4Patriots Car Escape Tool

1 review

4Patriots Car Escape Tool

1 review

A lifesaving 3-in-1 device for anyone who owns a car. Make this little marvel your keychain and you’ll always have 3 survival “must-haves” within reach… a whistle, car window breaker, and seat belt cutter.

Originally developed for first responders like firefighters, EMTs, and police officers, the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool has become an essential safety solution for all safety-conscious drivers.

    • 3-in1 Life-saving Device for Car Owners
    • Breaks Car Side Windows
    • Cuts Jammed Safety Belts
    • Emergency Whistle
    • Compact, Lightweight and Powerful
    • Easily Accessible, No Installation Required
    • Makes A Great Gift
    • 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee
    • FREE Shipping for Orders of $97+ (USA 48)

    3-in-1 Lifesaving Survival and Safety Tool

    Pocket-Sized Survival Tool

    When you’re in a car accident, a few seconds could be the difference between being a survivor or a statistic.

    The 4Patriots Car Escape Tool helps you quickly extract yourself from your car, while also alerting emergency responders of your location.

    Using the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool is a breeze… even in an emergency situation. If it’s attached to your car key, you don’t even need to remove the key from the ignition. Simply pull the tool away from its cover.

    To extract yourself from a stuck seat belt, slip the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool over the belt and pull. The carefully concealed stainless steel razor blade slices seat belts like butter.

    And if you need to break a side window to make a quick escape, place the larger end against the window and press. No need to smack or swing or use any force at all because unlike other tools that rely on your arm strength, the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool uses a spring-loaded hammer to shatter your car’s window to free you from an emergency.

    A 3-1 survival tool every driver should have on hand

    So simple and lightweight, any driver can use it

    Super Lightweight Device No Driver Should be Without

    The 4Patriots Car Escape Tool measures about 3” long, 1.25” wide and 0.625” thick… about the same size as a remote keyfob.

    And since it’s very lightweight, it doesn’t make your keys too heavy either.

    It’s perfect for grandparents, teen drivers, really anyone who gets behind a wheel.

    Here at 4Patriots, We Champion Freedom & Self-Reliance

    You're Protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We also believe that you should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny… so we are offering you a money-back guarantees for your 4Patriots Car Escape Tool.

    Be sure to jump on this opportunity, folks. Emergency supplies are flying off the shelves right now. Especially ones like the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool that help you survive disasters. Click the “Add to Cart” button below to start your order.

    100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

    If for any reason you're not satisfied with your 4Patriots Car Escape Tool, just return it within 365 days (that’s a full year) from the date of purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.

    Your Purchase Supports Those Who Serve

    When you claim your 4Patriots Car Escape Tool today, we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to charities that support our veterans and their families.

    Including Operation Homefront, Fisher House, A Soldier’s Child-Foundation and Team Rubicon.

    And again – thanks to you – we provide meaningful support to important charities that help American Veterans and their families.

    In fact, 4Patriots and our affiliated brands have donated more than $514,255 since we founded the company.

    And the number keeps growing!!

    "I have always had good experiences every time I've contacted 4Patriots, I've been treated with kindness and respect, and gotten what I wanted without fail."


    "Just want to thank you for the peace of mind through troubled times. Glad I purchased your products and have them for emergencies. Thanks for the great information as well."

    Anthony H.
    March 2020

    "It’s a pleasure doing business with a company that makes an outstanding product that is reasonably priced. As a former combat grunt from Vietnam, and a retired police officer, I am extremely conscious and aware of the safety & security issues we face in today’s dangerous environment. I recognize a unique & quality item when I see it. I will make additional purchases in the near future.”

    Rick P.
    December 2019

    Q: How does the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool work?

    A: In the event of an emergency, pull your 4Patriots Car Escape Tool away from its cover to reveal the blade. If a seatbelt is jammed, hold the belt taut and hook the blade over it. Slice across, away from your body.

    To break the window, press the black head of the tool against the corner of the window and it will release the spring-loaded hammer and shatter the glass.

    Please note that the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool only works on tempered glass. It does not work on laminated safety glass, like car windshields.

    Q: Can I use the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool more than once?

    A: Yes! The 4Patriots Car Escape Tool is designed to be used multiple times. Most customers get about 12 uses out of the tool. The spring-loaded hammer in the window breaker resets automatically and the blade is durable enough to handle multiple seat belt cuts.

    Q: Does the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool need to be primed before use?

    A: The window breaker function of the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool works best if it is primed before first use. You can prime it on cardboard or a stack of papers. Once you get the first release, your 4Patriots Car Escape Tool should be good to go.

    Q: How do I know the type of glass used in my car?

    A: Most sunroofs and rear windows are tempered. To figure out what kind of glass is used in the side windows of your car, look in the window’s bottom corner. There is typically a label that says “tempered” or “laminated.” If your label is missing, roll down the window and look at it from a bird’s-eye view. If the window top is smooth and looks like one piece, it is tempered. If it looks ridged, it’s laminated.

    Q: What if this product doesn’t work for me?

    A: While we feel that the 4Patriots Car Escape Tool is an essential tool no driver should be without, if for any reason at all you are dissatisfied just let us know within 365 days and we will arrange for you to return it for a 100% refund – no questions asked.

    Q: How long will today’s special pricing be available?

    A: Today’s pricing is only guaranteed for today, and only while supplies last. While we don’t plan to end the offer today, we reserve to end it at any time without warning. To lock in the deal that’s on this page, be sure to secure your order right now.

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    100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

    If for any reason you're not satisfied with your 4Patriots Car Escape Tool, just return it within 365 days (that’s a full year) from the date of purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.