President Trump's Space Force Becomes a Reality

A while back I wrote about President Donald Trump's plan to create a Space Force as the sixth branch of the U.S. military.

A number of readers commented on the idea. About 50 percent of you were for it and 50 percent were against it.

Some of those in favor said it's a long-overdue strategic idea. And that it may be just the thing to keep us ahead of our enemies.

Those against the idea said that those funds can be better spent elsewhere. One of you even suggested that we send Trump up into space instead.

Controlling the Ultimate High Ground

Regardless of what any of us thinks about the idea, it has happened. And it's even taking big steps forward. Trump's recently signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act to establish the U.S. Space Force (USSF) as an official armed forces branch.

Here's what the president had to say during the signing ceremonies at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

"It was nearly half a century from Kitty Hawk to the creation of the Air Force," he said. "And now it's 50 years after Apollo 11 that we create the Space Force."

He added, "Amid grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital. The Space Force will help us deter aggression and control the ultimate high ground."

Headquartered at the Pentagon

The USSF is the first new military branch created since the U.S. Air Force in 1947. Approximately 16,000 Air Force active duty and civilian personnel will be assigned to this branch.

Like the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, the Space Force will be headquartered at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

And similar to the Marine Corps, which is part of the Navy but has its own seat on the Joint Chiefs, the USSF will be part of the Air Force.

USSF responsibilities will include developing military space professionals and acquiring military space systems. As well as maturing the military doctrine for space power and organizing space forces.

To Do and Not to Do

Of course, there are already U.S. military operations in space. This branch will repackage and elevate these existing military operations.

Todd Harrison directs the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. He said the USSF "will create a centralized, unified chain of command that is responsible for space."

What will the USSF not do? It will not put U.S. military service members in space.

The new branch will be completely separate from NASA. It will not be responsible for protecting Earth from asteroids. Or aliens, for that matter.

Military Officials on Board

Trump said he will appoint General Jay Raymond as the first Chief of Space Operations.

Other U.S. military officials chimed in with their support of the USSF. They included Barbara Barrett, Secretary of the Air Force, and Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And Mark Esper, Secretary of Defense.

"An agile, lean and technologically advanced force of talented professionals will now singularly focus on protecting our U.S. national interests and security in space," Barrett said.

"Our adversaries are building and developing capabilities to threaten us. So we can no longer take space for granted," Milley said.

"Space has become so important to our way of life, our economy and our national security. We must be prepared as a nation to protect it from hostile actions," Esper said.

Dissenters in Washington

As with our readers, not everyone in Washington believes this is a great idea.

Back when the concept was first floated, here's what Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida tweeted. "Military generals don't want a new military branch. Now is NOT the time to rip the Air Force apart. Too many important missions at stake."

Joan Johnson-Freese is a space security expert at the U.S. Naval War College. Originally she called Trump's vision for the USSF as "clear as mud."

Now that the vision has been clarified, she's on board with the idea. But she frowns on Trump's description of the branch as "the world's newest war-fighting domain."

Nixing the War Talk

"When the United States starts chest-thumping, all that does is prompt others to do the same," she said.

"And to bolster their capabilities, which in the long run can be counterproductive to the United States."

Johnson-Freese also pointed out that if there ever were a war conducted in space, the USSF would not be the branch fighting it.

Instead, it would be a separate joint command established earlier in 2019 called the U.S. Space Command.

What Do You Think?

As promised, I want to give you an chance to weigh in on this new armed services branch.

Are you in favor of its creation? Do you believe the benefits will outweigh the costs?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. As always, let's keep it civil and respect each other's opinions.


  • Joyce Reinholds - January 30, 2020

    President Trump is acting with great foresight in developing the Space Force as the sixth branch of the military. I appreciate his words as quoted in your article:

    “It was nearly half a century from Kitty Hawk to the creation of the Air Force,” he said. “And now it’s 50 years after Apollo 11 that we create the Space Force.”

    He added, “Amid grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital. The Space Force will help us deter aggression and control the ultimate high ground.”

    These are wise words that need to be heeded. I am glad President Trump was successful in implementing the Space Force. For me, this success takes away some of the sting and embarrassment of the impeachment proceedings our president has had to endure. The implementation also makes me feel a bit safer especially since there are great forces trying to destroy our nation from the inside. Would that President Trump could develop another force to protect us from such cynical opposition.

  • Beth Miller - January 30, 2020

    In light of all the natural disasters occurring on our planet, I think we need to seriously to develop a plan for all of us to exit the planet, not just a select few. If this new group would eventually help implement that plan, then I’m all for it.

  • charlene - January 30, 2020

    I think it is a good plan. Keeping America first, strong and safe are absolute priorities.

  • Gene DiBartolo - January 30, 2020

    Of course it’s the right thing to do. Understandably the individual services are (and should be) generally parochial. The AF was part of the Army and until its designation as a separate service remained subservient to the Army ground mission. Once freed, the Air Force developed its current awesome capability. The Army retains a portion of its previous air support capability but relies on the AF for additional support (read: Warthog"). The AF and Marine examples show clearly the advantage of this new designation.

  • Luz Leida Diaz - January 30, 2020

    I echo Einstein’s words when he said: “One can not prepare for and prevent war at the same time.”
    As a mother and grandmother, I consider that Life is sacred. We are not the creators of Life, but the vehicles through which that life force is expressed. War is an aberration and rather than seeing the US in pursuit of weaponizing space I would like to see it becoming the leader for Peace. You might call me a dreamer, a peace-nut. But that is exactly what Jesus would want me to say. Somewhat unpopular, peace treaties these days, are superior and more in line with looking to understand others as we seek to be understood. I still think this is possible. Yes, I believe Miracles
    are possible.

  • Terry Thompson - January 30, 2020

    I believe it’s a positive thing that has jumped to the top of the class, it’s long over due,I’m very in favor of the new military Force, I would like to know more about what exactly the space force will be doing and less of what it’s not going to do! We should never put a cap on what a military Force will or will not do!! GO USA!!!

  • Frankie - January 30, 2020

    This is not a “new” branch of the military. It is just a public acknowledgment that it exists.

  • Mike Gourde - January 30, 2020

    I believe the U.S.A. should initiate a force in outer space that would encompass the entire globe. I have felt this way for many years, even as I watched Donald Trump dodge the military draft during the Viet Nam era. This president, the electoral college installed, has proven to be a threat to US, the United States of America. The U.S. Commander In Chief should never have the final word, for any type attack without the express permission of Congress, as it was intended by our brilliant forefathers. Now the sanctity of the US Senate appears to have caught the “bug” of dishonesty spewed by the filthy, Electoral College installed Donald Trump.

  • Derek Stone - January 30, 2020

    We must lead the way in space. It is imperative. Using innovative technology and equipment we stay a step ahead of our enemies. Both China and Russia will try to steal our intellectual properties and duplicate them for themselves. Make no mistake, they want to destroy America, bring us to our knees. Thankfully, we have president TRUMP as our Commander in chief, who once again leads the way to keep us the number one country in the world. Thank you, President TRUMP…..

  • MJ1606 - January 30, 2020

    I watched a man from NASA on Fox recently and he said in 15 years, people will look back at this and see it as President Trump’s greatest achievement. He said people that don’t like it are those who don’t understand it. He said all banking is done with GPS, and if it is ever shut down, all our banking activities would be stopped. He explained other things that are important to our everyday life that we don’t consider. Makes sense to me. And China is trying to get ahead of us in this.

  • Timothy L Williams - January 30, 2020

    for it 100%

  • Mary Landato - January 30, 2020

    I think it’s great. I love our president

  • YVonne - January 30, 2020

    While I totally agree that a branch of the service for space interest and possible future attacks by our enemies is needed, I don’t understand why we need two of them. You mention that last year they established the US Space Command. I’ve never heard of it. What are they supposed to do that could not be incorporated into the US Space Force? It seems like our government bureaucracy loves to set up many different agencies or departments were they are doing very much the same thing or closely related things that would be better served if they work together – it could also save a great deal of money on equipment and personnel that could be used by both agencies. And why exclude NASA just because there main emphasis is on watching out for astroids & Little green folks. Wouldn’t similar equipment be needed to look out for both astroids and incoming missiles, etc.?
    Like I said. I’m all for it but I think with a little ingenuity they could make the whole space thing more economical.

  • Jeremy Wales - January 30, 2020

    It sounds to me that this new branch of the military will be an information gathering branch. With potentialities of thwarting a possible malevolent force? Turning the real action over to Space Command, if need be. This is my understanding from what I read. I support both.

  • Wayne Leggett - January 30, 2020

    I Think It’s A Great Idea ..
    Sign Me Up ..

  • Enka - January 30, 2020

    I think it’s about time. Our security depends on our ability to protect Americans from any and all threats. Now that we are becoming a spacefaring country, other countries are as well and we will need the Space Force to deal with Russia, China, and all those other countries who despise us and would love nothing more than our destruction.

  • Walt Petersen - January 30, 2020

    I’m all for the USSF and to hell with the leftist liberals. It is another one of President Trump’s great ideas.

  • jim - January 30, 2020

    I believe the establishing of the USSF is a tremendous idea. Many people, especially those who have no biblical understanding, do not realize that we live in a fallen world. Sin has corrupted every man, people and nation. As such, hostility will always be present, and there will be wars and rumors of wars. The federal government’s first priority is to protect its citizens. Therefore, I believe that all that can be done in doing so should be done. Thank you President Trump for your insight, your courage, and your obvious love and care for the United States of America.

  • Christine Huerta - January 30, 2020

    I think it’s a good idea. Anything the US can controle and be 1at is good for America. I think in the near future our economy and other things will suffer badly in America. Anything good can help.

  • James Simpson - January 30, 2020

    Control of local space in inevitable. Killer satellites have been launched already, clearing the path for whomever controls the Hi-Tech. to dominate the future. It is not actually the USA, but, rather a cabal of rich and compartmentalized secret corporate-run private enterprises that have reverse engineered the tech from ever present UAPs – (human realization starting in about 1939,) and now funded by trillions of $s milked from every aspect of of high-gain profiteering, sequestered patents, Illegal activities, Media control, murder of influential alternate path geniuses s, and illegal hijacks that nobody wants to believe, let alone consider. WE CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH. However:
    The unknown entities that we stole this high tech from are FAR smarter than any human on earth. We have recorded their presents , and even their sabotage antics that continues to re-direct our short-term gains into a more universal truths, and higher aspirations. Yes, we may be allowed to go the way of the dinosaurs, OR be allowed enough last minute technology to avert the 7th extinction. It is all pretty exciting! I am THRILLED to live in the most contentious time ever in our history. I am just a little pissed off that garnering information in this sequestered ant farm that we live in may let me die mostly ignorant. I only wish—that in my lifetime- I knew all the truth- so that I could throw up- clear my consciousness, and get on with real change! That’s it, in an nutshell. I think most of human kind believes similarly- unless sequestered by religious dogma, influenced by mind altering diet, or oppressed by starvation of mind and body. I am SOOOO lucky to be able to think freely. It is this that drives experiment, failure and success. Yes, I am a stupid idiot-comparatively- as most of us are! Thank Goodness! On with the show~! Please post!

  • Paul Maddox - January 30, 2020

    Space Force commentary:
    I worked in the “business” as both a sailor and then as a civil servant with DoD in the ‘80s and 90’s. I remember when things like Project “High Frontier” was new (it morphed into Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), or Star Wars, as the media nicknamed it.)
    To be brief, the creation of a Space Force was almost inevitable, although only time will tell if the implementation and deployment of said force pays off.
    Space is becoming accessible by a growing number of 2nd-tier nations (India and China have demonstrated capabilities of at least reaching the moon…) how long before North Korea “Lucks out” and surprises the world by crashing a vehicle on the lunar surface?

    The lesson I learned from my Navy days is: If you can orbit a satellite, you can deliver a weapon of mass destruction from space… only a question of how much money you have to buy a payload. Then, it’s just a matter of engineering.

    Yeah, Space Force might seem like a really moronic idea… then you remember that countries like Iran and North Korea are shopping at the Russian and Chinese versions of “Weapons R Us”.

    Suddenly, Space Force isn’t so dumb an idea anymore. Let’s see where this goes… Ad Astra

  • William Tosh - January 30, 2020

    lolol….. it was suggested that we send Trump to space instead,,,,,,, made my day !…. Po ole Trump just can’t seem to win for losing, and yet still seems to be a soaring success with the economy and employment problems we suffered with for 8 years. OH well,,,,, goes with the territory i guess, and as far as my feelings, I am for the Space Force and i think it should have been started 20 years ago !

  • Ron Paxson - January 30, 2020

    Having grown up in a US Air Force family, of course I see the benefits and the need for this new space force.

  • David Krebs, - January 30, 2020

    In warfare, generally speaking, whoever has the high ground usually wins the battle or at least controls it. Case in point Gettysburg, Little Round Top. One of the major struggles of the battle of Gettysburg was the fight for Little Round Top. Both sides knew its strategic value and fought a horrific battle for it on the second day. The Union forces prevailed, forcing the disastrous Pickett’s Charge by the Confederates on the following day. Space is THE high ground for earth. Whoever controls it eventually wins.

  • Richard Lain - January 30, 2020

    I agree with the President. Unfortunately, some high ranking Generals (and non-military personnel as well) seem to be afraid that their oftentimes inflated budgets might have to be trimmed a bit; and, they may have to keep their noses out of another branch of Military service. The thought they have re: this move may stimulate other countries to do the same, is a bit belated! Are we that ignorant to believe others haven’t thought about this already?

    I was hoping that the new decade would stimulate a bit more cerebral activity than that.

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