Spreading Coronavirus Leads to Quarantines, Food Shortages… Is America Next?

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It started slowly enough. Like most infectious diseases do.

A case here, a case there. Then a death. Then more cases, and more deaths. And then the spread from one country to another.

Of course, I’m referring to the new coronavirus. It’s been traced to an outdoor food market in Wuhan, China.

Health officials were hoping it was only spreading from animals to humans. But there is a growing consensus that the pathogen is easily transmitted between humans.

The world’s leading infectious disease experts say the coronavirus will likely reach pandemic status. The World Health Organization is calling it a “global emergency.” 

Coronavirus Declared Global Health Emergency

This is also what they call a “fluid” news story. In other words, it’s changing by the hour.

By the time a reporter finishes writing their article on the coronavirus, the situation has already changed.

And it keeps getting worse. Every time a new report comes out, there are more infections and deaths.

Hospitals are overflowing. Workers are so busy treating patients, they’re wearing adult diapers. They don’t have time to use the bathroom.

Already More Deadly Than SARS

The coronavirus is turning into a nightmare. It could approach the levels of SARS (which also started in China) and MERS.

But it might be even scarier. It’s spreading more like influenza than either of the previous slow-moving viruses.

In fact, the Wuhan coronavirus has already killed more people in China than SARS did. 

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. He says, “It’s very, very transmissible. And it almost certainly is going to be a pandemic.”

20,438 Cases and Counting

As of this writing, the number of confirmed cases in China is 20,438. Including a one-month old baby.

And the death toll in China is 425. In the other two dozen countries and territories where it’s spread, there have been 207 confirmed cases and two deaths.

And those are just confirmed cases. By the time you read this, the numbers are likely to be much higher.

The U.S. and other countries are denying entry to foreign nationals who have recently visited China. The United Kingdom is advising against “all but essential” travel to China.

Will It Be a Pandemic? 

Let’s backtrack just a moment. The Wuhan coronavirus is not yet officially a pandemic.

A pandemic is described as a disease occurring over a wide geographic area. And affecting a high proportion of the population. 

Even if the coronavirus is never considered a pandemic, many people could continue to fall ill and die.

And even if coronavirus outbreaks fade when warm weather comes, there could be a second wave in the fall. That’s been the case with every major flu pandemic.

Right now the mortality rate is 2 percent. Even a 1 percent mortality rate means 10,000 deaths for every 1 million people infected.

Containment Might Be Impossible

While closing borders won’t prevent the spread, it may slow it. Which will give scientists more time to develop drug treatments and vaccines.

Several American companies are working on a vaccine. Much testing still needs to be done.

But there is evidence that people with the virus can transmit it before displaying symptoms. That makes border screening more difficult.

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden is a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He says it is “increasingly unlikely (coronavirus) can be contained.” 

Food Crisis in China

One of the biggest problems facing the 11 million people in Wuhan, China is the lack of food.

With their city on lockdown, movement is severely limited. Some say they only have a few days of food left.

Some roads are blocked due to the quarantine. Which means food supplies and surgical masks can’t get through.

Some citizens say they are finding empty shelves at supermarkets. The food shortages are alarming. 

11 Confirmed U.S. Cases

The Wuhan coronavirus has been detected in every Chinese province. Here in the U.S. there are 11 confirmed cases.

American health officials are doing everything they can to keep the disease from spreading.

Including quarantining people on flights from China for up to two weeks. It marks the first mandatory quarantine on U.S. soil in 50 years.

Airports where this is occurring include ones in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit. Plus Dallas, Washington, Atlanta, San Francisco and Seattle.

The Key Is Self-Sufficiency

Here in the U.S., we can hope and pray the coronavirus does not reach levels being experienced in China.

But the fact of the matter is, we must be vigilant and prepared if the time ever comes where we do need to limit our exposure outside and keep ourselves healthy.

And if food shortages in China are proving anything, having good-for-up-to-25 years survival food is crucial. 

Both FEMA and the Red Cross suggest having a supply of non-perishable food on hand for an impending emergency.

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