Don’t Desert Desserts When It Comes to Your Survival Stash

When we think of survival food, it’s usually staples such as rice, grains, soups, oatmeal, flour and such.

Those are all fine, but if a survival situation lasts more than a few days, you’re going to need more variety. You’re also going to want some comfort foods. 

Yes, you could live without them, but they will do wonders for your psyche during what will certainly be a very trying time. Including some desserts and other sweets in your stash might be just what is needed to boost your morale. 

Comfort food benefits

In addition to morale boosts, additional benefits of stockpiling desserts and other sweet treats are…

  • Combatting menu fatigue
  • Increasing blood sugar during a crisis
  • Adding to your daily calorie count
  • Offering a sense of normalcy
  • Adding delicious meal replacements (in some cases)
  • Engaging in mood-boosting celebrations

Here are a few comfort foods you may want to add to your survival stockpile:

Granola. During a disaster, granola may just become your best friend. Not only is it storable and rich in fiber, but you can also make some yummy snacks with it. From banana granola to homemade energy bars, this dessert option is sure to add extra variety and nutrition to your food supply.

Powdered Milk. Powdered milk might not sound like dessert, but it can sure help you make some. Use this handy ingredient to create everything from chocolate milk and ice cream sandwiches to tasty blueberry pancakes. Powdered instant milk can last up to 20 years, and this kitchen staple is sure to offer something your entire family can enjoy. 

Freeze-Dried Fruit. Fruit is healthy. It’s as simple as that. But during hard times, it may not always be available. Stow everything from freeze-dried blueberries and strawberries to delicious bananas. You and your family can make smoothies, ice cream, jam, and muffins for a little extra variety. 

Protein Shakes. Want a dessert that doubles as a meal? Not only can a survival shake add a hint of sweetness to your long-term food storge, but it can also serve as a meal replacement. Plus, it’ll never slow you down since you can drink it on the go. Great for busy days full of hunting, hiking, and camping, protein shakes are as convenient as they are sweet. 

Peanut Butter. During a disaster, peanut butter can feel like the ultimate dessert. It’s jam-packed with protein, calories, healthy fats, and tons of nutrients. Slather peanut butter on top of your favorite snack bar for an added boost of protein. Or, spread a thin layer onto a slice of bread for an added hint of sweetness.

Hard Candy. Hard candy is almost all sugar. And as long as it stays dry, it can last for years. Great for on-the-go snacking and increasing your blood sugar levels at a moment’s notice, you can never go wrong when stowing away a few of your favorite hard candies.

Snack Bars. Snack bars are another diverse food option you’ll want to add to your supply. They not only taste great, but also double as an energy booster. Plus, you won’t need to cook, add water, or heat them up.

Ready-to-eat Food Bars

Speaking of snack bars, have you tried the 4Patriots Food Bars yet? They certainly qualify as both a tasty treat and a meal replacement in an emergency.

These delicious, ready-to-eat “survival cookies” have a lemon-shortbread flavor our customers can’t get enough of. 

Designed to last five years under proper storage conditions, they can withstand extreme temperatures and are non-thirst provoking.

Sealed in Mylar pouches, you can keep them anywhere you might get stranded. Such as your car, boat, RV, or cabin.

Here’s how to get yours…


  • Stand Ridge - February 10, 2023

    Hard candies are a great idea for SHTF survival stash. I have a 5 gal. bucket ready and waiting . When times is tough , you can sure make a forlorned soul smile when you hand them a butterscotch or 2 . BUT ~ don’t forget to brush your teeth after enjoying sweets or anything for that matter ….. dentists will be a thing of the past .
    I have added some molar pulling plyers to my first aid kit , as an abscessed toof can make you deathly sick !

  • Pixie Garcia - February 10, 2023

    In 1965 New York City was completely without electricity for 7 days. I was 4 years old. Due to the power outage I was terrified. Since then I have had times when there was a days worth of power outage and it has caused me to be in fear. I have now used 4PATRIOTS to set up a complete 1 year of food stash and all the items needed to not need anything but Sunlight. So thank you 4PATRIOTS.

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