Disposable vs. Rechargeable Batteries… Which Are Better?

What do cellphones, TV remotes, laptop computers, digital cameras, handheld games and a wide variety of other electronic devices have in common? That’s right. They all require batteries.

And those batteries allow us to operate these devices without having to plug into an outlet. So, we can easily carry the devices from one room to another. And even take them when we go for a walk or a ride in the car. Batteries make life a lot more convenient.  

But there’s a downside to everything, right? The main problem with batteries is that they eventually stop working. They run out of “juice.”

In the past, our only option when it came to a dead, disposable battery was to throw it out. Then we’d go buy a new one because the kitchen drawer contained every battery imaginable except the one we needed.

These days, we have another option. We can use rechargeable batteries. But are they really better? Let’s take a look after a quick review on how batteries work.

Tug of war for electrons

A battery has a positive and a negative terminal. The positive terminal connects to a cathode. The negative terminal connects to an anode. 

The anode and cathode are separated. The anode loses electrons, while the cathode absorbs electrons. When the terminal circuit is complete, the electrical current flows.

Once the anode becomes corroded over time, reactions can’t happen. The disposable battery is now dead.

But with rechargeable batteries, power can be restored. Even after they are “spent.”

Weighing pros and cons

As with most decisions, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons. Perhaps the top “pro” for disposable batteries is their upfront cost. They are cheaper than rechargeable batteries.

Perhaps you need batteries for a variety of items. Including flashlights, smoke alarms, game controllers, thermostats, etc. You’ll spend less money upfront by buying disposable batteries.

But if you wish to save money over time, rechargeable batteries are more cost-effective. Disposable batteries will eventually die, at which point they are useless.

On the other hand, a rechargeable battery can be used repeatedly. Not forever, but it can be recharged hundreds of times.  

Not all draws are alike

Another factor to consider is the power draw. It’s different for various devices. A flashlight or TV remote’s draw is not particularly strong. Disposable batteries in those types of devices should last a while.

Digital cameras and game controllers, however, have a faster power draw. Batteries in those devices will not last very long.

Another “con” regarding disposable batteries is that they are not environmentally friendly. Most of them end up in landfills.

With rechargeable batteries, you might use a dozen or so through the years. That’s compared to the hundreds of disposable batteries you’d use.

Save money, time and the environment

None of us thinks twice about recharging our battery-operated devices when they get low on power. The principle is the same, so why not charge our batteries as well?

That doesn’t work for disposable batteries. But it does work for 4Patriots USB-Rechargeable Battery Kits. With them, you can power everything you need on a single set of batteries.

Such as phones, flashlights, radios, clocks and TV remotes. Plus toys, small electronics, digital cameras, electric razors and much more. Not to mention laptops and tablets. 

In fact, you’ll never need to buy traditional batteries again. It’s a great way to save money, save on trips to the store and help the environment.

A clear choice

You can charge these AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries up to 500 times. And you can do it with any USB port or the included USB dock. 

So, you can charge them with a wall plug, with your laptop or in your car. And they only take 90 minutes to charge. The red light lets you know they’re charging and a blue light tells you they are fully juiced.

You can take this compact and portable charging device anywhere you go in its hard-shell storage case. 

Rechargeable batteries are your clear choice over disposable batteries.

And nothing provides better backup power protection than 4Patriots USB-Rechargeable Battery Kits.


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