚ.

  • Cat - April 21, 2020

    And, if you can believe it, I’ve just been notified I’m on jury duty May 12th! I’m 60 and have NEVER been called for jury duty til now. Are they kidding me? Packed next to 11 other jurors in a courtroom full of people during this time?? I don’t think so!! They can arrest me. I’m not going.

  • William Carroccio - April 21, 2020

    About two weeks into the stay at home policy started I remembered that I had a couple of
    masks bought late last summer. I went and got them out and found that the elastic bands
    on them were no longer any good. They snapped when stretched during the attempt to
    put them on. These were N-95 masks made by 3M! I’m posting this because millions of these masks
    are being made and there is a danger that they like mine will be no good if they are using the same material to make the straps for these new masks!

  • Laurie - April 21, 2020

    I just wanted to thank you for your informative emails. You sent a message out at the end of Feb. It was that email that upped my awareness of the seriousness of the impending crisis. I took your survival stock up recommendations and got ready. I got stocked up in the first couple weeks of March. Started self quarantining way before any government official recommendations. Then the mayhem started. I lived in FL for 40 years (now live in AZ)so was already in the hurricane prep mind set. This pandemic is nothing like we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. I just bought the solar panel battery and all the other solar gadgets. I hope I never have to use it but am really glad I made the purchase. Welcome to the new norm. Hope you, family and all at 4Patriots are staying healthy. I just wanted to thank you for your helpful and possibly life saving information.

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