What’s the Healthiest Food Staple in Your Emergency Supply?

Hi, friend. I won’t insult your intelligence by saying it’s important to stockpile long-lasting, non-perishable food for an emergency. You know that very well.

And I won’t tell you it’s essential that a significant percentage of your survival food supply be healthy and nutritious. You’re very much aware of that as well.

The main purpose of today’s communication is to remind you of which specific foods are the healthiest for your survival stash.

It’s not always easy to remember all the different healthy foods we should be consuming on a regular basis. So I hope this reminder is helpful.

Store healthy food while you can

There may come a time – sooner rather than later, as many people have learned over the past 18 months – when finding healthy food becomes a challenge. 

Grocery store shelves could become bare in a matter of hours. Or the stores might have to close altogether.

If COVID-19 infections continue rising, the food supply chain could be negatively affected. And the first foods to disappear will be healthy ones we need to keep up our strength during an emergency.

During the pandemic, many of us have made healthy eating a priority. If for no other reason than to keep our immune systems as strong as possible. Regardless of what happens, we would do well to continue those good habits.

Removing moisture is the key

For all your healthy survival food, freeze-dried or dehydrated is the way to go.

That’s because freeze-dried foods have a long shelf life and low moisture content. They can be reconstituted quickly. And they almost always retain their original texture, color, shape and taste.

Dehydrated food has almost all of its water content removed as well. This lack of moisture reduces spoilage significantly. And again, the shelf life is long.

So, let’s take a look at seven different healthy food types that should be part of your survival food stockpile.

Fruits. Just about every fruit will provide you with some of the vitamins and nutrients you need. We all have our favorites, but you can’t go wrong with strawberries, blueberries, pineapples and bananas.

Vegetables. Variety is especially important for veggies. That’s due to the different vitamins and nutrients each possesses. Aim for a rainbow of colors. Include broccoli, green beans, corn and others. Variety is also crucial to prevent appetite fatigue.

Legumes. Important sources of protein, carbohydrates and fiber are beans and lentils. In fact, in some vegetarian dishes they can be the main source of protein.  Navy beans, peas and garbanzos are all healthy and tasty.

Meat. Unless you are a vegan or vegetarian, you likely get a high percentage of your protein from meat. Lean beef, chicken and fish including salmon and tuna will provide protein and much more to your diet.

Whole grains. Among the many whole-grain foods that will keep you going when in a crisis are these. Oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa and granola, as well as whole-grain pastas, breads and crackers.   

Nuts and seeds. Most of these are loaded with nutrition. And are good sources of fiber, protein and healthful fats. Including peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews and hazelnuts. Plus sunflower, pumpkin, flaxseed, chia, hemp and sesame seeds.

Milk. You wouldn’t stick a gallon of milk in your survival stash because it would likely expire well before you need it. But powdered milk is a great source of calcium and would be much appreciated by the whole family during an emergency.

An added recommendation

Once you’ve added all these items to your healthy survival food stash, here’s a tip. It’s something you can do prior to encountering an emergency situation.

Make fruits and vegetables your most accessible snack. When we get hungry between meals, few of us have the willpower to avoid grabbing the closest ready-to-eat snack. Often it’s not particularly healthy.

Wash fruits and place them in a bowl on a kitchen counter or table. Put sliced carrots and celery in a container in the refrigerator.

The easier these healthy snacks are to grab and eat, the more likely you’ll choose them over unhealthy items.

Fruit, Veggie & Snack Survival Food Kit

Getting back to your survival stockpile, here’s another suggestion. It’s a healthy, long-lasting kit that will help keep you feeling strong during a crisis.

It’s the 4Patriots Fruit, Veggie & Snack Survival Food Kit. Designed to last for up to 25 years, this kit is loaded with plant-based nutrition. 

It features 120 servings of fruits, veggies and healthy snacks. Including blueberries, strawberries and pineapples. Plus broccoli, green beans, corn and more.

Freshness and flavor is sealed in with freeze-drying technology. And with a meticulous low-heat dehydration method.

Triple-layer Mylar packages protect your food from air, light and moisture. You can eat them right out of the pouch or rehydrate with water. 


  • Sue - September 05, 2023

    I’d really like to shop just single ingredient vegan, no soy or gluten survival food. Doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. I also am surprised there are no organic options, like strawberries being on the dirty dozen list.

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