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  • Carol Fisher Donahue - September 02, 2022

    My goal has been to become financially “ironed out” in order to be able to purchase the solar heater combo. I’ve been preparing to be self sufficiently, self- reliant, off grid, environmentally friendly for many years now. I’m actively working out the kinks and wrinkles in hopes of ordering in the near future. I am a fan of your products.

  • Michael L - August 30, 2022

    My wife and I have started planning ahead for any possible issues, and have found 4Patriots a great source for emergency food and other items.

  • Diane Romanowski - August 27, 2022

    Already purchased 100 day survival kit. I believe it was 100 days. Have not tried anything except the lemon bars and they were out of this world ❣️

  • Alvin D. Watters - August 27, 2022

    I love you people!

  • Victoria Ledgerj - August 26, 2022

    I am anxious to sample

  • barbara Coleman - August 26, 2022

    Thank. You GO4PATRIOTS

  • Katy Graham - August 26, 2022

    We have a full year’s supply of 4patriots food for us at home and have provided a three months for one child and 72 hrs for the other. Also have seeds, water heaters, lanterns, water purification products.
    We also bought flashlights times 4 or 5 and as of this writing, none is working. When I called, you didn’t have a record of that purchase. I think at the time I was teaching and had a different email. It used to be kgraham@clark.Ed up.

  • Patricia Brigoli - August 26, 2022

    I’m Very Satisfied With All Your Meals! Actually My Family and I just Tried 2 Of Your Meals! I Have 10 in Our Household and They All Liked It! For Sure When I’m Able To Get More I Will Get More! Thank You! I’m able to pay SH right now! For Your Free Deal! Thank You!

  • royce Ann fischer - August 26, 2022

    I have been shopping with you for over a year. The food is excellent. The coffee is great,I still need to test the Hot Cocoa,but I’m quite sure it will be good also. I have 3 of your generators. Iam very pleased to have found you and love to shop,knowing in the future if any disaster befalls us I will be ready to take care of my Husband and myself. I wish you guys would make instant tea in packages,like you do the coffee. Thank You, Royce Ann

  • Patricia Compte - August 26, 2022

    Thank you 4Patriots, I look forward to trying additional items.

  • Xenia Barley - August 26, 2022

    Thanks!the food packets are a great idea and they taste great!😊..

  • Moira Malley - August 26, 2022

    Thank you.

  • Nathaniel Bemis - August 26, 2022

    Thanks for your willingness to help us out. We’ll do what we can on our super limited income. With all this crazy inflation it probably won’t be much, but thanks again. Nat

  • Douglas Dykenga - August 26, 2022

    Love all the deals 4 Patriots gives us. Keep up the great work

  • Janet Wright - August 26, 2022

    I appreciate 4Patriots food quality and commitment to the customer.

  • Eddi Marlow - August 26, 2022

    I have been a long time customer of 4Patriots and have loved every product. I am a senior citizen and would be purchasing more if I had more resources. Your products are like money in the bank for me!

  • Larry H - August 26, 2022

    Would like to have better selection of different samples. Food examples are great. Thank You

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