Proud American

Could have been born anywhere, but I feel very fortunate that my birthplace was the USA.

Imagine for a moment how incredibly different your life would be if you came into this world in China, Russia, Argentina, Iran?

We came into this world with an incredible set of rights and freedoms. And it’s all because we were born in a wonderful country – the rest was up to us. 

Yes, we are a nation divided, but let’s look at that for a minute. Although not perfect, a nation divided is also a nation that recognizes freedom of speech, freedom of the press and a true democracy with free elections.

So, our “bad” is viewed with envy by so many other countries. 

I was very proud to serve this great nation in our military for over nine years and continued this service with a “government agency” for an additional seven. During this time, I was deployed and operated in some of the worst places on the planet. 

Can you imagine waking up and your parents are gone (taken)? Fresh food and clean water are merely a dream? You can’t drive a car or must have your entire body covered up if you step outside? Worry that you will die from the next pandemic that seems to originate in your country every year?

There is a reason why so many people are risking their lives to make it to this great nation. 

We have it pretty good here in America. 

When was the last time you travelled abroad?  And be honest, when you returned to the good ol’ USA, how happy were you? And that’s coming back from a vacation! This is a very special place. 

Someone recently asked me, “When was the last time you felt that we were truly a united nation?” I had to go back almost 20 years to post-9/11. It took the worst attack our country has ever endured to come together as a nation.

It shouldn’t take such an event for us to come together again. We are among the most fortunate people to walk this Earth in the finest country in the world. Frustrated? OK. Disappointed? Sure. Angry – really

Folks, we are so blessed. Let’s not forget how incredible it is to be an American. And let’s not wait for another disaster to draw us together as a nation. 

So, give this a try – do something kind for a stranger this week.

And if you’d like to see another way you can celebrate America, and all that she stands for, go here

God Bless America!

Cade Courtley
Former Navy SEAL / 4Patriots Contributor


  • Sherry - February 17, 2020

    Cade, thank you for your service. My husband served 20 years, including 2 years in Vietnam and 3 years behind the iron curtain during the Cold War. We were married almost 18 years of that time. My family has a military history, father WW2, uncle WW2, grandfather WW1 Belgium, great-great grandfather Civil War, and further back to 1622 in this land. I love my country, always have. I was taught as a very young girl to fly the flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance, how to salute the flag, and to respect and honor those who fought to preserve this great country. How did we stray so far from respecting our country and those who serve it? Why is there no Pledge of Allegiance in schools, no education of our system of government, history, geography, and civics to name a few?

  • David M Krebs - February 14, 2020

    We just don’t have it pretty good here, we have it great, fantastic here. A friend of mine just returned from a missions trip to Africa with some inner city kids. Needless to say they came back with a whole different perspective of our country and the tremendous blessings that we have here. In my own travels to Romania several years ago which had just overthrown a communist regime the difference was astounding. Poverty here compared to poverty there makes poverty here look like riches. don’t let the left fool you with their empty rhetoric.

  • Mary Elizabeth - February 14, 2020

    I appreciate the offer of the veteran made flag. I have the flag that my husband and I have always loved and flown, but much dearer to me is the flag in its triangle shaped wooden box that my veteran earned as a thank you for his years of service which wss given to me “by a grateful nation” when he went Home. I hope others will love your veteran made flag as much as I do mine.

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