5 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Security Lights

“Hello darkness, my old friend.” 

I’m sure many of you recognize that lyric from a Simon and Garfunkel song titled The Sound of Silence.

There is a certain segment of our population that loves darkness. They’re called criminals.

The darker the better as they stalk neighborhoods in search of a residence they can break into and steal. Or worse.

The less light there is outside entrances to homes, the greater the chance to get away with their burglaries.

Thieves love darkness

That’s why many homeowners opt for bright security lights. The last thing thieves and murderers want is to be seen as they approach a house. 

Today I’d like to discuss five reasons for installing security lights on your property. Home security is the number one reason, and we’ll touch on that again in a moment. 

But there are a number of others worth discussing. Including your personal safety and enhancing your property value.

As well as increased lighting for functionality and energy savings if you use the right kind of lighting.

Home security

There is nothing more frightening than realizing there is an intruder in your home. You don’t know what his intentions are, but you have to assume the worst.

The key is to make sure he doesn’t get inside in the first place. Security lights are not a guarantee someone won’t try to break in. But they are a proven deterrent.

The brighter the outside of your home is during the night, the fewer hiding places a burglar can use as he approaches.

Bright lights will help expose the would-be intruder to security cameras, neighbors, pedestrians and even you as you look out your windows.

The best home security lights have motion detection sensors that increase brightness when someone gets too close. Peace of mind is your reward.

Personal safety

You probably do most of your outdoor work around your home when it’s light out.

But some outdoor activities occur after dusk. Including leaving and returning home, taking out the last trash can, replacing an outdoor light bulb, etc.

The third leading cause of death in America is accidental injury. Some of these incidents occur due to poor outdoor lighting. 

With driveways, sidewalks, steps, porches and backyards illuminated, the odds of hurting yourself on your property are greatly reduced.

Improved functionality

If you have a front porch or a deck in the back, you probably enjoy spending time in those spots when the weather permits. Maybe you even entertain there.

Lighting in these areas goes a long way to enhancing your enjoyment of those times of relaxation and fellowship. 

Once natural lighting “retires” for the evening, your security lighting can serve to provide the type of ambience you want. Whether it’s just for you or for your guests. 

The glow of your security lighting will make the evening more enjoyable and brighten everyone’s mood.

Energy savings

Some people hesitate to invest in outdoor lighting for their home because their energy bill will increase.

But assuming you choose LED lighting for the outside of your home, you will save money.

LED lights have lower voltage than other bulbs and omit very little heat. And that means a reduced fire risk.

LED lights have a much longer lifespan than standard bulbs. Which means fewer trips up and down ladders to replace bulbs. 

Higher property value

Even if you have no intention of ever selling your home, wouldn’t it be nice to increase its value?

None of us knows what the future holds. But if we do choose to sell our homes someday, it will be nice to have that added value.

Another way outdoor security lighting can put more money in our bank accounts is by reducing home insurance rates. 

Many insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners who install security lighting. They know it reduces the risk of break-ins. And the likelihood of theft claims.     

Solar Sentry Security Light 

My recommendation for outdoor home lighting is the Solar Sentry Security Light. Regardless of whether you have a security system set up, you can benefit from increased lighting outside your home.

This is an ultra-bright, solar-powered, smart light that can stun and scare away criminals. Its battery is powerful (2200 mAh). 

Its passive infrared sensors can detect humans and animals from 39 feet away. And then flood the area with 118 super-bright LED lights. That’s 1,000 lumens.

And yet it weighs only a bit over one pound and is simple to install. Nearly weather-proof and waterproof, it recharges with the free power of the sun, thanks to a built-in solar panel.

First line of defense

The Solar Sentry Security Light is your home’s first line of defense. Advanced motion detection technology and remote controlled settings put you in command.

You can choose your settings options. Such as the light only turning on when it detects motion. Or the light staying on all night and brightening when it detects motion. Or the light staying on all night at the same brightness level. 

And if you ever need it elsewhere, just take it with you. To your RV or your cabin or even a basketball court. 

Many people buy more than one so they can light up both the front and back yards. As well as their driveways and walkways.

Learn More About Solar Sentry Security Lights Here

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