Deep Freeze Forever Links Texans With 4Patriots

It will be a long time before anyone forgets what happened in Texas and other Southern states this past February.

Historic Winter Storm Uri packed an enormous punch. At least 136 people died and many were hospitalized. An estimated $195 billion in damages occurred.

More than 5 million homes and businesses lost electrical power. Plus 4.7 million more in Mexico.

All due to record-breaking frigid temperatures. And a killer storm featuring snow and ice.

Freezing and Bursting Pipes

As some Texans entered their third day without power, water pipes were freezing and bursting.

In Houston, icicles were hanging from kitchen faucets. Ambulances in San Antonio were unable to meet the demand.

Snow and sleet were still falling. And another storm that would add to the carnage was expected to strike the area.

More than 170 million Americans were under some type of winter weather-related alert due to the storm.   

Warming Centers Too Cold

On Valentine’s Day, Texas established a winter peak demand record for electricity. Temperatures fell into the single digits in some areas.

In Houston, warming centers closed after losing power. Walmart closed more than 350 stores in Texas and other states. The Texas grid was unable to provide needed power. 

Temperature drops increased the demand for electricity. But cold and ice kept the supply of energy from being delivered.

The power grid was minutes from failing on February 15. Only rolling outages saved it.

Texas and Independence Are Synonymous 

Now, Texans are a hearty breed. They’ve been standing up for self-reliance and independence for some 200 years.


Many 4Patriots customers call Texas home. More than 168,000, as a matter of fact. The only saving grace through this disaster was they were prepared to weather the storm. 

They were ready with our solar-powered generator, our survival food, our water purifiers and much more.

Despite the power outages, closed roads and empty grocery store shelves, they kept their peace of mind. They were prepared with products that sustain folks in a crisis.

Hunkering Down in the Deep Freeze

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s hear from one of them.

Randy of Wichita Falls, Texas and his family hunkered down for six days. The temperature inside his home dropped to 15 degrees. It was so cold his toilet water froze.

When the power went out, so did Randy’s CPAP machine. Fortunately, he had his Patriot Power Generator at the ready. 

In addition to his CPAP machine, he was able to power up electric blankets to keep them warm during the day.

Generator Saves the Day

“Within the last four or five years I’ve really gotten into the prepping community,” said Randy, who’s lived in Texas his entire life. 

“During the ice storm I was sleeping. I use a CPAP because I have some breathing issues. At some point during the night, I noticed my CPAP had stopped functioning. And I looked around the room and noticed my power was off.

“I got out my generator and hooked up my CPAP to it. It kept my CPAP going throughout the night.

“In the morning, we had snow and ice so I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I got my electric blanket and hooked it up to the generator.

Solar Panel Restores Power 

“I even hooked up my refrigerator to it near the end because I wasn’t sure just how long I was going to have to go without power,” Randy continued. 

“But that generator just plugged right through. When it started getting down to about two bars, I hooked it up to the solar panel. Within a few hours it was up around 70-80 percent (charged).

“We don’t have the infrastructure in this city to deal with this. We don’t have snowplows. People here in Wichita Falls went four or 4½ days without power.

“I was lucky. I got mine back after two. But some people didn’t and they were still trying to dig themselves out.”

Praise and Advice

Randy has words of praise for the 4Patriots products that got him through a rough time. As well as words of advice for his fellow Americans.

“The stuff I’ve gotten from 4Patriots has been a big help,” he said. “I like the fact that their stuff is really well made. It’s made to last. And it’s really compact. Not a whole lot of wasted energy or material in this stuff.

“Prepare ahead of time. Know what you want, know what you’re going to need and then do the research.

“If I didn’t have the generator to keep my phone charged, to keep myself warm with my electric blanket and everything, it would’ve been really dicey. I don’t even want to think about it.”    

Providing Peace of Mind

Randy is just one of many 4Patriots customers who told us how much our products helped them get through the February mayhem.

Thomas of Houston used his Patriot Power Sidekick to keep his CPAP running. As well as other electrical items.

Sam from outside San Antonio lost power but used his food, water and power products from 4Patriots to “thrive.” 

Terence of Houston was able to feed his family with our 4-Week Survival Food Kit. 

All four and many others also had something else going for them during the crisis. They had peace of mind. Knowing they were prepared to deal with it made all the difference in the world. 

Learn more about how 4P is 4Texas here

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