4Patriots Renews Partnerships With Four Charitable Organizations

When it comes to the purchases of 4Patriots products, two things warm my heart more than any other.

One is the fact that you and other patriots are doing what’s necessary to prepare for an uncertain future. And let’s face it, after the events of 2020, the future is more uncertain than ever.

Two is the fact that every time you make a purchase of our survival products, we are able to help worthy organizations reach their goals. Most of these organizations support U.S. active duty troops, veterans and their families.

I’m happy to announce that heading into March 2021, 4Patriots and our affiliated brands have donated $402,955 to these organizations. And the number keeps growing.

Perseverance Through the Pandemic

The latest news is that 4Patriots has renewed our annual partnerships with four organizations.

They are Operation Homefront, Team Rubicon, Fisher House Foundation and A Soldier’s Child Foundation.

Despite the chaos that made 2020 one of the most challenging years ever, these organizations kept their momentum and continued to serve countless Americans in need.

Throughout the rest of 2021, I will keep you updated on the life-changing efforts these organizations conduct. Let’s take a quick look at each one. 

Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront’s mission is to build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive – not simply struggle to get by – in the communities they have worked so hard to protect.

Since the pandemic started, Operation Homefront has fulfilled nearly 1,800 COVID-related requests. They’ve provided more than $1.1 million in much-needed financial assistance with rent/mortgage, utility and car payments, food assistance, and home repairs.

Also in 2020, Operation Homefront distributed more than 35,000 holiday meals and over 15,000 backpacks filled with school supplies.

At its core, Operation Homefront is honored to serve America’s military families in their time of need because they have served all of us in our nation’s time of need. Find out more at operationhomefront.org.

Team Rubicon

Since its launch in 2010, Team Rubicon has united the skills of military veterans and first responders to respond to communities affected by disasters.

To date, the organization has responded to emergencies resulting from six earthquakes, 56 hurricanes and 96 tornadoes. Plus 132 floods, 79 wildfires and 47 other severe weather events.

Team members have conducted 785 field operations and spent more than 1.2 million hours responding to disasters. Nearly 30,000 volunteers have been trained in disaster response tactics.

Just recently, Team Rubicon joined forces with five other organizations to form the Veterans Coalition for Vaccination. They deploy to various parts of the country to facilitate the administering of COVID-19 vaccinations to people in hard-to-access areas.

Fisher House

Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military and veterans families can stay free of charge while a loved one is in the hospital. The homes are located at military and VA medical centers around the world.

The homes have up to 21 suites with private bedrooms and baths. Families share a common kitchen, laundry facilities, a dining room and a living room. Since its inception, the program has saved military and veteran families an estimated $525 million in out-of-pocket costs for lodging and transportation.

Even with capacity restrictions due to the pandemic, 13,000 families stayed at Fisher Houses in 2020. Military and veteran families saved more than $25 million through Fisher House programs during the year. To keep families connected, the Foundation donated 236 Facebook Portal systems that served thousands of veterans at 113 medical facilities.

Fisher House Foundation also operates the Hero Miles program, using donated frequent flyer miles to bring family members to the bedside of injured service members and the Hotels for Heroes program, using donated hotel points to allow family members to stay at hotels when a Fisher House isn’t available.

A Soldier's Child

A Soldier’s Child Foundation sends birthday gifts to the approximately 3,000 children served by the nonprofit organization, hosts summer camps for the kids, and offers mentorship programs and academic scholarships.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, A Soldier’s Child Foundation celebrated 3,444 ASC children’s birthdays in every state without large volunteer events in 2020.

The organization was able to love the child while honoring the fallen. Through 14 ASC COVID-safe camps, they gave kids the hope to live out a courageous life. In addition, ASC delivered more than 200 gallons of beef stew to their Tennessee families that were on lockdown.

Also in 2020, 11th annual Dinner Banquet guests were treated to a Charlie Daniels memorial tribute performed by country music star Trace Adkins. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee delivered encouraging words to ASC families in attendance.

And, two Legacy family camps enabled 40 ASC families to enjoy a time of peace and healing while enjoying a fun-filled schedule of activities. 

We at 4Patriots admire the tenacity and adaptability of these four organizations. We’re proud to continue to support their important work. And thanks to you for joining us on this journey!


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