4Patriots Makes Donation to Aerial Recovery’s Disaster Relief

Last fall, 4Patriots made a financial contribution and donated more than 700 First-Aid Kits to Aerial Recovery in connection with its Veterans Day Tribute Gala in Nashville, Tennessee. Made up of Veterans and First Responders, Aerial Recovery trains and deploys Humanitarian Special Operators to respond to natural and manmade disasters, as well as to combat sex trafficking.  

Disasters take many shapes and forms. Natural disasters include extreme weather including hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes, while manmade disasters include water contaminations, as well as physical and cyber attacks on infrastructure.

But one thing they all have in common is that the havoc they wreak on people and property requires recovery. Usually in the form of paid First Responders and Volunteers interested in helping fellow humans with no thought of reward or prestige.

Such are the people who make up the Veterans and First Responders working with Aerial Recovery. This 501c3 re-missions Veterans through meaningful employment, missions, and partnerships, with a goal of saving lives through its three Core Pillars: Heal the Heroes Initiative, Natural and Manmade Disaster Relief, and Anti-Human Trafficking. 

The Heal the Heroes initiative aims to repurpose Veterans to become the Humanitarian Special Operators who conduct Aerial Recovery’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Disaster Relief Missions.

The Aerial Recovery Special Operations Advanced Reconnaissance (SOAR) Team recently completed two Turkey Earthquake Relief Missions, with the initial mission focusing on search and rescue, and the second follow-up mission focusing on aid distribution. 

During the second follow-up mission, they partnered with Waves For Water to distribute water filtration systems and conduct medical assessments in communities along the fault line earthquake epicenters.

Global Rescue & Response Missions

Aerial Recovery’s Humanitarian Special Operators are all retired Special Forces Veterans, First Responders, or anti-human trafficking operators who are uniquely qualified for such missions. They deploy domestically and internationally to tackle some of the most difficult rescue and response missions around the globe following natural and manmade disasters. 

Influential board members include Republican Fox News commentator Morgan Ortagus and Tim Ballard, a member of the Latter Day Saints church who founded Operation Underground Railroad, an anti-human trafficking organization functioning worldwide.

On November 10, 2022, Aerial Recovery held its first Veterans Day Tribute Gala at the Bell Tower in Nashville, Tennessee. The gala raised $551,869 and featured performances by Grammy Award-winning songwriters Brett James, Chris DeStefano, and Jon Nite.  

4Patriots was a gold sponsor of the event, attended by approximately 200 people. Donations from 4Patriots included 722 First-Aid Kits that have already been put to use in earthquake response in Turkey.

“We’re so grateful for sponsors like 4Patriots,” said Jeremy Locke, COO at Aerial Recovery. “It’s such a blessing to have organizations who not only support you, but truly believe in you. They not only provide the means, but also the motivation to continue doing what we do best…saving lives.”

Aerial Recovery Goes Where Needed

In addition to aiding earthquake victims in Turkey, Aerial Recovery has been busy with numerous other disaster responses in recent months and years. 

In 2022, they included Category 4 Hurricane Ian relief missions in Florida and Cuba, Ukrainian orphan and internally displaced persons evacuations, and Pakistan Flood response. 

The Hurricane Ian Florida response led to 258 search and rescue missions, and 197 health and welfare checks. As well as evacuation support for 65 vulnerable people; the tarping of 16 roofs; and the distribution of aid to 1,068 people. 

The Hurricane Ian Cuba response provided essential medicines for 21,179 people. The Ukrainian evacuation response led to 7,421 evacuations of Ukrainian orphans, internally displaced persons, and animals at the outbreak of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  

Other international projects have included medical care and provisions of food, water, and shelter for victims of an earthquake in Haiti. As well as emergency relief in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian. 

Plus disaster management and relief coordination in Mayfield, Kentucky following an EF4 tornado that damaged 15,000 buildings and killed 80 people, and emergency aid and recon mission work in Louisiana following Category 4 Hurricane Laura. Also, raising $5,000 for relief and rebuilding supplies following an EF3 tornado in Nashville.

Anti-Human Trafficking

Aerial Recovery focuses on its anti-human trafficking efforts as well. 

Aerial Operators recently returned from India after providing a week-long course to seven partner Indian organizations on conducting Undercover Investigations as well as strengthening their prevention and aftercare efforts. 

Aerial Recovery is committed to ending human trafficking and will continue to do its part to free the over 50 million currently enslaved people of the world. 

Heal the Heroes Program Is the Launch Pad

“Heal the Heroes is hands-down the most impactful thing I have ever been a part of,” said Britnie Faith Turner, Aerial Recovery CEO. 

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve those who have given so much to serve us by dedicating their lives to rescuing people and protecting our country. 

“There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to show these men how appreciated they are and to help them realize how much purpose they still have left outside of their service careers. 

“Through Aerial Recovery, we are able to take these heroes and redeploy them on life-saving missions all around the world – allowing them to continue to live in their purpose of serving.”

British Virgin Islands Is the Site

Prior to their work with Aerial Recovery, Veterans and First Responders go through the Heal the Heroes Initiative. 

The purpose of this initiative is to provide the healing, purpose, and opportunity for Veterans and First Responders to once again become forces for good around the world. 

Each year, 104 Heroes (four platoons of 26 Veterans and First Responders) complete the year-long Heal the Heroes program. 

The Heroes then graduate into the Heal the Heroes Veterans Community for Life, which integrates past, present, and future platoons into a lifelong community providing lasting support, opportunity, and motivation.

Once again this year, Aerial Recovery will have four platoons go through the Heal the Heroes Retreat at Buck Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Healing, Mentoring, Educating & Serving

Phase One is the Healing Retreat, where attendees find center, discover their purpose, and create lasting bonds with those in the shared experience.

Veterans and First Responders go home with a renewed sense of purpose as well as the tools, community, and resources to take their life, relationships, and impact to the next level.

Phase Two is a 12-Week Mentorship program led by retired Green Beret Jeremy Locke. This safe community helps attendees heal, connect, and grow through sessions involving physical, financial, relational, mental, spiritual, and experiential strength.

Phase Three is a Force for Good Entrepreneurship Education. Over nine months, Veterans and First Responders join a monthly call to grow and gain resources for opportunities, investment mentorship, dealing with obstacles, and entrepreneurial development.

Phase Four is the Heroes’ Community, offering lifetime opportunities for serving in disaster zones, speaking and teaching, and anti-trafficking. Aerial Recovery’s work has resulted in tens of thousands of lives being saved both locally and internationally, with Veterans being globally recognized as assets, not victims.

4Patriots applauds the selfless work done by Aerial Recovery around the world. There is no higher calling than helping people in time of need.


  • Maxx Reid - April 03, 2023

    What great news on such a horrible day. Your products are great and give me a good feeling that I can provide for family if the need arises. Saving for the next items is a priority. Keep up the good work!

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