5 Reasons To Stock Survival Boxes This Winter

5 Reasons To Stock Survival Boxes This Winter

It’s important to always be prepared. We hear this all the time, but what does being prepared actually mean? Many action items are needed to be prepared for emergencies. Having a plan, stocking up on food, supplies, and water, and knowing what to do when disaster strikes are all things you should be ready for. 

Picturing you or your family being in trouble is a scary thought. We know it can be tough to think about emergency situations, but the more you prepare, the easier it will be to handle them. In a time of crisis, focus on surviving the ordeal and making it through. Make things easier on yourself and prepare!

While you should be prepared year-round, it is especially important to stock up with survival boxes in the winter. The weather is worse (and sometimes dangerous), and it can reach freezing temperatures depending on where you live. This adds an extra element to consider when preparing for emergencies. 

If you don’t know what exactly a survival box is, basically, it’s a box that contains essential supplies that are needed for survival. They can be customized to you and your family’s specific needs. They should contain items such as food, water, supplies, and tools that will help you make it through an emergency. 

Below are 5 reasons why you should stock survival boxes this winter. Keep in mind there are plenty of other reasons, but these are the 5 main ones. 

  1. It could save your life: This is the most obvious, yet most important, reason to stock survival boxes. The point of a survival box is to help you do just that: survive. In a worst-case scenario, it could be the difference between life and death. 
  2. To be prepared for the worst: You hope you will never have to go through an emergency. If you do, the best way to make it through is to be prepared. This means having the right supplies, along with plenty of food and water. 
  3. To save yourself time and money: Time is essential. And that could not be more true than during an emergency or disaster. The only time you might have is to figure out your next move. A survival box will cut out on time spent on finding food and supplies. During a disaster, essential items may also become more expensive. Buying things ahead of time saves you money. 
  4. As part of your preparedness plan: Having an emergency preparedness plan means knowing where to go and what to do during an emergency. Knowing where your survival box is stored and what its contents are should be an important part of this plan. 
  5. To prevent stress and panic: There is nothing more stressful than being in an emergency situation. So don’t make things worse by scrambling to find supplies. A survival box makes sure you have everything ready to go while preventing extra panic. 

What Should You Have In Your Survival Box?

While it’s important to have a survival box in general, it is even more important to include the right items. Think to yourself: what are the absolutely essential items you need to survive? Food and water are the most important things. But you will also need supplies and tools to help you make it through tricky situations. 

Here are some things you should consider stocking in your survival box:

  • 4-Week Survival Food Kit: This kit has enough food for one person to survive for a month. It includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These meals will give you enough nutrients and energy to make it through each day of an emergency. The best part? The food is freeze-dried, so it will last for 25 years. 
  • HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight: Flashlights are so important for emergencies, especially power outages and blackouts. They can help you see when your house is without power or if you are outside at night. They will also help if you need to fix your car if it breaks down in the dark. Plus, the flashlight is solar-powered, which means no batteries or electricity is needed to power it. 
  • Patriot Pure Ultimate Water Filtration System: You will never have to worry about clean water again with this water filtration system. It removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and more. It doesn’t require electricity, holds 2 gallons of water, and the filter will last for 5,000 gallons of water. 
  • Warm clothing: Especially in the winter, you should have extra warm layers packed in your survival box. Long johns and other types of underwear are great because they don’t take up too much space. You might also consider keeping warm blankets along with the survival box. 
  • A fire-starter: Include matches or a lighter. This way, you can light candles or fires, boil water, and have a source of heat and another source of light. 
  • Tool kit: Make sure you have at least a few tools, such as a knife, hammer, screwdriver, and any other handheld tools that can be used for cutting or building. 
  • First-Aid Kit: This one is important. Make sure you have the necessary supplies to treat minor cuts and wounds. 

Are Food Kits The Same Thing As Survival Boxes?

No, food kits are not the same thing as survival boxes. However, a food kit can (and should) be included within your survival box. A food kit contains edible items that will help to nourish you and give you enough energy to survive. Your kit can also include purified water and supplements to make sure you do not go hungry. Below are some examples of the food kits and food items you can find at 4Patriots. 

  • 72-Hour Survival Food Kit: This kit is perfect for people who are new to prepping. It is also great to keep in cottages/cabins and boats. Anywhere you visit frequently should have this on hand. It has enough food for one person to survive for three days. 
  • Grab-N-Go Survival Food Kit: This kit contains 28 servings of survival food. It contains mac & cheese, broccoli, oatmeal, and white rice. It’s great on its own or as a supplement to larger food kits. It will keep you going when times get tough.   


There are many reasons why you should stock survival boxes, especially in the winter. The cold weather makes every emergency situation more dangerous than if it occurred in the warm weather. Suddenly, frostbite, freezing, and getting sick from the cold are risks on top of the emergency at hand.

Survival boxes should contain essential items that will help you survive for at least 72 hours, but the longer, the better. You should remember to have enough food, supplies, and water for each person in your household. 

You should have a survival box to be prepared, save time and money, prevent stress and panic, and help you survive. You should also include it in your preparedness plan. Unfortunately, disaster can strike at any moment. Give yourself peace of mind and be prepared. 





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