Are Severe Spring Storms on the Way?

Just about anyone can accurately report what happened in the past. It’s trickier to accurately forecast what will happen in the future. But the fact is, these two things are closely linked.

In other words, nobody needs a crystal ball to predict that the U.S. will get hit with some nasty spring storms. Why? Because it happens every year.

Some years are worse than others. But never does a spring go by without violent storms knocking out power. Not to mention disrupting grocery store supply chains and contaminating water supplies.

Of course, weather forecasting is more sophisticated than that. They don’t just say what’s likely to happen based on what occurred in the past. Weather patterns and ocean temperatures, for example, are used to make near-future predictions.

Spring Could Be ‘Delayed’

A number of factors are leading weather experts to predict a rough spring coming up.  

This spring could feature unusually late winter storms. Both along the East Coast and West Coast. And even the development of an out-of-season tropical system. That’s according to AccuWeather.

Paul Pastelok is the senior meteorologist for AccuWeather. “There’s going to be some type of setback as we head into either late March or April,” he said. He was referring mainly to the Northeast and Midwest.

He predicts late-season snowstorms for these areas. And says frosts and freezes will occur one or two weeks later than normal. Which could impact farmers and gardeners. Flooding could also be an issue.

Early Named Storms Likely

The Atlantic hurricane season does not officially begin until June 1. But Accuweather says a storm could spin up prior to then.

Again, they’re looking at recent history. For the past seven years (2015-2021), a named storm developed in either April or May.

Here’s where Pastelok said tropical development is most likely to occur. “Anywhere from the northeast Gulf, northern Florida coast to Carolina coast. In May or early June.”

The Farmer’s Almanac says NOAA is discussing a change. They may move the official start of hurricane season to before June 1.

Watch Out for April

What about the central and western half of the country? AccuWeather predicts severe weather will waste no time kicking into gear.

“The early part of the severe weather season could get going quickly,” Pastelok said. And once it kicks off, it’s predicted to ramp up quickly. And maintain that pace throughout most of the spring. 

“April looks like a very active month,” he added. AccuWeather predicts a near to slightly above-normal number of tornadoes across America. Including 200-plus twisters in April.

If true, that would be more than double the number of tornadoes reported during April 2021. And above the average number of 178. The highest risks could be near St. Louis and Kansas City. Plus Indianapolis, Nashville and Cincinnati.

‘Backward Spring’ on Tap?

The Farmer’s Almanac agrees that spring temps will be slow in arriving in many areas.

Folks may need their heaters well into May. That’s what they call a "backward spring." 

They also predict a major storm in late April for the Rockies and Plains. They’re labeling it a “meteorological swizzle stick.”

That means a fierce combination of snow, wind, rain and severe thunderstorms. And possibly tornadoes.

Common Denominator: Outages

What’s the common denominator for extreme weather events? Power outages. They occur nearly every time we get hit with violent storms.

Those outages not only put us in the dark. They also cut off our heat and air conditioning. And if our electronic devices are not fully charged, they’ll die too.

Another problem with spring storms that knock out power is food spoilage. As temperatures rise in refrigerators and freezers, food spoils.

And sometimes extreme weather can do a number on our water supply. By freezing pipes. Or allowing contaminants to enter water lines servicing your home.

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