A Dozen Ways to Give on Giving Tuesday

Will you participate in Giving Tuesday today? If so, you're among the 62 percent who will. That's according to a survey from Piplsay, a company that provides businesses with consumer opinions. The survey involved 28,730 Americans.

That's a pretty high percentage. Especially considering the economic challenges we're facing in 2020.

The survey also revealed that more than one-third of respondents said they'd be donating more than last year. About 35 percent said they'd donate about the same amount.

Approximately 17 percent of respondents said they'll donate to a large national or global nonprofit. About 37 percent are choosing a smaller local charity.

A generosity movement

Giving Tuesday started in 2012. It was created by the United Nations Foundation. And by 92nd Street Y, a cultural and community center in New York City.

This generosity movement follows on the heels of Black Friday. That's one of the biggest spending days of the year.

Hundreds of millions of people are participating in Giving Tuesday today. In addition to giving financially, they'll donate products or time to nonprofit organizations and needy individuals.

Last year, close to $2 billion was donated. Thanks to matching donations from organizations such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google. Other partners include Skype, the UN Children's Fund and Save the Children.

Time, money and talents

Today I'd like to take a look at some of the different ways we can participate in Giving Tuesday if we feel so inclined.

One way is to volunteer your time. Nonprofits in your area can steer you in the right direction. Or you could help clean up a public park. Or help organize a community garden.

Another way is to make a financial donation. It doesn't have to be a lot. Nonprofit organizations will take anything they can get. Choose one that supports a cause near and dear to your heart.

Lending your talent to a cause is another method of volunteering. This could be an organizational skill you possess. Maybe you're gifted in fundraising or in communications.

Give the gift of you

Aiding a neighbor or friend who could use a helping hand is another way to give. It could be picking up groceries for an elderly person. Or offering them a ride somewhere.

Donating blood at a local American Red Cross is a literal way to give of yourself. The need is great for just about every blood type.

Look through your basement and garage for stuff you never use anymore. Then donate it to a group that can forward it to those in need. It will also help you reduce clutter in your home.

Even shopping could be a way to give. Especially if you choose gifts based on what family and friends need even more than they want.

Say it with words and actions

This one might be the easiest way to give. Just give someone a compliment. Maybe it's a family member, neighbor, co-worker or friend. I have yet to meet anyone whose day isn't brightened by a compliment.

Tip a little extra today. The person delivering your groceries or a meal from a restaurant could probably use it. And your purchase will also support a local business.

If you're an animal lover, buy some pet food, treats, toys, litter, litter boxes, etc. Donate them to an animal shelter.

Share ways you're giving to inspire others. You can do this on social media without blowing your own horn.

Finally, another way to give is to teach your children or grandchildren how important it is to help others. It's something they might carry with them the rest of their lives.

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