5 Reasons Why Tactical Flashlights Make Great Holiday Gift

Every year about this time, various print publications and websites provide readers with gift-giving suggestions.

If there has ever been a year when preparedness gifts deserved to be considered for these lists, 2020 is it.

And while we all hope and pray that 2021 proves to be a better year, there’s no guarantee, is there? It could be more of the same or – dare I say it? – even worse.

But instead of recommending five preparedness items you can give as gifts later this month, I’m going to present you with five reasons why you should give tactical flashlights to as many family members and friends who would appreciate them.

Let there be light

We’ll start with the most obvious one. A tactical flashlight can light your way in the dark.

Whether you’re searching for the right switch to flip on the fuse box in your basement or lighting your path outside, light will help you see what you’re doing so you can do it right without hurting yourself.

Tactical flashlights are brighter than the average flashlight. And brighter than the light coming from your cellphone.

That brightness can alert you to a danger approaching from any direction. It can help you make wise decisions. Possibly a life-saving decision. Give the gift of light this holiday season.

Self-defense tool

We live in a crazy world. You never know when a deranged person is going to attack. If you have a tactical flashlight in your hand, you can defend yourself.

Your first step in such a situation may be to shine the brightest beam into the potential attacker’s eyes.

While he becomes disoriented, you will have the opportunity to run away or launch a counterattack, depending on the situation.

If you do need to go on the offensive, strike your opponent in a vulnerable spot with your tactical flashlight. Unlike a regular flashlight, it won’t break apart with batteries flying everywhere. Give the gift of self-defense this holiday season.

Sturdy as she goes

Another reason why a tactical flashlight would make for a great gift is due to how durable it is.

You wouldn’t think something so lightweight and easy to handle would stand up to abuse. But it does. Drop it or bang it and it will still operate perfectly.

Made out of aluminum, tactical flashlights can withstand plenty of impact despite their small size. They’re resistant to weather, shocks and corrosion.

Although it can handle drops, that’s unlikely to happen with a tactical flashlight due to its anti-slip handle and adjustable wrist strap. Give the gift of sturdiness this holiday season.

Signaling for help

A tactical flashlight with high output and strobe capabilities could help you get rescued in the woods.

Use the SOS signal on your tactical flashlight to make it clear you need help. A high-powered beam can be seen from a long distance.

If you’re really lost, you may be able to use an SOS signal that could attract the attention of a pilot.

You can also establish codes using your flashlight with family and friends that only they will know. Give the gift of signaling this holiday season.

Multi-purpose item

The most impressive aspect of a tactical flashlight is the wide variety of things it can do. For example, some tactical flashlights include a steel blade that can cut seatbelts. As well as a steel hammer that can break out a jammed window.

Others maintain their lightweight status because they don’t need batteries. You can charge them with the free power of the sun.

Some have battery storage that allows them to act as a power bank so you can charge other electrical items, including a cellphone.

Some have a magnet on the outside so you can stick them on a car or truck while you’re changing a flat tire at night. Some include a compass so you can navigate to safety. These features all add value. Give the gift of versatility this holiday season.

Personally, I can’t think of anyone who would not benefit from owning a tactical flashlight. And that’s what makes it such a great holiday gift.

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