4Patriots Donates Heroes’ Heritage Flag for A Soldier’s Child Foundation Golf Scramble Auction

A Soldier’s Child Foundation held its 13th Annual “Celebrity Chip-In” Golf Scramble on October 11, 2021 at the Stones River Country Club in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

In addition to 18 holes of golf, the day featured lunch, dinner, live music, prize drawings and a silent auction. As well as an ASC special birthday celebration for a local child.

4Patriots donated a Heroes’ Heritage Flag for the auction. Hand-crafted by U.S. veterans, the 3½-foot by 2-foot wooden flag is constructed of solid wood and hand-stained in vibrant red, white and blue.

Four 4Patriots employees participated in the event. Here’s what 4Patriots’ own Danielle had to say about it.

“It was wonderful to be a part of an event that supports such a good cause, surrounded by encouraging, uplifting team members. It could not have been a more beautiful day! 

“It is, of course, always wonderful to be a part of anything associated with A Soldier’s Child. They really understand what is meaningful. 

Pledge & Anthem set the tone

“The day began with all participants gathered around a large United States flag, reciting in unison the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we listened to a solider sing a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem. 

“And, if our hearts weren’t swelling enough, we heard about the great work that A Soldier’s Child is planning and were inspired by their new program that matches young adults who have lost a soldier parent with a younger child compatriot. 

“Hearing about the compassion fused into every part of this great organization made me so proud and happy that 4Patriots supports their work.  

“Our golf scramble team was paired with an ex-Titans player and we were overjoyed on the occasions where we out-drove the big man. The laid back structure of the tournament made for a relaxing golf outing. The sun was shining and the golf was, well, at least fun. 

“It was a great experience that I am grateful to have been a part of (and will gladly go again). It was great getting to know a few of our 4Patriots colleagues even better and supporting such a great cause.”

Photo sparks an idea 

4Patriots makes a monthly financial donation to ASC and periodically adds contributions to events hosted by the charitable organization.

Daryl Mackin, who served as a chef in the U.S. Navy, is the founder and executive director of A Soldier’s Child. He came up with the idea for ASC while preparing for his own 6-year-old son’s birthday party.

While typing out the invitations, he looked up at a photo of his neighbor’s son, Christian. Christian’s father, Marc Golczynski, was a fallen soldier from the Iraq War.

Mackin had been looking at the work he was doing for his son’s invitations as a “chore.”

‘Convicted in my spirit’ 

“I looked up at my wall and was immediately convicted in my spirit for my negative attitude,” he said. “My heart turned to Christian, who will never be able to have a party planned by his dad.

“There are many children like Christian that will never receive another birthday from their father/mother. Because they gave their life while defending our freedoms.”

Mackin realizes he can never change that fact. But he also knows those children deserve much more than they receive.

“Ninety-nine percent of Americans never defended the freedoms that they get to live out in this country,” he said. “One percent of our population volunteers to do that and when they don’t come home, their children suffer for it.

“We’re caring about a population of children that nobody in our country is really thinking about. Part of our mission is to educate our country that these children – these families – exist. And really, they should be No. 1 on our list of giving.”

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