Do You Have Survival Food for the Long Haul?

There's nothing positive you can say about a survival situation. No matter when and where it happens, it's going to be rough.

Obviously, the better prepared we are to face it, the greater our chances of not only surviving but also of carrying on as "normally" as possible, under the circumstances. 

Perhaps the scariest thing about a survival setting is that we never know how long it will last. Just ask the folks in New England who went without electrical power for weeks during and following Hurricane Sandy.

That's just one of many examples where extreme weather or an attack against our infrastructure could put us in a very difficult position. We could be forced to fend for ourselves when it comes to food and water for a lengthy period of time.

Challenging but doable 

Today I want to talk about being prepared for that kind of event. Specifically, with survival food meant for the long haul. 

Don't get me wrong. Going several weeks or more with no power, store closings, impassable roads, water contaminations, and more will be no picnic.

But with your home as a shelter, and food and water to sustain you, you'll be able to gut it out until things get back to normal. Others around you might not be so fortunate.

So, what are the best foods to stockpile to carry you through a lengthy survival situation? Before we create a list here, let's look at the key concerns regarding that food. 

Factors to consider 

One is cost. Many of us are on a tight budget. Hopefully we already have some survival food stockpiled, so this is more about how to build it up. Generally speaking, buying in bulk is the way to go. You don't have to do it all at once, but keep your progress steady.

A second factor is shelf life. If your stockpile consists of food that will go bad in three months or less, you're going to find yourself replacing it way too often. Look for items that will not spoil for a year or more. Five or more years will obviously be much better. 

A third consideration is calories. There's no set amount that everyone should have because we differ in our size and needs. But the average adult requires about 2,000 calories per day to remain healthy. Stockpile food that is calorie-dense and limit your supply of foods with empty calories.

Finally, focus on nutrition. You're going to need all the vitamins and minerals you can get while in survival mode. Variety is very important here because different foods supply different nutrients. Plus, when you're hunkered down for a while, you'll need variety to keep a healthy mindset. 

One & done – for your convenience 

OK, I'm just about to get to that list of survival foods with a long shelf life. But just before I do, let me tell you about a done-for-you solution. That way, if you don't have the time or energy it takes to put together your own stockpile – or if you just don't feel like doing it – we've got you. As you'll see, we took the guesswork out of it for you. 

The Lumberjack Survival Food Kit is loaded with our best-selling and most requested entrees. And it's specially designed for folks who have a lumberjack-sized appetite. 

It features some of our most delicious foods. Including Cowboy Rice & Beans and Nonna's Best Lasagna-Style Marinara. Plus Hearty Stroganoff and America's Finest Mac & Cheese. Just to name a few.   

Knowing you have 80 servings of great food designed to last 25 years will give you peace of mind. And this emergency food kit comes in disaster-resistant packaging.

And if you stock up, you also get four free gifts including 34 servings of our Freeze-Dried Chicken. Toss in our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and you can't lose. Here's how to get your emergency food supply… 

Here's the gist… in the form of a list

At long last, here's that list of food for the long haul I promised: 

Freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetables and fruits – There is a huge variety of vegetables and fruits you can acquire that have been freeze-dried or dehydrated. They last a very long time and the taste will be just about as good as fresh. The last thing you want when you're trying to survive is to get sick from a lack of nutrition or from scurvy, which is caused by a lack of Vitamin C. Of course, if you have a garden, you can grow your own veggies and fruits.

Grains and rice – Wheat, spelt, rye, barley, and corn can be soaked, cooked, and eaten without grinding into flour. Some can be sprouted to increase nutrition. With a grain mill, you can use them to make bread and tortillas. Dried rice has a very long shelf life.

Beans – High in nutrients, they provide plenty of protein. This is especially important if you're not eating as much meat as you normally do. Beans, legumes, and nuts also contain complex carbohydrates and fiber. Protein can also come from freeze-dried beef and chicken, as well as canned fish. 

Pasta – This has a great shelf life and is found in a wide variety. From spaghetti noodles and fettuccine, to mac & cheese and ribbon pasta for lasagna, to bow tie and stuffed pasta shells, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Peanut butter – It's tough to beat something that tastes great on its own and tastes even better when it's spread on something like healthy crackers or bread. That's what you get with peanut butter, which is also high in protein.

Fats and oils – Water will be your main source for cooking in a survival situation, but if you occasionally want to fry some food, you'll need oil or fat. Cooking oils should last about a year and a half if unopened. Lard is an option as a shelf-stable fat.

Spices – Stock up on spices including salt, pepper, garlic, herbs, peppers, onion powder, etc., to add flavor. Bland food will keep you alive, but added flavor will make mealtimes much more enjoyable.

We can't control how long a crisis will last. We can only control how prepared we are for it. And that preparedness comes with a great bonus – peace of mind.


  • Wendy K McBane - April 13, 2023

    I really appreciate these insights! I’m just getting ramped up on my emergency preparedness. It’s hard to know where to begin. 4 Patriots is now my primary go to for information and supplies. Thank you so much for the peace of mind.

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