Could you defend yourself from an attacker?

There are a lot of crazy people in the world. They can’t be counted on to behave in a logical fashion.

Many of these crazy people are also violent. They will attack others for even the slightest provocation.

Like accidentally bumping into them in a mall. Or inadvertently cutting in front of them in a line. Or cutting them off in traffic.

And sometimes they just snap for seemingly no reason and attack others with no warning whatsoever.

Don’t be a victim

The last thing you want to be is a helpless victim of a random assault. That’s why you need to be prepared for an attack, whether it involves fists, a knife or a gun.

First we’re going to address how to defend yourself from a physical assault involving fists.

Then we’re going to look at strategies you can use to defend yourself when the attacker has a gun or knife.

Last we’re going to look at some of things you could carry on your person that will help you defend yourself in any situation.

Try to end it quickly

If you are capable of trying to defend yourself from a physical attack, you should take self-defense classes.

No matter what your age, there are things you can learn from these classes. They will also help you become more physically fit, which will aid you in these situations and in life in general.

Next, you should learn how to end an attack as quickly as possible. The longer it lasts, the greater the odds that you will be injured, or worse.

And that means your punches and kicks should be aimed at your assailant’s most vulnerable areas.

Go for the throat

I’m sorry if this sounds a tad gruesome. But hey, this is a fight you did not want and did not start. But you do want to be the one who ends it.

In order to immobilize your opponent as soon as possible, you need to strike him where it hurts the most.

Not all these areas will be exposed at the same time. But he’s not going to be able to protect each one, so go for the most vulnerable spot.

That might be the throat. A blow to the Adam’s apple can collapse the assailant’s airway. If that happens, I assure you he will go down.

Look for vulnerability

If his throat is protected, his groin probably isn’t. Faking a punch to the head and instead delivering a kick to the groin is another thing that can end hostilities quickly.

Another area of the body that can’t handle a strike is the eyes. If you can temporarily blind your foe with a poke or punch to the eye, you could either escape or further immobilize him.

The nose is another area where a vast amount of pain can be inflicted with a punch or well-aimed palm strike.

A swift and accurate kick to a kneecap could cause pain and make your attacker hobble, and a foot stomp might do the same.

Trigger happy assailant

If your attacker pulls out a gun, there’s a limit to what you can do to protect yourself. When there is cover near you and you think he might shoot, it’s probably worth dashing toward it.

If you’re in a wide open space, you may have to rely on your wits and try to talk him out of shooting.

But if someone who doesn’t know you is crazy enough to pull a gun, it’s probably going to be difficult to convince him this is a bad idea.

Regardless, engage him in conversation. The longer you keep him talking, the better chance someone will intervene and save you.

Cuts like a knife

If your attacker has a knife pulled rather than a gun, the situation could still end in an ugly fashion. But at least now you have a better chance.

If you have a knife or other weapon, now is the time to pull it out and be ready to use it.

But if he has a knife and you have nothing, you’re going to have to improvise. If there is an opportunity to run, take it. That’s not cowardly; that’s smart.

If there’s nowhere to run, try to remain clam. Easier said than done, but if you can act composed, you may be able to reduce the anxiety level of your attacker.

Begin a conversation

There may be other people in hearing range. If so, draw attention to your situation by talking loudly or yelling. Better yet, carry a device on your keychain that will send out an extremely loud noise. 

If not, this is something you’re going to have to try to diffuse. Tell the assailant you’re going to slowly reach for your wallet and toss it to him. Maybe that’s all he wants.

If not, look straight into your attacker’s eyes and ask what he wants. Try to engage him in conversation. Ask him how he’s feeling. Anything you can do to delay an attack is worth trying.

If talking with eye contact is going nowhere and you think an attack could be imminent, try to stay on his left side if the knife is in his right hand. And vice versa. Don’t try to grab the knife. But if you get a chance to kick his knife hand, take advantage of it.

Defensive weapons

As to which defensive weapons you might carry on your person, there are several options. Some are good, while others are bad...

One of the best defensive weapons you can own is your own tactical knife. If an assailant pulls a knife on you, you’ll surprise him by matching the action.

Another is a tactical flashlight. You could use this item to temporarily blind your attacker, or to bash his skull.

Pepper spray is another option. Assuming your state’s laws allow you to carry this, get one that prevents accidental discharge. Depending on how good your aim is, you should be able to at least slow down the attack and give you a chance to escape.

Tasers and stun guns can also do the trick, but again check your state laws. Because although they may protect you, they could very well turn into one of the worst weapons to defend yourself. The last thing you want is an attacker coming after YOU by law after they attack you...

Tasers can be used from up to 15 feet away. With a stun gun, you need to be in contact with the other person.


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    I have two of the Solar flashlights and am waiting for the five that I just ordered. I will use some as gifts for family.

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