4Patriots Salutes Veterans at Nashville Headquarters

I hope your Veterans Day weekend brought you as much joy as mine did. Whether you spent it with a veteran or attended a parade, I'd love to hear how you celebrated.

As a veteran myself, I'm pleased to share the success of our Veterans Day salute and celebration over the weekend.

Veterans from near and far headed to our headquarters to help us honor their service. It was a day filled with pride, joy, and gratitude... and a few heated cornhole matches. The atmosphere of camaraderie and respect was truly inspiring.

With your support, each veteran left with a FREE 72-Hour Survival Food Kit. Not to mention a dozen or so smiles, handshakes, and stories. 

One veteran's words about knocked us over. When asked how his day was going, he replied with a smile, "I've never had a bad day. Never needed to." 

His words were a testament to the unyielding spirit that defines our nation's veterans. Not just on Veterans Day, but every single day. It makes me proud.

In other news... I'm excited to share that our Veterans Day celebration was chosen as part of USA Today's roundup of Veterans Day meal and retail deals. Out of hundreds — maybe thousands — of special veteran offers, our free 72-Hour Food Kits made headlines.

This recognition is not just ours... it's yours, too. Your support of our small, American, family-owned business lets us give back to veterans in meaningful ways. Fueling our mission to keep American families safe and to honor our veterans every day of the year.

Together, we are making a difference in the lives of those who have served our nation.

Thank you for being a part of it.

As always, to your survival...

Frank Bates

P.S. Leave a comment and tell me how you celebrated Veterans Day. And stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to support our veterans.


  • Stanley Shalett - November 19, 2023

    I spent Veterans Day at the Kingston veterans club where everyone was given a free meal. It was a good gathering where we talked about our military experiences. I served in Desert Storm in 1991. It was a long air campaign and a short ground operation. I think Saddam Hussein was surprised that we had attacked him from the West, rather than from the Persian Gulf. Then there was the Cease Fire afterwards and my unit went home. I stayed on for another assignment. Glad that I did.
    on for an extra assignment. Glad that I did it.

  • Maria Bizzotto - November 16, 2023

    what an inspiration …….in those words”never had a bad day….etc” God bless those that can bless themselves and others,
    for their spirit shall always triumph !!!!
    Thank you for all your kind and good work,

  • Dale Kiger - November 16, 2023

    My dad served in the navy in ww2, God bless the united States armed forces and our nation

  • Judith Canouse - November 16, 2023

    I see you would like to know how I spent my Veterans Day. I spend it in prayer and quiet, thought and praying for my husband, whose anniversary of his death was two years ago on Veterans Day. It’s very hard to go on without him. He was a proud man proud to have served his country, proud workshop this family and proud to have been my husband, and I loved him very much, we were married for 41 years and I wish I could’ve had 41 more. Our veterans are precious. Love them take the best care you can of them. They are our heroes always, and without them we would not be the nation we are and I hope to continue to be to make them proud of us. Thank you for listening, Judith Canouse my husband, Kent Canouse was a Vietnam veteran and in the army and military intelligence not the easiest job in the world but he did an exceptional job at it. I am extremely proud of him.

  • Donna Vantine - November 15, 2023

    My Dad was in the Navy during WWII and served as a gunner’s mate on the USS Medusa. My youngest brother joined the Marines right out of high school. He was later commended to the US Naval Academy. He died while in the service but not in a service-related incident. My husband served in the Air Force during the Viet Nam era but spent part of his service in the Panama Canal Zone. These three veterans are all deceased but still loved and appreciated for their service.
    I’m thankful for the ones who came home, and I grieve for those who didn’t as well as for their families.
    I attended a community band concert that always gives their last yearly performance on Veterans Day weekend and honors all who served.
    Military service isn’t very easy and we don’t always have enough men and women committing to it. But those in the services are remembered and prayed for as they serve our country, whether in basic training, schools, boots-on-the-ground, or in any of the speciality areas of service!

  • Eugene 'Gene' Hayes - November 15, 2023

    I did not take advantage of all of those free “chow” offers. Instead, I stayed home and I thought of those men that I escorted to their families to be buried during the Vietnam War era. When those rifles go off, the taps are played and that flag is folded and then presented to the family, I teared a bit and cried inside. Though I did not know those Patriots or their families, I knew that another chapter was written in America’s history.
    I also thought of my Uncle Kasimir’s burial. He was 101 years old and a veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I gave the graveside eulogy and was surprised later to find out how many attendees had little to no knowledge of his service. So typical today.

  • Betty Brown - November 15, 2023

    I’m too sick to go out much but I am always truly grateful for our vets. I think of the young man that died in Vietnam years ago.
    I try to pray daily for those who love God and those who don’t.
    Blessings to you Frank. I give out your food packages frequently.

  • saltysam - November 15, 2023

    George S. Patton was right: “We defeated the wrong enemy.” That’s why the likes of George Marshall, Eisenhower and their fellow Communists in D.C. couldn’t let him come home. They murdered him in the hospital after he was recovering from a contrived truck collision with his Cadillac. The enemy is within our gates.

  • Wes Freeman - November 14, 2023

    I haven’t celebrated Vetrans Day in over 50 years. We were never welcomed back except from other vets and a few others so I spend it at home. Due to my disability. When I came home we were told we weren’t veterans and I didn t know I was a vet until my son came home from his 1 st tour in Iraq. He had to go to the V A for some kind of treatment. He was checking in and registering as a vet. When he was thru the screener said next vet. I was standing on the wall waiting on my son. The screener said who is that. My son said oh that’s my dad. He ask is he a vet ? My son said no. He ask was in Viet Bam . He said yes but he was told he was a vet when he got home. He called me in and told me I was indeed a vet that Viet Nam was declared a war in1975 and I was eligible to register. He stated do you know how much money you lost out on. I said no. He stated hundreds of thousands. He said if you need anything even a aspirin you come see us. I don t feel like celebrating as a vetran because we left in defeat. I guess I never will. Thanks for letting me vent. I ve never seen the wall and I never will. Lost to many good friends over ther 9 inf. Core 1 and 2 including the Cambodia and Loas.

  • Jim Parish - November 14, 2023

    As a disabled Vietnam Army Veteran (CH-47 Flight Engineer) I spent the day visiting with my daughter the widow of Vietnam Army Veteran who had died suddenly of brain cancer. We both enjoyed the day and eating way too much. LOL!

  • Charles E. Cannon Jr. - November 14, 2023

    Hello Frank,
    Myself, wife, second son, and his wife spent about 1 (one) hour on Veterans Day at a small cemetery in Buckingham (Ft. Myers) Florida – locals call it the Confederate veterans cemetery.
    Small memorial to honor Civil War veterans but several WWII veterans interned there also.
    1 (one) veteran was from the Seminole Wars who also served in the Civil war.
    I’ve never served in the military but I come from a large military family – every day is Veterans Day at my house…
    Thank you for your service and your company!

  • Vince vertido - November 14, 2023

    to all veterans out there, God Bless and stay healthy. Spent Nov. 10 at FT. Derussy beach for a veterans day. BBQ contest, games and rides for the kids, cornhole tourney, and a very sunny day at the beach in Waikiki. On Veterans Day spent time with my grandkids. They took me to lunch, then we just went window shopping at 3 different large malls. Spending time with them really made my day, I live my days happily when I’m with them. Every day for the last maybe 30 t0 40 years I wake up in the mornings and I thank GOD for another day on this earth,my health, my family, and for bringing me home.And thats the GOD truth. I think of ou Vietnam Vets all the time and try to support them anyway I can. Love you all, Vince from Hawaii.

  • Paul Verbre - November 15, 2023

    Hello and thank you!
    After watching this new vital video series, I sent it to my Patriot friends: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/events/world-premiere-covid-unmasked-2020-and-beyond-or-sept-11-14/
    Please do the same!

  • Byron Fleming - November 14, 2023

    I do not celebrate Veterans Day. I celebrate our freedom and give thanks to the people who make up our Armed Forces every day. As a 22year veteran I understand the dedication and devotion to duty these folks exhibit. I spent this past weekend by myself off grid making my final preparations for winter. Splitting firewood, wrapping water pipes, ensuring that my solar panels, generators and batteries are in proper working order. I prepare throughout the year since I have no faith that the people charged with the administration of this country will do the right thing when the time comes. Our military members are charged with awesome responsibilities and get very little recognition from our elected officials. These are the ones that will protect us when the SHTF. We owe it to them to provide all the support we can provide. After the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, it was reported that the Japanese were fearful they had awakened a sleeping giant. WE THE PEOPLE are the giant and the government is right to fear us. Those who have served, those who are serving, and those who will serve are heroes and do not need a special day set aside for them- every day is their day.

  • Shawn Sylvester - November 14, 2023

    Thanks for your messaging, Frank. I served 21 years in the Air Force & another 18 as a defense contractor spending 13 of those years overseas. I always have a great Veteran’s Day & this year was no different. As usual, I pick a place to go for a free meal, get a car wash if offered and a meal coupon from Texas Roadhouse. This year, I was going through the coupon line at Texas Roadhouse in Parker CO & a volunteer in a Vietnam embroidered baseball cap saw my white beard, leaned toward my truck window thinking I might be a Vietnam era Vet & said, “ Welcome Home Soldier”. I immediately knew the deeper meaning & what his reference meant…making sure I heard an earnest welcome home in case I hadn’t ever received one after a traumatic war experience. It wasn’t a nice thank you for your service, it was deeper. It made my day. I’m a Cold War/Gulf War/911 era Vet but I got the meaning & am blessed for it. Getting sentimental in my old age…I just smiled, teared up a bit & said thank you brother.

  • Richard L. Baese - November 14, 2023

    I attended a breakfast for veterans with Congress Rep Brian Mast in attendance. We are in Port St.Lucie,Fl. To blow my own horn, I am one of nine men in one family(same mother)that are all veterans. I had three brothers in WW2,three in the Korean War,two between Korean and Vietnam wars and me during the Vietnam war. I think that is a record but can’t get confirmation. I am the last one alive.God bless America!!!

  • Steve Poole - November 14, 2023

    Hi All!
    Hope everyone had a great day. As for me, I was invited to march in a parade in Jackson, TN. Turns out I wasn’t up to it so I stayed home and spent time with family. We made it a low slow day with thoughts of those who served, those who are serving(including family) and most important those who sacrificed it all for our freedoms. Thanks to 4Patriots for what you do!

    Yours in service,

  • John Worth - November 14, 2023

    Frank, and all other veterans,
    Thank you for your service and in some cases sacrifice to our country!
    Spent my day helping my 76 yr. old neighbor (Vietnam) disabled vet, after he was done with the honor guard duties he does every year. Stepped on a landmine while on patrol and nearly lost both legs. Still marches when he can in local events but that gets harder each year.
    God Bless all of you that gave your time and talents in protecting this country so the rest of us could live free.

  • EdH - November 14, 2023

    I tell you what!
    Veterans Day is&should be foundational to all true Americans.
    We need to exercise our right for expressing the Lord God in public and in private. He lead our forefathers to this land and we have the responsibility to maintain it yesterday, today & tomorrow. Praise Him! He has given us multi-generation’s of steadfast people that were and are selfless to themselves. They give and gave their all to enjoy and allow others to enjoy our freedoms.

    It’s humbling beyond all measure to acknowledge these folk. Our appreciation shouldn’t be regulated to just one day a year but every day of our and our families lives! Together we are one.

    4Patriots is a guiding light and a help to many in need. I’m on limited funds but participate when possible in purchases cuz I know 4Patriots also gives freely to vets & communities.

  • DelRoy Cooper - November 14, 2023

    On Veterans Day I was at the VA Hospital doing Housekeeping work. I enjoyed it.

  • jeffrey fitzpatrick - November 14, 2023

    im a member of vfw 3604 on friday the 10th we did a program at 9 am for the elementary school then at 11 a flag
    ceremony at the park then program at 2 for the high school and jr high. then on the 11th i am a member of the honor guardn we did a program at the twin falls city park

  • James Larry Estes - November 14, 2023

    Nice meeting y’all on VETERANS DAY! Good talking VIETNAM WITH FRANK! Great SPICED CIDER! Enjoy my products from 4PATARIOTS! ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💯! MAGA LGBFJB LETS GO BRANDON

  • Marilyn Bennett - November 14, 2023

    Spent the day remembering

    My grandfather who served in the Army during WW1
    My father who served in the Army and was stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941
    My brother who served in the USMC and was KIA May 14, 1967 in Vietnam at the age of 18

  • Beveridge Miller - November 14, 2023

    I’m a 72 year old veteran and did a 5k walk/run marathon with hundreds of first responders, veterans and civilians for a Tunnel to Towers fundraiser in Bluffton, SC. It was awesome and so well organized!

  • Mary L. Haston - November 14, 2023

    Honor the Veterans Day, But I stay home and computer all day, watched college football games on TV, and That’s all I doing there

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