Police Officers Become Known for All the Right Reasons

In sports, they say the best referees and umpires are the ones you don't notice. If they consistently make the right calls, nobody knows their names.

The same might be said of police officers. Many can go years with few citizens knowing their names. All because they do their jobs well and are fortunate enough to avoid controversy.

Some cops do get national recognition, however. Some for the right reasons and others for the wrong reasons.

Today I'd like to share with you some stories of law enforcement officers who have become known for their heroics and kind deeds.

CPR Saves Infant's Life

There is nothing scarier for a parent than seeing their child suffering and not knowing what to do about it.

This has happened many times, of course. But sometimes a police officer is able to step in and help the child.

In South Carolina, Deputy William Kimbro was making a routine traffic stop in June 2019 when a woman in the car drew his attention to her choking baby daughter.

Kimbro performed CPR to save the infant's life. A year later, the mother asked Kimbro and his wife to be the child's godparents. They readily agreed.

Cop Dislodges Coin in Time

Deputy Cameron Kinsey was monitoring a recent protest in Palmdale, California, north of Los Angeles.

He was flagged down by a woman in a supermarket parking lot. She pointed him to another woman carrying a limp, 11-month-old boy.

The child had swallowed a small coin and stopped breathing. Kinsey used a finger to dislodge vomit from the baby's throat and turn the coin sideways to allow air to get through.

"Mom did the right thing," Kinsey said. "She was quick thinking and started patting him on the back. I ran over and grabbed the baby. At that point, training just took over."

Daring Maneuver Saves Twins

After a car drove off a bridge in San Diego and landed upside down in the Pacific Ocean, police officers knew they had little time to rescue the occupants.

K9 Officer Jonathan Wiese scaled 30 feet down the side of a cliff. He then used his water training to rescue twin 2-year-old sisters.

"I didn't do the job to be liked every day," Wiese said. "I didn't do it to become rich. I did it because I want to be out there making a difference and helping people."

Last year, Wiese received Officer of the Year honors for arresting the gunman who opened fire in a synagogue north of San Diego.

Officers Dip Into Own Wallets

Deputy Michael Cessare of the Allegany Sheriff's Office in Maryland was on routine patrol earlier this month. He noticed a young boy struggling to carry his bicycle in 90-degree heat.

After stopping and discovering the bike could not be repaired, he gave the child and his bike a ride home in the squad car.

A few hours later, Cessare returned to the boy's home. There he presented the child with a new bike he'd bought with his own money.

In Jacksonville, Florida, officer Terrance Hightower did something similar. He saw a man having problems with his broken bicycle. Hightower took the man to a local sporting goods store and bought two new bike tires for him.

Bringing New Meaning to Hope

Responding to a possible theft at an Albuquerque, New Mexico convenience store, police officer Ryan Holets noticed movement in a nearby grassy area.

A pregnant woman was about to inject her male companion with an illegal substance.

During the arrest process, the homeless woman told Holets how much she wanted her unborn child to have a stable home. Several months later, Holets and his wife adopted the woman's baby girl and named her Hope.

Sergeant Jim Edison said, "(Holets) wasn't just taking a call. He was changing everybody's life around him. It's so unselfish. I was just humbled."

Long Arm of the Law

Sometimes police officers prove to be a big help to citizens just by thinking on their feet. Such as Seattle officer Eric Michl.

He was able to retrieve a purse for a woman despite it being miles away. The woman had just been dropped off at home by a rideshare driver when she realized she'd left the purse in his car.

She reached the driver on her phone, but he refused to return her property. At least until Michl got involved.

The officer took a selfie in full uniform and sent it via text message to the driver. His message made it clear the driver would be arrested if he did not return the purse. The driver quickly got the woman's purse back to her.

Uphill Climb to Shade

In Rock Island, Illinois, a police officer went the extra mile for a citizen to make her comfortable.

An elderly woman was sitting in her wheelchair by the side of the road. Officer Tyson Nichols stopped to help.

He learned her electric wheelchair had broken down. So, he contacted a local bus company to arrange to have her picked up.

Realizing she'd have to wait in the heat, he then pushed her up a steep hill to a shady spot. His action was noticed by a passerby, who posted it to social media.

Positive stories have a tough time competing with negative ones in the news. But they deserve some headlines too.


  • Narcisses D Freeman - July 10, 2020

    These stories are great. But the best thing about them is they’re true. Real stories about real people. I know there are bad cops out there. Unfortunately I’ve seen them in action. But let me tell you, they’re far outnumbered by the good and I’ve personally benefited from they’re being on the force. Defund them? Hogwash! But encourage them to report the bad apples, interven when they see bad policing and more of the tragedies we’ve been seeing on the news WILL be prevented. As for me I keep the police, fire and rescue and people on the front lines in my prayers on a daily basis. In these troubled times we live in they need them!

  • Joan - June 29, 2020

    Love the positive stories, maybe we need to change to positive and the world would be a better place to raise our children.
    A few rotten apples ( police men) now is causing the crazies to rob,. Destroy what is not theirs to destroy.
    How about turning the tables and make those in these riots responsible for their actions.
    Protesting does not give anyone the right to destroy or injure anyone or thing.

  • Donald W. Hansen - June 26, 2020

    Of course we never hear of these great stories about marvelous officers. Why would we? The messages about great officers are contrary to the policies of mass media in their support of riots and looting of BLM and ANTIFA in the expressions of outrage. Thank you for bringing these great stories to our attention.

  • Margie - June 25, 2020

    You up lifting news needs to take over all of the negative and fearful media. I love reading what you post. The world needs to change and focus on the beauty that is in our own backyard. Your messages touch my heart.
    All news entities just want to put fear in people so they won’t use common sense, they are just scared to do what the news people say to do even when it is WRONG. I don’t even watch news broadcast because of their negative impact on the world.
    Pso pease keep sharing your beautiful and heart touching news across the world.
    GOD Bless you.

  • Kenneth Deming - June 25, 2020

    These are great stories!

  • Celeste Hall - June 25, 2020

    Thank you for the uplifting accounts of heroic peace officers.

  • Sherry Gladue - June 25, 2020

    God Bless Y’all
    Keep On Keepin’
    Much Respect 💯👊⚘🌬👑

  • Jen - June 25, 2020

    It is always good and refreshing to hear the good side of things. These are the sorts of things it is important to remain aware about and to not let the bad apples destroy our perspective, even though the bad ones require action.

  • Josiane S. - June 25, 2020

    Thank You for sharing those wonderful stories about all those police officers that are too often ignored for doing such great deeds and they don’t do it for fame but rather for simply being of help to anyone. The media is wrong for choosing to only share the unfortunate incidents that happen at the hands of some police officers not doing their job right, but, let’s remember that the great majority of police officers are doing a wonderful job and risking their lives every day, for the well being of our communities, irregardless of you are! We also never hear of how many police officers have been killed at the hands of criminals! Their lives count too! So a big Thank You is due to our police force because if we didn’t have them it would be an impossible life of continuous violence.

  • Michael Cull - June 25, 2020

    I love to read the good stories about the police or any other First responder! People need to know about the real police!

  • Paul Olsen - June 25, 2020

    I am a loyal customer and love your products! I also am a police detective and just wanted to say thank you for posting this. It is nice to see that your company will post some positive news about law enforcement during these trying times! Thank you for your support. Your company will continue to have mine.

  • LaurieAnn Swan - June 25, 2020

    I want to thank you. As a person with many friends and relatives who service on police forces around this country. No one can represent all officers, but it seems those who serve honorably are being forgotten no matter their gender or race. Who will come to your aid at any hour?

  • Douglas Whitson - June 25, 2020

    Thank you for your positive examples of police going beyond the call of duty.The situation although horrible should not have resulted in “knee-jerk” reactions. Sad.

  • Candice Huber - June 25, 2020

    Thank you for sharing stories of our heros in blue. I’m sure there are a lot more stores like this. Thank you police officers.

  • Alice Spain - June 25, 2020

    This article is very heartwarming and supports the respect I’ve always held for our police officers. They unselfishly put their lives on the line every single day they leave their homes and loved ones to go to work, never knowing they might face. I appreciate their dedication to law and order and to protect their communities. These stories in the article show these are brave men and women and it shows their true empathy and caring. My husband and one of my sons served in the military in two different wars and faced life and death each day. I thank God they came home safely. Our police officers face the same dangers and I pray for them each day. Besides my military guys who of course are my heroes, so are all our police officers! Thank you for this uplifting article. God bless you all.

  • Charlie - June 25, 2020

    Its good to hear something good happening instead of all the negative. If more of the good deeds were published maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be such a negative attitude toward law officers. They just have a job to do also.

  • John Holmes - June 25, 2020

    Enjoyed the article on Police being recognized for the right reasons. Very uplifting and needed in times like these. I also know of many great examples of police officers and police departments going the extra mile for their communities. Huntsville AL has such a responsible police department. Not talking of perfection but very real, significant and practical examples of caring and responsiveness. Thank you again for your article. God bless you.

  • Rebecca Krupla - June 25, 2020

    Thank you so much for sharing the officers heroic deeds! I’m a retired police officer and the only female in a long line of officers in my family. The public have no idea of the burdens that an officer takes home. The things we’ve seen that can’t be unseen and at times consume you. Yet we continued to protect and serve to make our communities safe for the next generation. We are loved and hated. Loved when we show up because you need help and hates when we show up to enforce the laws. What is happening now in America is simply heartbreaking. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.
    I’d rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6.
    Have a blessed day.

  • Sharon - June 25, 2020

    More stories like these about all the good police do need to reach the public notice. There are more good police than bad ones. Every sector we work in has good & bad.

  • Gary Johnson - June 25, 2020

    Please do more articles about good cops doing good things. I’m a retired fire-fighter and I have witnessed many examples over the years!!

  • Raymond Stands Alone Dominguez - June 25, 2020

    Respect, as sages, is earned. Every officer that does their duty to Serve And Protect, as so many of you have and do, earn your’s every day/night. I have your six. Thank you, honestly.

  • Winonda Ortega - June 25, 2020

    Thank you for sharing those inspiring stories involving good deeds by cops. With all the cop bashing going on most of us appreciate them and know their heart is to be of service to our communities. I have several family members who are cops and they are wonderful people. I fear for their safety these days and pray for them daily.

  • Toni Howe - June 25, 2020

    Thank you for the wonderful cop stories!!!! My family has always had police officers as friends, and I know that they do the job they do because they CARE.

    Thanks again for getting those wonderful stories out!!!!!!!!

  • PEnny - June 25, 2020

    Where would our country be without our men in blue? They do so many things besides their regular job and most do not appreciate what they do!
    Those of u calling to defund the police force are totally stupid! They work in every community to help! Thank them, honor them and than God we live in a free country with laws to be obeyed!! God bless America

  • Gina V - June 25, 2020

    Thank you! Keep this sentiment going! I cried tears of JOY! The news mongers only want to hear the negative…. Please keep up these stories. They are so important and we need to celebrate these guys that although putting their lives in possible danger everyday, they still are here to SERVE and PROTECT!!

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