Survival Equipment For Everyday Use

Survival Equipment For Everyday Use

One key thing you should consider when buying survival equipment is its versatility. You want to make sure it is money well spent. This means buying something that can be used more than once and for more than one purpose. 

Survival equipment and even survival kits can come in handy for everyday use. Think about it: many of the supplies you need for survival are actually common tools that you might have at home. Take flashlights, knives, and firestarters. These are all objects you probably have in a junk drawer in your home and use a lot.

These are great for lighting candles and helping you see in the dark. They are also tools that might just save your life. We call that a win-win; useful items that can be used every day and can be used for emergencies as well! 

We will discuss lots of equipment that is made for survival gear and tools but happens to work well for everyday use. Whether it is small household projects or just using the equipment for everyday stuff, you will find something useful at 4Patriots. 

What Are Some Examples Of Survival Equipment For Everyday Use?

There are lots of examples of survival equipment for everyday use (like the three we listed above). But we want to focus on some really great pieces that are worth investing in for you and your family. Below, we compiled a list of the best survival equipment and how you can use it daily or during emergencies. 

  • Liberty Blade Tactical Knife: When it comes to survival, a good knife is your best friend. This one is sharp enough to skin animals and gut fish. It can also slice through wood, plants, and dirt. You can dig holes, cut through things, and protect yourself. As for everyday use, keep this knife in your pocket to open boxes, slice open envelopes, or even clean it and use it to cut produce and meat.
  • Firebolt Waterproof Tactical Arc Lighter and Flashlight: When you are trying to survive, light and heat are two of the most important things you need. This flashlight is a light to see in the dark and a lighter to use for a firestarter. When you are in survival mode, use the flashlight to stay safe at night. Use the lighter to start a fire for warmth and cooking. Every day, you can use the lighter to light candles and bonfires and use the flashlight when going into your attic, basement, or garage.¬†
  • USB-Rechargeable Battery Kit: If there is an emergency, having power can help you make it through. Charge these batteries for an extra boost of power to use for flashlights and battery-operated electronics. They will also work for any common household objects you need on a day-to-day basis that require batteries! You can charge and drain these batteries up to 500 times. Conveniently charge them with a USB cord that can plug into a power bank or your laptop.¬†
  • Patriot Power UV Disinfecting Power Bank: When you are trying to survive in the wilderness or during an emergency, you‚Äôre going to come across germs and bacteria. Don‚Äôt let them hurt your chances of survival through infection, and keep them off the rest of your equipment. Use this UV disinfecting power bank to kill bacteria on your travel equipment or on things that will go into your mouth. As for everyday life, use it on gas pumps, bathroom counters, toilets, door handles, and anything else you might need to disinfect.¬†¬†

Do Food Kits Count As Survival Equipment?

Yes! Food kits do count as survival equipment. While food kits are not exactly equipment, they definitely fall under the survival category. While most survival food kits would not be typically used for everyday use, there are still some items that can definitely be used regularly! 

  • Emergency Food Bars: When not being used for emergencies, these food bars make great meal replacement bars. At 400 calories, they have a great blend of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. They also have vitamins and nutrients that will energize you throughout the day. Plus, they are non-thirst provoking. The last up to five years, so stash some in your gym bag or purse for a satiating snack or meal replacement.¬†
  • Survival Shake Kit: These shakes make a great supplement to our food kits when you are in survival mode. Alternatively, they make a perfect protein shake for post-workout or just boosting your protein intake! Each shake has 29 grams of protein in it and 480 calories. These are great for athletes or those who burn a lot of calories daily.¬†
  • Buttermilk Pancake Mix: Who doesn‚Äôt love a good pancake breakfast? This mix is made to last for ten years. You‚Äôll never have to buy pancake mix again at that rate. You can use this mix to make fluffy pancakes or delicious waffles for a quick meal before school or work.¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • Freedom Joe Survival Coffee Kit: Everyone needs a hot cup of joe to start their day. This coffee will not expire for 25 years, and it will give you 300 cups of coffee! Add your favorite creamer in, or enjoy the delicious taste of 100% pure arabica beans all on its own.¬†
  • Bugle Boy Survival Cocoa Kit: Warm up on a cold night with a cup of survival hot cocoa. All you have to do is boil water or milk and add a scoop right into your mug. Stir and enjoy! It makes the perfect chocolatey treat.¬†

There are lots of survival foods that make for great meals and supplements to your daily food intake. Everything tastes delicious and fresh. You don’t have to worry about it expiring like grocery store-bought food. All of the food we make is designed to last 5 to 25 years, depending on how the item is stored!


It is great to have items you can use for survival and items you can use daily. Why not purchase equipment that can work for both? Save yourself time and money by buying items to get you through any situation, big or small, emergency or not. 

At 4Patriots, we make equipment and survival food that works for everyday use. It should not matter why you are using survival equipment. It should be durable enough to use every single day and act as a multipurpose item. 

Make sure you are spending your money wisely. Buy survival equipment so that you are always prepared for the worst-case scenario. You should also be prepared to use the equipment for any scenario you encounter on a day-to-day basis. 


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