And the Lucky Winners Are...

All I can say is “WOW!”

We’ve held 2 HUGE giveaways over the last month, and received a virtual stampede from folks wanting to enter BOTH. 

I can't blame 'em – with everything including in these incredible prize packages, I'd be first in line to enter, too.

Now, I know you're all waiting with bated breath...

So, let's get right down to it.

Our 1st giveaway had 11 winners!! 

The first prize winner – and recipient of a Patriot Power Generator 1800 – is… Kelly L. from Florida.

The stars aligned and he will be getting our latest & greatest solar generator (a value of $3,997) delivered right to his front door.

Please join me in congratulating Kelly. Way to go!

Kelly isn't the only reader with reason to celebrate. Arthur F. from New York and Ashley C. from Michigan are taking home an 8-week food supply valued at $536! Congratulations! 

But if you can believe it... that's not all! 

Eight 4Patriots readers are being sent a 1-week Survival Food Kit—a value of $114:

  • Darla P. from Pennsylvania
  • Chris D. from Rhode Island
  • Misty S. from Missouri
  • Tammie P. from Tennessee
  • Kevin M. from Ohio
  • Kenley A. from Pennsylvania
  • Brad H. from Georgia
  • Brian K. from Michigan

And right on the tail of that giveaway, we announced our BIGGEST prize ever in a brand-new giveaway! 

Please join me and the 4Patriots team in giving a round of applause to Ron A. for being the BIGGEST winner to date! Taking home the ultimate preparedness bundle, chock full of our Survival Food, solar powered gadgets and SO much more.

Kudos, Ron A.!

And we're not done yet...

I want to say CONGRATS to you. Because of your response to these drawings... and the sheer number of people like you who entered, we know you're smart folks and understand the importance of having Survival Food AND Solar Power on hand during these uncertain times.

Take Michael C. and his wife for instance. They said: "My wife and I have been stocking up on prepackaged food for the unforeseen. Having prepped for the future we can absolutely rely on 4Patriots to provide us with long lasting food without sacrificing taste.

"We also got a solar Sun Kettle and everything is what they say. The peace of mind knowing you have the supplies in case of emergency. During the pandemic we had backup and security. There was no stress over food!"

Or Maria: "With Covid-19 going on and possibly a second wave of it later this year or next, who can say that our food supply will not be affected as well?

"Rather than wait and see, I decided to prepare for this and any other disaster that may happen by getting a Survival Food Kit on top of what I had purchased before, knowing that it would last for 25 years. With so much uncertainty going on in the world, having this food in stock gave me peace of mind."

Even Sharon B. said stocking up is the best thing she's ever done: "I never thought we would need something like this but since the pandemic it's good to know we have what we need when people start going crazy and grabbing everything they see! I will be getting more to make sure we have a good stock of food to keep our family going!"

We hear you loud and clear!

And in the spirit of National Preparedness Month, we'd like to let you know about one more giveaway we’re holding. 

Entering is super easy. Simply sign up today to join our FREE VIP Text Club. And that's it!

You’ll be entered in a drawing for 4 weeks' worth of the most delicious good-for-25-years Survival Food. Plus, as a text club member you’ll get "first dibs" on our hottest deals.

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