Camping Trip Hacks

None of us would ever think about going camping without food. It’s an essential part of the experience. We pack the food we’re planning to eat on the trip, as well as the pots, pans, plates and cups we’ll need to consume that food. We bring all the utensils we’ll need, including serving utensils plus forks, spoons and knives for eating Not to mention the various dishwashing liquids, cloths, towels and other things we’ll require to keep those items clean and dry.

Campsite hacks

The more times we go camping, the more we understand exactly what we need to pack and in what quantities. But even if you’ve been camping many times, there may still be a few “hacks” you could learn that will make your next trip even better. Here are some camping tips you may not have thought of before. If you can incorporate any of them into your next camping venture, I’ve done my job. Let’s first take a look at a few general camping hacks, then focus on the important stuff – food. Makeshift lantern. If somehow you forgot to pack a lantern, or it breaks, you can make one yourself. Just attach a headlamp to a gallon water bottle and you’ve got a glowing lantern. Duct tape. The uses for duct tape are pretty much endless. But just to name a few… repair a rip in your tent or clothing, ankle wrap for a sprain, close up your tent, make a rope and fix a leaky water bottle. Mosquito repellant. Once you get your campfire going, add sage to it. Mosquitos hate it. They’ll find someone else’s blood to suck, and you’ll have a nice aroma coming from your fire. Tick repellant. Ticks love the woods. They hang out on the tips of grass blades and leaves, waiting for unsuspecting humans and animals to walk by. Bring a spray bottle containing two parts water and one part tea tree oil, and spray it on your pants, shoes and socks. That should keep them away from you. Makeshift pillow. Campers want to travel light. One way to do that is to use your clothes bag for a pillow. Depending on whether you prefer a thick or thin pillow, remove whatever clothes you want to make it suit you. Bivy shelter. Some folks love tents. Others don’t think they’re worth the trouble of hauling around and setting up. For a more compact, lightweight sleeping structure, use a bivy shelter. It’s waterproof and it will fit over your sleeping bag.

Tasty campfire ideas

OK, now for the crucial elements – food. Let’s take a look at some things you can do in advance to improve your meals. Remember to keep everything in a cooler until you’re ready to eat it. Pre-scramble your eggs. Do you really want to be cracking open eggs and getting your hands all sticky when you just want to eat breakfast? Instead, crack them open before you leave home and pour them into a portable bottle to bring with you. Pancake preparation. Most people love pancakes, but many consider them too much trouble to make during camping trips. Prepare your batter in advance and bring it with you in a plastic bag. Then cut a hole in the corner of the bag and pipe your pancakes into the cooking device at your campfire. Toasted cinnamon buns. Use your skewers to spear cinnamon buns and hold them over the fire. A toasted cinnamon bun is the only thing that tastes better than a non-toasted cinnamon bun. Campfire French toast. French toast is another thing you can prepare prior to leaving for your camping trip. Make an entire loaf, wrap it in aluminum foil, and bake it over the campfire. Then add powdered sugar, fruit and syrup. Grilled pizza bread. There’s never a bad time to eat pizza, but most campsites don’t get delivery. Make or buy pizza bread in advance, put whatever toppings you like on it, pack it in aluminum foil and stuff it in the cooler. You’ll be glad you did.


  • Sarah Holbert - September 24, 2021

    You mentioned spraying tea tree oil to ward off ticks. You should include that tea tree oil is poisonous to dogs and should not be sprayed on them nor should you let them lick you or your clothes once you’ve sprayed yourself. It should never be ingested by a dog or rubbed/sprayed on them nor should it be diffused into the air.
    Please add this to your information in the camping “hacks” so you won’t be responsible for the death of someone’s beloved pet.

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