Cade's Corner: How Your Phone Could Save Your Life

Most folks couldn’t go an hour without their phone. Can you imagine going a full day without yours? We’ve become dependent on this marvel of technology for so many everyday uses.

But did you realize that this little palm-sized wonder could also save your life? 


Let’s start with the basics. I have an Apple iPhone. It has a bright flashlight and compass, and will give me a seven-day weather forecast anywhere in the world. I can navigate to any destination I want. Most people don’t realize that if they input their destination while they have cell service – then lose cell service during their journey – the phone will continue to give them accurate directions. 

Basically, your phone will be there when you need it for any survival situation. But it only works with power, which is why having a fully-charged Patriot Power Cell is a must! Additionally, you need to take care of this life-saving gear with a sturdy, impact-resistant case and shatter-proof screen cover. 

** Tip of the Week**

If you find yourself in an extremely dangerous environment where you need to stay behind cover, such as in an active shooter situation, you can use your phone like a periscope by activating the camera and holding it up and observing what’s happening around you on the screen while keeping your head down.


While there are literally hundreds of apps you can add to your smartphone, one in particular I like is Life 360. This amazing and secure app allows you to monitor your loved one’s location as long as they have a cell signal. It enables you to sync your family in a private, invite-only Circle to see each other’s real-time whereabouts.

When you use this app, you can see an ongoing timeline of your family’s past trips, retrace your steps and see stops you made along the way. Or you can save your family’s top Places like home, work and school to get notified as everyone comes and goes. And you can even create a temporary “Bubble” to share only your approximate location for a set period of time.

All safety features remain on, always. Navigate directly to any Circle member just by tapping on their photo on your map — no address needed. Plus, it’s easy to send a silent alert with your location to Circle members, emergency contacts and police if you ever feel unsafe.

Additionally, you can get a detailed view of each Circle member’s driving habits. See things like top speed, texting while driving and more. (This is perfect if there’s a teenage driver in the house, or someone you’re worried about being a “lead foot.”)


But what if your phone goes down? These days it’s hard to imagine not being able to contact nearly anyone at a moment’s notice. But what if cell service is interrupted or your phone is otherwise disabled in an emergency. That calls for what’s known as a No Comms Plan. It’s as simple as “everyone will meet at this time at this location if we are not in communication.”

Be sure to establish multiple options in case someone can’t make the meeting for any reason. Even if you never need to enact your no comms plan, you should definitely have one in place.

Your phone can be a lifeline, and with every new day, there’s a new feature that can make your life more convenient, efficient and safe. But always make sure you have power on hand, familiarize yourself with the latest apps, and if all else fails, have a plan you can execute if communications go down.

So you’ll always be a survivor, not a statistic.

Cade Courtley
Former Navy SEAL / 4Patriots Contributor

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