FEMA & the Red Cross Beg Average Americans:

FEMA & the Red Cross Beg Average Americans:

Build Your Disaster Kit Now (It Could Save Your Life)

By Danielle P.

January 8, 2024

Summary: Freak storms are on the rise. Terrorists wage global wars & threaten the US. And the economy is hanging on by a thread. You need a rock-solid backup plan in 2024. Here are the top 15 items you should have in your disaster kit. Inspired by real recommendations from FEMA and the Red Cross.

#1. Food That Can Last 25 Years

FEMA & the Red Cross agree. You need at least 72 hours of food on hand per person in a disaster.

Our Pick: The NEW & Improved 72-Hour Survival Food Kit. You get 20 delicious meals in each kit. It’s designed to last 25 years & is wrapped in "disaster-resistant" packaging.1 So you can eat it now or decades down the road.

#2. Solar Backup Power Bank

Your phone is your lifeline in a crisis. So having a portable power bank to keep it charged is essential in a disaster kit.

Our Pick: The Patriot Power Cell CX. It has a built-in solar panel, so you can recharge it in a blackout. Plus a USB-C port to ‚Äúfast charge‚ÄĚ your phone in less than an hour depending on the model.

#3. Multi-Use Tactical Flashlight

Everyone needs a reliable flashlight. You can use it to peer into dark spaces. Or to signal first responders in a crisis.

Our Pick: The HaloXT Tactical Flashlight. With 9 tools in 1, you have plenty of options for dealing with an emergency. And the built-in solar panel means it never needs batteries… ever.

#4. NOAA Weather Radio

For 24/7 weather alerts. So you can get early info on brewing storms & critical news. And alert family members before things hit the fan.

Our Pick: The Liberty Band Emergency Solar Radio. You can recharge it 3 ways ‚ÄĒ built-in solar panel, hand crank or cord. And you get 5 radio functions so you'll know 1st about any new storms on the horizon.

#5. Backup Generator

Having backup power is a must in any disaster. Whether it’s for your fridge, phone, or CPAP machine, you’ll want a backup power source in a crisis.

Our Pick: The Patriot Power Generator 2000X. It's strong enough to run your fridge or freezer indefinitely. And it's solar powered, so you can charge it in a blackout.

Want something more portable? Try the Patriot Power Sidekick

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#6. Emergency Car Kit

To keep your car up and running during a crisis. You’ll want tools like an air pump, jump starter, emergency rations, and a safety kit.

Our Pick: All-In-1 Emergency Car Kit ‚ÄĒ rated ‚ÄúBest Bug-Out Kit for Your Car‚ÄĚ in 2023. It comes with 95 pieces designed by experts to keep you safe on the road.

#7. Family-Sized Water Filtration

You need safe water to cook, drink & clean with. But in a crisis, that could be hard to come by. Prepare by adding a water filtration system to your disaster plan.

Our Pick: The Ultimate Water Filtration System filters over 200 gallons of water. It’s great for everyday use or in an emergency. Plus, it comes with NEW Nanomesh filters (the same stuff the U.S. Military & NASA use).

#8. Emergency Multi-Tool

A staple of any disaster kit. Useful for extra flexibility in a crisis. The right multi-tool can replace up to 10 items.

Our Pick: The CoyoteXT All-In-1 Tactical Shovel Kit. You get 10 different tools at your disposal. Comes with a knife, shovel, axe, flashlight, fire starter and much more.

#9. Low-Smoke Camp Stove

Essential for cooking food or boiling water in a blackout. The best camp stoves work off of natural fuel ‚ÄĒ so you aren‚Äôt stuck relying on gas or propane.

Our Pick: The StarFire Camp Stove. You can create a hot fire using only twigs & leaves. The unique design gives you a hotter fire with little smoke. No gas needed.

#10. Cooking Tools

You can't pack a 32-quart pot in your disaster kit. You need a set of cooking tools that can stay in your disaster kit.

Our Pick: This Campfire Cooking Kit. You can make hot, gourmet recipes whether you're camping or in a dangerous blackout. Foldable, so they fit easily in most bags.

#11. Portable Solar Cooker

Important for boiling water when you can’t start a fire. No batteries, cords or flames required.

Our Pick: The Sun Kettle Solar Cooker. This solar hot water kettle can boil water using just the power of sunlight. It’s like having a mini microwave the size of a thermos.

#12. Emergency Lantern

For lighting up large areas. You’ll want one that works without batteries or one that has an alternate power source.

Our Pick: The SoLantern. It’s solar-powered, so you can use it in a blackout, or at your campsite. And with 800 lumens, it’s as bright as 800 candles.

#13. Walkie Talkies

Critical for staying in touch with your loved ones. So you can call out for help when phone lines go down.

Our Pick: The Talk-N-Go Walkie Talkies. The 3-mile radius helps you stay in touch with loved ones from afar. And with a private, secure channel, you don't have to worry about curious ears listening in.

#14. Emergency Fridge

In a blackout, your fridge only keeps food safe for up to 4 hours. You’ll need a way to keep cold foods & temperature-specific medicine safe without power.

Our Pick: The Solar Go-Fridge. It‚Äôs a backup fridge that works in a blackout and never needs ice. The advanced tech means you can cool or freeze, all the way down to -8¬į F.

#15. First Aid Kit

First-aid is critical in a crisis. So you can take care of the cuts, scrapes & bruises that come in a tough situation.

Our Pick: Lifeline Deluxe First-Aid Kit. Small enough to fit in a backpack or glove box. But big enough to fit 121 pieces of first-aid gear.

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