Country Music Legend Dolly Parton Funded COVID-19 Research

Much has been in the news recently about COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S.

Two vaccines have received emergency use approval and are now being rolled out. They are produced by Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna.

Their development used the same technology and approach. And showed effective rates of 94 to 95 percent in clinical trials.

More on these two vaccines in a moment. But first, I’d like to tell you about the contribution a celebrity here in Nashville made to one of these vaccines.

Donation Aids Moderna Vaccine Development

Country music legend Dolly Parton donated $1 million to coronavirus research. It went to Nashville-based Vanderbilt University back in April.

Recently it was revealed that her donation helped fund Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine research.

Early on, her donation was used toward research on interim coronavirus treatments. While simultaneously the vaccine was being developed.

At the time, Parton appeared on NBC’s Today show. She said, “I felt like this was the time for me to open my heart and my hand and try to help.”

Doctor-Patient Connection

Parton’s connection with Vanderbilt University goes back seven years. She sought advice from the university’s Medical Center after a traffic accident.

There she met Dr. Naji Abumrad, a physician and surgery professor who was born in Lebanon. They struck up a friendship after discovering both grew up as poor, mountain kids – 6,000 miles apart. Her donation was made in his honor.

Here’s what Abumrad said. “Without a doubt in my mind, her funding made the research toward the vaccine go 10 times faster than it would be without it.” 

In the past, Parton has donated funds to help families in Tennessee who were victims of wildfires. As well as to a literacy program that donates books to children.

Some Will, Some Won’t

As we’ve mentioned numerous times, whether or not to receive a vaccination can be controversial.

Many people are opposed to all of them. Others get whichever vaccinations are recommended by their doctor. Some take a wait-and-see approach.

A recent Gallup survey found this. Thirty-seven percent of Americans say they won’t get a vaccine at the present time. Sixty-three percent said they will get it when it’s available to them.

We don’t recommend getting or refusing a vaccination. That’s an individual decision. But we do want to keep you informed about the vaccines in the news.

Pfizer/BioNtech Vaccine

The Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine has shown an effective rate of 95 percent in clinical trials. About 43,000 people were given the vaccine, with no safety concerns reported. Forty-five percent of U.S. participants were ages 56-85.

It is given in two doses, three weeks apart. Protection is achieved 28 days after the first shot. The biggest drawback with this vaccine is that it needs to be stored at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit.

The deep-freeze delivery chain involves a special box. It’s packed in dry ice and installed with GPS trackers. It can be stored for up to six months.

Once delivered, the vaccine can be stored for up to five days at about 35 to 46 degrees before being administered. This vaccine uses a tiny fragment of the virus’ genetic code. It starts making part of the virus in the body before the immune system attacks it.

Moderna Vaccine

Using the same technology as Pfizer, the Moderna vaccine protects 94.5 percent of people it’s been tested on. Two doses are required, four weeks apart.

About 30,000 people were involved in this trial. One-half were given the vaccine and the other half a placebo.

One advantage with this vaccine is it remains stable at minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Moderna vaccine also received authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency usage.

Operation Warp Speed

Normally the process to create an effective vaccine takes years. First, vaccines are tested on animals to see if they work and what the side effects are. This usually involves three to six months.

Next, Phase 1 clinical trials are conducted with a small number of humans. Phase 2 involves establishing the formulation and doses of the vaccine. That’s to determine its effectiveness. In Phase 3, the effectiveness needs to be proven in a larger group.

In a case where a pandemic is raging out of control, the FDA can give emergency authorization for a vaccine’s use.

President Donald Trump called the current approach Operation Warp Speed. Less than a year after the disease reached America, two vaccines were approved for emergency usage.

Who Gets It First?

The U.S. government finalized deals to secure 100 million doses of both the Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna vaccines. With options to acquire hundreds of millions more.

Groups to receive the vaccine first include older Americans in long-term care facilities. Such as nursing homes and retirement villages. As well as healthcare workers.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he is pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness manufacturers claim. He had said he would be satisfied if the effective rate were in the 70 to 75 percent range.

Others are more skeptical. They’re concerned about how quickly these vaccines were produced and tested. They believe not enough test subjects have been used. They feel manufacturers have not provided enough details about side effects.

Only time will tell if the vaccines prove effective and safe. In the meantime, the battle against the pandemic goes on.


  • Sallyanne Deegan - January 08, 2021

    Put me down for “no vax”. TOO MUCH bad info out on what exactly is in it….
    Yes. Remember. … Depopulation is the agenda…
    And the plan….
    I am not happy that you are repeating only the information that is being promoted by MSM…… And other liars….
    People who take it will be eliminated…

    Yes it’s indeed. Go back in time and listen to the original plan for vax to kill off certain groups in our society that elites consider “UNNECESSARY”… ..this is a war against humanity by very evil heartless greedy non human beings

  • Karl Kerr - January 06, 2021

    I will never take another vaccine in my life after what I have learned recently. I no longer have any faith in the medical industry, especially big pharma & I definitely don’t trust the govt. They even bypassed animal trials for this latest “vaccine.”

  • Kathleen T Flanders - January 06, 2021

    First of all, I don’t believe there is a pandemic. Where are all the bodies they scared us about? Some will get sick and die, like any flu, sad to say. The testing is skewed as well making it look like there is something to worry about to the degree of pandemic! The inventor has been recorded to say it was never meant for this sort of testing. And that if it gets amplified/cycled enough times you can find anything including C-Vd.
    If we get a sniffle or cough or around someone who “tested positive” we are scared and need to get ourselves tested. We’re in a panic over a made up plan to intimidate us. And sad to say there are those who follow the trend in this. Sheeple!
    No, the vaX is part of a bigger plan. I stand against anyone telling me or any of us what to do “for the greater good”. Since when are we responsible for someone else’s health? We’ve quarantined and did what we were told and they claim the out break is getting worse! Plus, those taking the vaX shed off the very virus itself, like most do. Way to go to spread their virus!
    This was made like no other, ever! Parts that rewrite our DNA/RNA! Artificial intelligence. Lung tissue from a 14 week aborted Caucasian male. What is that all about? I know Fauci and Gates would know.
    Just my opinion you asked about.

  • Robert Staves - January 05, 2021

    I would not take it even if it had a tag of 100% Proven Vaccine, That being said was it tested on pregnancy, was it tested on anyone over 60, was it tested on Children under the age of 18, what races was it tested on? American European, Irish, Indian, Hispanic, Asian so many things would go into a test and the reason it takes time is due to all the tests needed, perfect health, Autoimmune deficiency, I applaud the way The President went in getting a vaccine but if it’s not tested on all groups then don’t offer it to everyone just to the tested groups as the tests finish more could be given a vaccine but, this is like trying to fight The Flu or a Common cold if it can’t be fixed, so go on living and know there is another thing that just has to be lived with.

  • Ash Bo - January 05, 2021

    Anything funded in part by Bill Gates is a hard pass for me & mine. His vaccines have sterilized girls/women in the past. Out of the 44k ppl in the trial, they’re getting 94.5% from 95 people who got sick. 95 people. I read the book “How to lie with statistics” Bill Gates told us to read years & years ago. Don’t believe me, research it, just use DuckDuckGo & not Google. Google has been suppressing peer reviewed scientific studies. Currently, New York is attempting to implement a law allowing “sick” people to be taken into state custody until they’re no longer “contagious”. Forced imprisonments, forced medical treatments. Again, do some research. Big pharma isn’t looking out for our best interest. The great reset from the ‘World economic forum’ said “you will own nothing and be happy” I wish more people were awake. For good measure, cloth mask do not stop the spread of any virus. Have a blessed day.

  • Vickie Shields - January 05, 2021

    I will take the vaccine as soon as I can get it. I am 73 years old. When will that be. I can’t seem to find anyone who can answer my question.

  • Teresa in North Carolina - January 05, 2021

    Absolutely not. A previous commentor is correct.. there are cell lines from aborted fetuses in all the Covid vaccines. When the ingredient list says “RNA” and a number… it means, “recombant” (recombined) DNA from fetal tissue identified by a certain number, so you know which aborted baby it came from… they don’t say it that harshly, but that’s what it means. There also is nano-technology in all the Covid vaccines (microscopic). See for a Christian researcher’s take on them. If you take the vaccine, you are automatically enrolled in a track and trace program that monitors your health. This is intimated even on the box of the Moderna vaccine… videos of this were de-platformed online. There is also various DNA from animals in all the Covid vaccines. They differ between vaccines. Ask yourself, why is there human and animal DNA in them? Why were these vaccines made in conjunction with the military? Why is the vaccine industry not liable for any vaccine injuries? See (National Vaccine information Ctr) Why are there board members from vaccine makers on the boards of the NIH and FDA… big conflicts of interest. Ever heard of the Tuskegee airmen? Look it up. Have you seen the statistics posted on CDC website itself?… as of Friday, Dec 18th… 100K+ folks vaccinated with 3k+ immediately incapacitated through vaccine injury. Literally thousands of doctors speaking out against the reality of the pandemic and the vaccines… and The Great Barrington Declaration at Unfortunately none of this is making the mainstream news and g**gle is censoring everything. Use Safari or Firefox and then go to the duckduckgo search engine. has detailed, cited medical research articles and videos about everything (you will be warned off this site as being false or a conspiracy theorist site, but it’s not true.) The media has linked the word “conspiracy” with the word “theory” on purpose to cast doubt on anyone questioning motives… but that’s HISTORY! Are we NOT supposed to question anything?! Hitler pretended to be a man of faith, kissed babies and prayed before he was legitimately elected chancellor of Germany. History is FULL of conspiracies! Wake up people! Do your research… stop dumbing yourselves down with video games, pornography, drugs and stupid sitcoms and enter real life. Seek the truth… HARD. And face it… no matter what it is… but, let me tell you, no one can face things and do it alone… you gotta have Jesus. Talk to Him and ask Him if He’s real and to help you… HE WILL. I’ve been researching true health all my life… brought one son out of autism as an 8yo… healed my own asthma from quitting coffee, sugar, chocolate, wheat, and dairy… all my favorite things… but my health and clarity are worth it. Whatever you do, don’t take the vaccines. Jesus is returning soon… all the signs are here… look up “rivers turning red” “locust swarms” “earthquake frequency” and “flooding” on YouT*be… you’ll be shocked… they are NOT showing all this on the evening news anymore, because it would wake folks up to the reality that this world is going to end. But, God has a plan to save us… Make sure you KNOW Jesus, not just know OF Him… talk to Him, repent, get right with Him. He’s waiting for you. Love to All.

  • Leo Clear - January 05, 2021

    Moderna or another way to spell Mod eRNA. The second spelling is more appropriate because this company has never before made a vaccine, in its history! Another reason I will not take the vaccine is because this company is funded by Bill Gates. Mr. Gates is a proponent of diminishing the world population by fifteen percent ( his comments are on video ). You can control population by injecting a vaccine that has the ability to make young men and young women (teenagers) sterile, as a by product. Pfizer reportedly has a 95% efficacy rating. What they don’t tell you is anyone who has had a reaction, or has health issues, or allergies, and has had reaction to this vaccine is not counted in that ninety-five percent efficacy rate. A virus with a survival rate of over 99% does not require a vaccine. The death rate for the US in 2020 was less that 2019! Do your own research, but realize the ‘virus’ is a distraction from much bigger scenarios.

  • Nora EDWARDS - January 05, 2021

    I will take this shot if directed to by my employer or my doctor.
    I’m 76 years old. I’ve been through cancer treatment. I teach swimming.
    I do not do flu shots. I’ve never had the flu. I’m not doing all the other shots.they.push on us.
    But in the interest of getting back to a normal life and not being afraid to contact people, I’ll take this shot. We need to get back to no masks and shaking hands, and hugging our children.
    This is a one time action to help our community get back to normal.

  • Catherine Moock - January 05, 2021

    Lets see, Bells Palsy, genetic mutation, the fact they can inject you with aborted baby fetus and nano-technology that can control you….NO WAY.

  • Sharlene Hudson - January 05, 2021

    Absolutely NOT….. I do not get flu shot either. I do not trust the long term effects. In my opinion we have a lot of unhealthy people because of all the pharmaceuticals they are pumping into people!!

  • CHarles hOllingsworth - January 05, 2021

    You failed to tell the people that there is a nano chip in the vaccine.
    Doesn’t matter what it’s made from the govt. will track you and your banking if you don’t do what you are told.
    All the worlds governments are in on it.
    If it’s so deadly where’s all the bodies I have not seen any abnormal amount of funerals this is a fear tactic so everyone will be vaccinated

  • Kathie Attaway - January 05, 2021

    You bet I took the vaccine. If I can help eradicate this virus, I’ll roll up both sleeves! Almost lost a couple of dear family to it, and have seen others lost (I am a nurse, and have worked COVID units). The virus is VERY survivable – for most. But when one of the few who passes is YOUR spouse or parent or sibling or child… then even one is tragic.
    For the record: I FULLY support the RIGHT of every American to choose for themselves. That’s what makes us Americans, and especially Patriots. If you want it, glad Ms Parton and others helped us get it toot-sweet. You don’t? That’s cool. Hopefully there’s enough of us getting it to rid the virus of hosts so it just fades into history.

  • Ron Ballard - January 05, 2021

    It is my opinion that the current White House administration has sent out so many contradictions and misleading information that has been repeatedly exposed in videotapes, recorded evidence, and etc., that an atmosphere of mistrust has been generated to the point it has become crippling to this nation and its people! Under the control of the wealthiest Americans, our government has become corrupted and rarely operates for the good of the vast majority as opposed to the financial interests of those in control of this nation whether they are Democrats or Republicans this has resulted in a mistrust of our government for several decades. This same mistrust is now being transferred to the vaccines that were rushed into production for numerous reasons two of which were economical and financial in nature. The American public has been left holding the bag too many times by the relationship our government has with corporate America for the public to trust either of them! The “People” have been constantly put in situations where they have to pick between the lesser of two evils that will not hurt them as bad whenever the government or corporate America are involved. No matter the choice made, it’s the “People” in the end who foot the cost one way or another!

  • Another - January 05, 2021

    My family works in the Biotech field. Coronaviruses have been here a long time – but not this new one or this virulent. Because of this, scientists have been working on a general “Coronovirus” vaccine for over 20 years. The scientists were able to produce the current vaccine built on the research done before. That gives me confidence they got it right.

  • Gail Reynolds - January 05, 2021

    I plan not to take the new vaccine, but only because I had a HUGE reaction to the last flu vaccine I had. It put me in the ER for several hours, and that doctor said Never Again. Sounds like a good reason to me but otherwise Yes I would take it.

  • Gertrud Farnum - January 05, 2021

    Will NOT take this vaccine just to be told in 10 years from now they gave us some terminal illness and with no way to sue big Pharma.

  • Melissa Richardson - January 05, 2021

    This article does not include the current CDC information of the initial vaccines. You can get non partisan and non paid for information at Personally, if I have to be “labeled” I guess you would label me as an ex vaxxer. This is because I have been vaccinated – I received measles vaccine as a child and almost died from it. I later found out I did not even have immunity from it. In later years I was sick and flu shots were recommended and I got even more sick after getting them. I have been following this topic and I personally would not get this vaccine. The initial trials are based on 2 months of post injection. Everything I have read is that they are not sure how long it will even last and that you still have to wear a mask because you may still be contagious?? Please read the CDC findings on their website. There have been reported by the CDC 5000 (2.3%) out of the original vaccines for COVID significant health reactions which means that they were not able to function in a normal way fir at least one day. This is the more severe reactions. I am boosting my immune system instead. And I also feel strongly that if people want to take this vaccine that is their choice. If people do not want to take it that is their choice as well. We need to maintain our freedom and our own individual discretion. Blessings everyone.

  • Mark Klocek - January 05, 2021

    I am NOT recommending the vaccines against the Wuhan virus. 1. It was given to 1200 south west indians, 25 died from it. 2. There has not been a phase 3 verification testing done as of yet.
    I don’t need a test to tell me I’m healthy.

  • Pat Hurd - January 05, 2021

    No questions, just a comment, the vaccines are not safe, it takes 10 years to develop a safe and effective vaccine. These vaccines contain aborted fetus tissue. The DNA then chnges the person’s DNA. Too many serious side effects happening, including deaths. I will not take the vaccine. We are being lied to by the WHO and Fauchi, and so many others. This is part of Bill Gates plan to decrease the population! He contributed millions of dollars to the Wohan lab to develop the Corona virus and it was let loose deliberately. We are in not only a political battle but also a Spiritual battle. God help us.

  • Teresa Brown - January 05, 2021

    In answer to your question about whether I would take the vaccine, my answer is a huge NO! I have no intention of leaving this world any time soon and in my opinion, and I know many more others are with me on this one, this vaccine has proven to be deadly to those who have taken it! They either got very sick or died after their vaccination. You must ask yourself, Why would they make you sign a non liability document before they inject you with this toxic virus concoction? I know I do not want them putting this covid virus in my body, and all the other toxic ingredients when I can take vitamin C, D3, zinc and many other things to strengthen my immune system! I have 0 trust in pharmaceuticals! Honestly, this vaccine is a huge money scheme for them and I and many others want no part of it! Our mission is to do ALL WE CAN to make this world a better place where people can finally feel safe. I realize you likely will not post this and that is okay. I just wanted to share my opinion. Be Safe and PLEASE do all the research so you can make a healthy choice for you and all of your loved ones! Fight fir Truth and Peace for ourselves and our Planet
    We will win this war on our health and safety with kindness and love. Sending Much Love and Light to the world
    The Truth Shall Set Us Free. How many times does the bible say that! We are in those times now my dear friends. Allow yourselves to let go of all the fear and Shine Your Light Bright as Bright can Be and make all the darkness and shadows disappear. Love each other, Love our Planet. We All need to come together and HEAL bringing All Our Love and Compassion with us. Laugh, Be Happy and Love Deeply my darlings❤️🙏🤗

  • Pat Whitaker - January 05, 2021

    Taking the vacent is a personal choice far America People but GOD BLESS
    4 PATRIOTS far the courage to post E Mails that had different options from other people.

  • Clifford Johnson - January 05, 2021

    Carol Henderson I do not even know how to reply to you. I know that people that are allergic to eggs may have a reaction to the flu vaccine. Let me state, that in the flu vaccine THERE ARE NO LIVE VIRUSES as many people believe. Personally , I have taken the regular flu vaccine for many decades and I have ALWAYS paid extra for the “extra strength” flu vaccine. I have NEVER heard or read about anything like you posted.

  • Sue - January 05, 2021

    Re: vaccines
    I am not taking it. As a retired nurse, my concern is that it is rNA being injected into your body.
    It may work on the virus but what is it going to do as time goes on. Is it going to enhance autoimmune diseases that a person has.
    Is it going to cause a healthy person to develop diseases?
    There has never been a vaccine like this one given to humans.
    Vaccines are used for bacteria not viruses. Being viruses mutate or change over time
    Basically I’m worried about the future.

  • Clifford Johnson - January 04, 2021

    How many potentaily catastrophic diseases were arrested by vaccines?Back There was the polio vaccine IN THE 1950’S. Polio was completely eradicated before the “non-vaxxers” came along and got it started back up again. I always took the extra strength flu shot even when I had to pay extra for it. I have had no issue with any vaccine that I have ever taken and I have taken everything suggested to me. Back in the day vaccines were required to enroll in school. Either you took them and provided proof you took them or you would not be enrolled in school.

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