Common Household Items That Can Save Your Life!

When it comes to life-saving gear, you are limited only by your imagination — and your commitment to use it. Luckily, there are plenty of versatile items you already own that can double as survival gear. The following items, combined with some knowledge of basic survival skills, may one day give you the advantage in a survival situation.

  1. ALUMINUM FOIL – Great for signaling, it can create a bowl for cooking, or when connected to each side of a battery is great to start a fire.
  2. BAG OF CHIPS – Because of their oily nature, it can make a great signal fire.
  3. BANDANA – Fanning smoke signals, bandages, signaling.
  4. BATTERIES – Can never have enough of these and other than the obvious are great for starting fires.
  5. BED SHEETS – Shelter, clothing, signaling.
  6. BLEACH – Great for disinfecting and can be used to make unsafe water potable.
  7. BRA – The cup of a bra makes a great facemask when in a toxic or dusty/smoke-filled environment.
  8. CANS (food/coffee) – Makes a great makeshift stove or fireplace.
  9. CHAPSTICK - A great little candle when a cotton wick is inserted into the middle. Also ideal for making things waterproof.
  10. COFFEE FILTERS – Filter dirty water, toilet paper, bandage.
  11. CONDOMS – Can be used to store water, as a tourniquet, or even to make a slingshot.
  12. COTTON BALLS – First-aid or tinder for fire.
  13. DENTAL FLOSS – Can be used as fishing line or to make a snare.
  14. DUCT TAPE – You name it – pound for pound the best!
  15. FROZEN BAG OF VEGGIES – Ideal for use as an ice pack to reduce heat/swelling.
  16. HAND SANITIZER – Other than the obvious, great on cuts and to start a fire.
  17. PANTYHOSE – Can be used as a fish net and to help filter water.
  18. PLASTIC BOTTLE – Storage, and you can make a solar still by cutting bottom off, folding that inward, placing upside down and being patient.
  19. POP CAN – Can make a fishing rod by wrapping with dental floss and the tab can be made into a fishing hook.
  20. SALT – Can preserve food and as an antiseptic (sore throat).
  21. SOCKS – The thin liner socks are great to prevent blisters and also ideal for water filtration.
  22. TAMPONS – Tinder for fires and ideal for stopping bleeding from wounds. Also, a great way to filter dirty water.
  23. TRASH BAGS – Outstanding raincoat, water collection, shelter.

The true sense of the word “improvised” means you could take just about anything and make it help you survive. Be creative and never quit.


Cade Courtley
Former Navy SEAL / 4Patriots Contributor

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