Real Stories, Real Power: 4Patriots Generator Owners Share Their Experiences

There’s one thing you can depend on almost as much as you can count on storms knocking out your power.

And that’s the fact that companies will only say positive things about their products. Makes perfect sense. Nobody who bad-mouths their products is going to make sales.

So, I take everything companies say about their products with a grain of salt. Maybe several grains. What I really long to hear is what their customers say about their products.

I would imagine you’re the same way. Now, not all of the more than 150,996 Americans who purchased a solar-powered generator from 4Patriots took time to tell us how it protected them and their families. But many did. And today I want to share some of their stories with you.

‘I'll Never Be Without This Lifesaving Tool’

Here’s what Joe B. says about how his 4Patriots generator saved the day.

"My Patriot Power Generator arrived four days before Ian “the beast” hurricane hit my town. It was a lifesaver.

“After losing all power, we would have been in absolute darkness with no way to communicate to the outside world. If we needed aid or rescue, it would have been impossible with dead phone batteries.

“The Patriot Power Generator was everything you said it was and more. I say this with tears in my eyes: I’ll never be without at least one. Great product, people! You should be proud!" - Joe B. 

‘I Kept My Family From Shivering’

Angel H. was exactly the hero her family needed.

“Just went through the winter storm. I absolutely love my 1800 generator. It is a life saver! We had three days of no power with below freezing temperatures. We have a 3-year old and a 75-year old to take care of — their lives depend on my ability to provide.

“I hooked up TV and DVD players, and had small 250-watt heaters. I put the solar panels in the windows all day while our generator was in use. Even though there was no direct sunlight, the panels helped keep the generator charged.

“After three days, we still had a small charge on our generator while keeping my family entertained and warm enough not to shiver. Side note, I used the StarFire camp stove (you burn twigs) in a separate room with an open window to cook our 4Patriots survival meals. Yeehaw!!!

“Warm, entertained, and fed! Thank you, 4Patriots." - Angel H

More Generator Customers Weigh In

Before I share a third written testimonial with you, feel free to check out this video. It will enable you to see the faces and hear the voices of happy generator customers.

But please come back when you’re done watching and listening. I have a personal message for you as well.

‘Best Decision I’ve Ever Made’

Donald L. is confident he made the right call.

"I decided to buy the PPG 2000x with the solar panel and this thing is fantastic. Now, trudging out to the back building to get my big gas generator in a storm and dragging it down to the house is not my idea of fun.

“I put this unit on a small cart in the attached garage and just pull it in when needed. I keep it all charged up along with the expansion pack.

“And I put a hanger just outside the back door for the solar panel. So during longer power outages I can run the cord into the house and charge it where it sits when in use. My first time using it, it worked as advertised. 

“Not only is the generator a great product, the 4Patriots customer service folks are fantastic, easy to work with, answer all your questions and make interactions very pleasant. It's a company I will order from again in the future. Thanks, 4Patriots, and nice job on this product."

Your New Generator Comes With Peace of Mind

By purchasing a 4Patriots solar-powered generator, you did the right thing. You’ve ensured that you and your family will have power when you most need it. And you’ve gained the type of peace of mind you can’t put a price tag on.

Like Joe, you’ll have a way to produce electricity when the next big storm results in a power outage in your neighborhood.

Like Angel, you could be the hero everyone in your household looks up to because you thought ahead and prepared for an uncertain future.

And like Donald, you don’t have to depend on a loud, smelly, and potentially dangerous gas generator you keep in a shed. You can grab your quiet, fume-free generator from whichever room you keep it in whenever you need it.

I’m proud of you for making a decision you’ll never regret. Others may be powerless in an emergency. But not you. Not with a solar-powered generator from 4Patriots.




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  • RALPH H. APPELSETH - June 19, 2024

    I had earlier ordered and received the Sidekick power pack and tested it. The first one failed and went completely dead, but customer service quickly exchanged it. I received the replacement yesterday, charged it and used it on my CPAP overnight. It powered my CPAP for just over 8 hours, actually hitting zero 6 minutes after my wake-up alarm went off, but I hadn’t gotten up yet. Great! Really happy with it, and going forward:

    Well, even before I received my replacement, I took the plunge and ordered the 1800 power pack and also a second 100W solar panel for it. I am highly anticipating receiving them!

    I’ve actually been ordering the survival food and some smaller gadgets for a few years now and am very happy with 4Patriots!


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