Breaking news: Russia has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Missiles are striking, tanks are rolling and cyber-attacks are targeting the power grid.

This may be the biggest military conflict in Europe since WW2. Many people are going to die.

Scary stuff.

And if they're willing to invade Ukraine, where will they stop?

Today, the world is a more dangerous place. 

Please join me in praying for our troops, who defend our way of life and keep America safe. 🇺🇸



  • Anna - March 08, 2022

    Please dear God protect innocent people and soldiers, especially those that are forced to fight against their will. Please provide warmth, food, comfort, shelter and safety. We pray for quick ending to this conflict and peace in Ukraine and Russia as well the whole Europe and the whole world . Amen

  • Deborah B. - March 08, 2022

    You said in Matthew 24, that in the last days, there would be wars and rumors of wars. Lord you told us so we would not be afraid.. please Lord Jesus make Ukraine like David against Goliath. Give them supernatural strategies
    Give the Ukrainian army strength and hope
    Bless our our U.S. troops everywhere!
    Keep them safe!

    In Jesus name

  • LZ - March 08, 2022

    Don’t believe everything you are watching on the news. I pray for the people of the Ukraine and that the Russians remove the Mafia, bioweapons labs and illegal enterprises going on there so the people can return.

  • PTS - March 08, 2022

    God is in this, and I have great discernment and gifts of interpretation. God wants us to pray for Christians in Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine will win this war by God with our support and prayers. Do not want them to have air space closed this would cause WWIII. These evil leaders are conspiring against Christians and Israel. God laughs at Russia! I declare prayers will be answered and this spiritual warfare will die. Watch and see. Another will try to control areas will come out foolish, and one has already lost. Watch and pray for earthquakes and wind that will destroy all of Russia’s money. Protect Christians and put a hedge around them until Russia is defeated Putin is evil like the one we know, and one to come. This comes from my interpretation from prophecy I am led to see. God Bless America and Christians pray. I just fasted 22 days with warfare prayers fighting the demonic. Fasting is a big plus which Christians fast on Wed, and Fridays now. In Jesus’ name we ask and give Thanks Father to you powerful actions of the people and your wisdom that is above this foolish men. Amen.

  • Erik Valset - March 08, 2022

    This is not what is reported by the main-stream media. Putin is taking out the corrupt Cabal who is running child sex trafficking, drug running, money laundering. He is cleaning up Ukraine. By the way, Ukraine is a territory under Russia. Ukraine did not register its borders in 1991 with the UN, so it is not a sovereign country

  • Trish - March 08, 2022

    Like Robert posted – don’t believe what the media is telling you. What’s going on in the Ukraine is not what it seems. It’s a war against the demonic, not the people there. Keep in prayer!!

  • Tillie Jones - March 08, 2022

    I pray that our Father God will have mercy for those people that are in danger/harms- way and protects them.

  • Helen Cain - March 08, 2022

    May God bless and protect the people of Ukraine. Prayers for each and every one. What is happening in Ukraine is heartbreaking. This invasion should not have happened. The people are so brave fighting for their rights, freedom, and country. I pray Russia retreats very soon.

  • Dianna DAlessandro - March 08, 2022

    My heart breaks for these poor innocent people and for small children. I saw a little boy on the news around 5 years old just screaming and crying. It broke my heart to see that. I pray that the Lord protects everyone and especially those little babies. I pray they will all find safe shelter and for help from our country and other countries to stop this EVIL man!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Suzy Madden - March 08, 2022

    There is more going on than we realize. One thing that is not being talked about much, but, you can find it if you search. The biolabs, 7 out of 11 biolabs that the Pentagon has, hhhhmmmm, that no one is talking about. Don’t believe everything you see from the main stream media. Go elsewhere for your information.

  • Snowangel - March 08, 2022

    I stand in the gap for those in Ukraine , asking for all to repent and for devine intervention from Anna Father in Jesus Almighty name to send forth a wall of fire for his people Michael and Gabriel the warring angels to keep his people safe. Also for Abbas Father in Jesus name to bring confusion to the enemies camp that they would not a achieve the desired goal that. Would fail and fall now. No weapon formed against God’s people shall prosper. I pray for healing for any wounded and justice for those who are casualties.innocent victims I hope they are in a heavenly realm. God bless the Ukraine territory. Amen.and amen!

  • Virgil Dwight - March 08, 2022

    Jesus we pray that this conflict will end soon. It is all in your hands that our military will come home safe. Let the leaders of each country come to an agreement no more lives lost. Help us Jesus

  • William A Gilles - March 08, 2022


  • Mark - March 08, 2022

    Our Father, be with the brave people of the Ukraine. Show all people the moral courage to do what is right. In Jesus name.

  • Pete Daily - March 08, 2022

    What I heard is that Russia’s main target is the bio weapons plants near the border. Ukraine has become a hotbed of child smuggling and a change of regime there would be good for the good people of the world.

  • Patricia - March 08, 2022

    Patricia Long, [2/23/2022 11:19 AM]

    Father God , hear our prayers, we stand together against these demons in prayer and cry out to you! You have said, that where two or more are gathered, you will answer . We implore you Lord, answer these crys, and stop the bloodshed and hatred. we repent of our sins, and ask that you forgive us, as we will forgive the sinner, and HATE AND DESPISE AND MOVE AGAINST THE SIN. This is not your way Lord, bring peace and a miracle to each country, each trucker and each person. and now, the Ukraine. We ask together, your hand in this, in the name of Christ Jesus your Son Hallelujah

  • Kurt - March 08, 2022

    In these time I’m less worried about what’s happening over seas and more concerned with our own back yard call me cold but we got our own trouble right now

  • tanjanika y smith - March 08, 2022

    My constant prayers go out to all affected

  • SanDee - March 08, 2022

    All for power and land grabbing? So sad when human lives are so devalued! Satan is alive! Pls Lord protect the people of Ukraine as well as the soldiers from Russia doing Putins war! This is not how our world should be handling disagreements! I pray you take care of those being attacked and watch over them! SAD DAY!

  • Angela CRISP CRISP - March 08, 2022

    Dear Lord God almighty, We are sorry for the sins of the world. Please forgive mankind. Open their ears and eyes and help us to hear what the Spirit of God is saying and doing across the globe. Help all humans to look to God almighty and to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and to be willing to be obedient to turn from their wicked ways.
    Protect our United States of America, Israel and Ukraine and the Nations. Cause each of them to Return to God our Father and Creator and to repent and seek your face once again….In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  • Sue - March 08, 2022

    I pray that our troops make it home safely. I also pray for strength and safety for the people of Ukraine. Please God the world needs you now. Please God give us strength for these times of war and upset in the world to endure what comes our way. Please God bring peace to the world. Amen

  • Roger Hayes - February 25, 2022

    While watching what is happening in Ukraine I can’t help but think about what happened in Europe in the 1930’s. Poland was invaded after Hitler made assertions that his troops had been attacked. Sure sounds like Putin has pulled out that play book. I pray that the Ukrainian people keep themselves safe and that God holds them close.

  • Frank - March 08, 2022

  • Tracy - February 25, 2022

    Lord, please hear our prayers and protect the innocent people of Ukraine. God Bless & Amen.

  • Dave - February 25, 2022

    This reminds me of 1936 and after. Those who fail to head the lessons of the past are condemed to repeat them. I pray and hope for these people and the world

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