What is the Best Emergency Food Supply and How Long Does it Last?

When it comes to emergencies, many people are not prepped and ready for when times get tough. There are some people who are ready and have stocked up on food and water. Whether you are prepared or not, purchasing an emergency food supply is something to consider. 

There are a few reasons why it makes more sense to purchase stable and non-perishable food from an emergency food supply company. 4Patriots gives you numerous options for stocking up on emergency food. Our food is filling, tasty, and shelf-stable. In fact, our pre-packaged food kits will last for 25 years. 

Keeping your family safe and prepared is what we do, and we do it well. From full meals to protein shakes to meal replacement bars and water purifiers, we have everything you need to have the best emergency food supply that is sure to last. 

What Foods Should I Have in My Emergency Food Supply?

You can always customize the food you have in your emergency food supply based on you and your family’s needs and food preferences. We believe the best option is to purchase a food kit for each member of your family. When you purchase a food kit, you know each person will have a perfectly portioned amount of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You won’t have to ration your food supply or try and calculate how much food each person should have.

If you were to stock up on non-perishables, you would have to do these things. This is simply added stress and time that could be saved for more important things, like focusing on the emergency at hand. We have food kits that have enough food per person starting in the timeframe of 72 hours up until a full year.

As for the specific food you should have in your emergency food supply, you have options. Each of our food kits contains all the necessary food groups, such as protein, carbs, whole grains, and more. We have fruits and vegetables as well, so you do not miss out on essential nutrients. Our food kits can accommodate most dietary preferences, such as vegetarian or gluten-free. Even vegans can enjoy things like our black bean burger mix.

If there are too many dietary restrictions or picky eaters in the family, you can try purchasing our extra-large canned goods containing specific freeze-dried foods. With these, you can buy large quantities of rice, fruit, soup, and pancakes. We even have certain condiments such as honey and butter. Whatever your needs are, we have something for your emergency food supply. 

Don’t forget, besides food, you will also need water in case of emergencies. While stockpiling water bottles isn’t a bad idea, you might want to consider purchasing a water purifier. You can get a larger size, which would be good for a family, or you can get a personal and portable size. This size is great to add to survival kits and bug out bags

Either way, you will have the security and reliability of always having clean water. Plus, they both take up less space than a stockpile of water. You can never be too safe, so having both a water purifier and bottled water is great too. However, between the two, a water purifier is a safer and more reliable option. 

At the very least, you should have some meal replacement bars, and protein shakes in your emergency food supply kit. These will have enough calories for you to survive on and give you just enough energy. Our protein shakes have 29 grams of protein per shake. The meal replacement bars are 400 calories each and do not cause thirst, which is an added bonus during emergencies when water supply may be limited. 

Don’t worry so much about the specific foods that you have in your emergency food supply. Rather, try focusing on the quality of the food and whether or not it will help you do what you need to do in an emergency: survive. 

How Can Emergency Food Last For So Long?

The reason our food kits can last for 25 years is that the food is freeze-dried. When you freeze dry food, it dehydrates the food. This means bacteria cannot affect the food, and it cannot become stale or moldy. This is a safe and effective way to ensure that food can last for years and even decades. 

Freeze-dried food is by far the best option for emergency food supplies. It is cost-effective, shelf-stable, and easy to organize for each person in your household. You will never have to worry about it expiring or being contaminated. Our food kits come in disaster-resistant packaging, helping to further protect the food. Whether you experience a flood, tornado, or any other destructive emergency, your food will be protected. 

Food is an essential part of survival. You simply will not make it through an emergency without it. Save yourself the stress of worrying about the shelf-life and stability of your emergency food supply, and buy freeze-dried food.


In conclusion, 4Patriots is the best in the business when it comes to emergency food supplies. We have an extremely long shelf life of 25 years, ensuring you never have to worry about food expiring or being edible. We have a wide variety of choices for your food supply, which means the whole family will be satisfied with our emergency food. 

Our emergency food supply lasts for so long because it is freeze-dried, a process in which food is frozen and dehydrated. When you are ready to eat your food, you simply add hot water. Each meal or snack is filled with nutrients and enough calories to sustain your body no matter the situation you’re in. 

When you are putting together a survival kit or emergency food supply, do not compromise on the quality of the food or its shelf life. You want food that will keep you full and help you function during an emergency. Any of our pre-portioned and prepared food kits will do just that. 





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