Blackouts Are on the Rise – Be Prepared


How would you respond if someone came up to you and said, “Praemonitus praemunitus?”

Many of us might say, “I’m sorry. I only speak English.” We may or may not know the person was speaking Latin, but regardless it’s likely we’d have no idea what they were talking about.

And yet it represents a statement we at 4Patriots have made many times through the years. “Praemonitus praemunitus” is Latin for “Forewarned is forearmed.”

In other words, advance knowledge enables one to be prepared. The Collins dictionary defines “forewarned is forearmed” this way. “If you know about a problem or situation in advance, you will be able to deal with it when you need to.”

Protection Is in Your Hands

So, let me convey this knowledge as simply as I can. America has a problem we are all aware of. And we should use this knowledge now to prepare so we’ll be able to deal with the problem whenever it occurs.

The problem is that power outages have become more and more prevalent. They’re occurring across the country on a regular basis. And they’re getting worse.

When they happen, they cause us all sorts of difficulties. Uncomfortable temperatures in our homes. Darkness at night. Food spoiling. Just to name a few.

We can’t keep the problem from occurring. But we can protect ourselves with backup power in the form of a solar-powered generator. More on that in a moment.

Outages Aren’t Just Inconveniences

Why is the problem happening? The culprit is frequently extreme weather. We’ve already seen more than our share of that lately. Spring storms and heat waves proved again how vulnerable our electric grids are. And now it’s summer’s turn.

But there are numerous other causes for power outages. Including animals and car accidents. Plus physical and cyber attacks on the grid. Not to mention planned blackouts to keep a grid from collapsing.

While it’s true most outages are short-lived, some go on for hours and some continue for days. And eventually, we’re going to face one that goes on much longer. 

That’s not just scary. It’s terrifying. Lengthy power outages are huge inconveniences at best and deadly at worst.

Back in the 1800s? We Wish! 

I’ve often heard it said that if we have to live without electricity for an extended time, it would be like being plunged back into the 1800s.

That is not accurate. It would be much worse. Back then, they knew how to live without electricity. We don’t.

Among things we would try to use before remembering they no longer work are lights, landline phones and televisions. Plus refrigerators, dishwashers and microwave ovens. As well as clothes washers and dryers.

The more you know about how to live without electricity, the better you’ll cope when the stuff hits the fan. (Although, come to think of it, the fan won’t be working either.)

Inflation & Drought a 1-2 Punch

One of the reasons for the likelihood of more outages this summer is the large increase in the cost of natural gas. Over the past year, the price of natural gas has risen 196%.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) predicts a natural gas capacity shortfall could affect the Midwest this summer.

As well as a Southern region including Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Plus the Canadian province of Manitoba. Especially during peak summer conditions. 

Drought is another factor. The NERC says Texas and the western U.S. are at “elevated risk” of seeing grid shortages. Drought produces weather conditions favorable to prolonged heat events, leading to peak electricity demands.

Midwest & West at Risk 

In the Midwest, there is a lack of replacement power for early coal plant retirements.

With temperatures already soaring in the Midwest – even before summer started – this threatens a gap between supply and demand. 

In the West, coal and gas-fired plants are aging and being forced to reduce their output. Or shut down entirely. 

That’s because extreme heat and drought threaten their access to water. And they disrupt required maintenance. 

Reminder of Winter Storm Uri?

Actually, it’s already happening in Texas. In May, the state’s grid operator asked customers to conserve power as record-breaking heat resulted in record-breaking demand. Six thermal generators failed. Wind turbines were slowed by a lack of wind. 

Still fresh in the minds of Texans is Winter Storm Uri that killed 246 people and left millions without power for days in February 2021.

Extreme heat has the same power as extreme cold when it comes to derailing electricity generation and distribution.

In the past, maintenance was done on power plants in the spring and fall. But with extreme weather increasingly cropping up during those seasons, maintenance hasn’t always been possible.  

4th of July Event From 4Patriots 

I’m sorry for painting a pretty ugly picture here today. But my job is to bring you critical facts and news. And provide you solutions to them, too. 

For a few days only – or until we sell out, whichever comes first – you’ll get two free solar panels with your solar generator order. That will cut your charging time in half and double the power you can get. So you & your family will be ready for a blackout.

VIDEO: Learn more about this blackout solution


  • randy kovach - July 12, 2022

    I ordered your 4th of july special by mail you should have the order by now. Thank you for all you do to help people survive any number of adverse problems.

  • Shnora Rockett-Champion - July 05, 2022

    I love everything offered from your company but the only problem is I’m low income and see deals and miss them because the payment plan is still too high for me. $500/6 months is still too expensive. I never imagined I’d need to do many things and can’t afford them. It’s not easy being a single mom on a fixed disability income. So I can only get the small cheap things knowing I need 2 generators for my children and me. Thank you for your kind offers. Please consider lessening the monthly payment amount for low income. I’m living off a credit card and disability. Deals like this let’s me know I’m poor.

  • GILDA STONE - July 03, 2022

    Previously I’ve bought several orders of survival food. I really wanted a generator but at 84 years old and on a very tight budget, ICAN NOT AFFORD to buy one. Even the payment plan is too much for me. You are doing a good thing by providing the emergency items. Thank you!

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