Pandemic Raging in Europe Again… Will Our Surge Worsen?

If you go to Las Vegas, you’re likely to see a sign reading: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Unfortunately, this is not the case for something happening in Europe. I’m talking about the surge of COVID-19 infections and deaths occurring overseas.

It happened in Europe last winter, then hit here in the spring. And now Europe is experiencing a second wave of the coronavirus and shutdowns are increasing.

Health experts predict the same thing could occur here. But the truth is, we’re not even out of our first wave yet.

10 States Break Record

Each time we think we’re starting to turn the corner on this pandemic, it gets worse.

Just recently, 10 states reported their highest single-day tallies of new COVID-19 cases. On the same day!

They were Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Minnesota and New Mexico. Plus North Carolina, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Overall, the country reported its highest one-day total of new cases in three months on that same day (October 16).

‘The Potential to Be Way Worse’

In mid-September, the number of daily cases here had dropped to an average of about 34,300. Still very high, but at least the trend was headed in the right direction.

Now the average number of daily positive tests in America is over 55,000. That’s up more than 60 percent.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is an epidemiologist and Detroit’s former health director. Here’s what he told CNN.

“This really is a harrowing time and people have to be careful. When we saw this kind of transmission earlier in the pandemic, in March and April, the virus hadn’t seeded everywhere.

“This surge has the potential to be way worse than it was (in) either the spring or the summer.”

Frightening Possibilities Here

Also increasing are the percentage of positive tests and the number of hospitalizations. Which means the number of daily deaths is also likely to rise.

University of Washington researchers are making alarming predictions. They forecast that more than 2,300 Americans could die daily by mid-January. And a total of 389,000 could perish by February 1.

We can hope and pray that doesn’t happen. But the fact is, the U.S. has already had more than 8 million cases. With over 219,000 deaths.

In response, many states are passing tougher laws. Such as mask requirements and gathering limits.

New Curfews and Restrictions in Europe

Parts of Europe are reporting record daily highs of positive tests. Among the countries seeing spikes are England, France and Spain. Plus Germany, Italy and Poland. As well as Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

As a result, health and government officials are imposing new curfews and restrictions. Restaurants and bars are being closed again. Schools are being shut down.

The European office of the World Health Organization is urging governments to be “uncompromising” in their response to the virus.

In London and some other areas, millions are being told to minimize travel. And discontinue meeting with people outside their households. A 9 p.m. curfew has been established in Paris. It’s labeled a “health emergency zone.”

Lockdowns on the Way?

Why the rise in cases, hospitalizations and deaths? People became complacent when the numbers started dropping. They let down their guard.

Strict efforts to control the virus are harmful to the economy. But without them, a complete lockdown might become necessary.

Stephen Kessler is a researcher at Harvard University. He models the spread of diseases, including COVID-19. He says, “The only thing that we know works and works very effectively is pretty strict lockdown.”

America may soon experience the same shutdowns currently occurring in Europe. Especially as cold weather sets in and people spend more time indoors where the virus spreads more easily.

Reconsider Thanksgiving Plans

Dr. Anthony Fauci is urging Americans to carefully consider their Thanksgiving plans. Those plans often involve travel.

“We really have to be careful this time that each individual family evaluates the risk-benefit” of Thanksgiving gatherings, he said.

“If you have vulnerable people, the elderly or people that have underlying conditions, you better consider whether you want to do that now or maybe just forestall it and wait.”

Fauci added, “We’ve really got to double down on fundamental public health measures that we talk about every day. Because they can make a difference.”

Do What You Can Do

Among those measures are ones you’ve seen numerous times. Including social distancing and frequent hand washing with soap and water.

But we should also assess our risk for becoming infected. Based on where we live and our activities. As well as what percentage of people will be wearing masks in places we go.

Colder weather doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors. If we have to gather in groups, consider getting bundled up, meeting outside and keeping our distance from those around us.

Several of the year’s biggest holidays are coming up. Including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah. Consider scaling back on festivities this year. Hopefully this will be the only year we’ll have to do that. 


  • MaryAnn Spencer - November 02, 2020

    You have left out the fact that vitamin D and vitamin C with zinc improves immunity which reduces effects of viruses. Most Americans are really low on vitamin D since people are inside more than outside or fully cover up when outside or don’t drink vitamin D milk. Vitamin D at 5000 iu a day puts most into a good range. Vitamin C at 1000 mg twice a day or 500 mg 3 times a day along with zinc greatly improve immunity. Keeping chronic diseases controlled also reduces problems if one tests positive for covid 19.

  • Kelley Wooding - November 02, 2020

    Well this I think is a D at best article somewhat fear mongering..there is a lot to unpack there and too much projection from FAUCI HARVARD AND CNN ..I will say that yes cases are going up…it’s a pandemic..but deaths are not on a huge rise…we have a lot of therapeutics that are working…also record time vaccination and kids are 99.98% to recover Question:why is the flu season numbers this year almost obsolete? So the numbers have been misleading as experts and hospitals..people on the front line have said…I still haven’t heard 1 hard study of whether masks really work..especially how people use the mask (properly) or not and I haven’t seen too many using it right…Also to these lockdowns which have been proven to be worse and ineffective around the world…not to mention the draconian un-american acts taken… our freedoms taken for what “maybe” some “safety” was it worth it? The depression the suicides… addiction..businesses lost…people need to have tradition…their sports have gone to hell… Fauci with "rethinking"Christmas and Thanksgiving is just wrong…this is coming from a man that has flip flopped and hasn’t seen a patient in over 20yrs and funded with then president Obama the Wuhan lab…true! One last thing Fresh air is key…Get outside and take in the seasons!Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas God Bless You All

  • Michael - November 02, 2020

    I think that once our constitutional rights are incremental suspended, for any plausible reason, they will be hard to take back from the bureaucracy that forms around the enforcement of restricted rights. Legislatures are quick to pass and enforce laws in the name of the people or the public good. When was the last time they got rid of law without a fight costing millions that they know people don’t have because they count and confiscate it through taxes? Fighting a constitutional battle to the Supreme Court is costly in many more ways than money. Please consider that rather than being defensive and hunkering in a bunker, that we question, call foul in the play, and have the courts call a time out! To them, it’s a game of power. To us, it’s the real-life circumstances we, our family, and future generations will have to contend with. We owe allegiance to the social agreement embodied in our constitution, not to science, political parties, or worse yet some personality cult engineered around the false persona of celebrity, media program, or politician. Other than that VOTE by November 3, 2020! Don’t rely on postmarks or deadlines (deal lines) about the 10th or later violating constitutional provisions over a flu virus! We need THE LARGEST VOTER TURNOUT NUMBERS IN US HISTORY ON NOVEMBER 3, 2020! The numbers matter more than who you check off on the ballot (which is tremendously important as well)! The people need to show that we are the government and that they are not our masters, but our representatives, not just in name only. Notice who is not following the rules they hold us to.

  • Anita H. - November 02, 2020

    I have lost friends and family to covid and as a covid serviver myself, I have been terrified of my husband, parents and children as well as other family and friends getting it and how their bodies would react. I understand the detriment of shutting things down because I also lost my job due to covid. But I really really wish that President Trump would allow everyone two weeks to get rations, monitored of course so no one has to do without, and then shut EVERYTHING down for two to three weeks. NO ONE allowed to leave the house unless you are in health care like me. The health care workers should also draw hazard pay and be quarantined to, " our own little community ", in each town. I would sacrifice myself if it meant eradicating this virus. I am a Republican and I believe that Trump is trying his best with what he has to work with. He has done a great job so far but I think we can ALL work together to beat this. Would you sacrifice two weeks of your comfortable life for yourself and your family, friends and fellow Americans? I believe this is higher than the government. I believe that this is what GOD is calling us to do. WE NEED TO LISTEN!!! P.S. Our Veterans sacrificed a lot more than two weeks. Their selfless mind set put them in the heart of danger with lasting effects to protect our country and to protect mostly strangers whom they would never meet. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  • Clifford Johnson - November 02, 2020

    I have had ENOUGH. As far as I am concerned all of this mask wearing and social distancing has never been PROVEN (by effective and impartial STUDIES) to be effective. There are plenty of OPINIONS but few FACTS. I have asked many times for ANYONE to PROVE definitively that masks/social distancing is effective and I have never gotten even ONE reply. If one coughs or sneezes we cough/sneeze into a kleenex or our sleeves. Last year over 80,000 people died from the FLU and we have a vaccine for this. This virus will likely NEVER go away so our choice is to either get this Country back open or stay shut up in our homes or wherever we shelter. I would rather die than have my freedoms taken away. There are plenty of OPINIONS about what we should do but NO real facts. Medical people are lining up on two different sides and dividing their “opinions” between what we should do. Frankly, I am tired of all of this.

  • Lori Gay - November 02, 2020

    Sad but true on the above article.

  • Max Huggins - November 02, 2020

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    Thanks again for a great product and a Superior customer service staff. They truly represent 4Patriots in a bright, cheerful and knowledgeable way.

  • Pete - November 02, 2020

    COVID-19 is not going away. Until there is an effective vaccine, we just have to live with the risk. A dependable cure would be a good first step in combatting it.

  • TOdd - November 02, 2020

    Samuel Longhorn Clemens aka
    Mark Twain, once said, “ there are lies and damn lies and there are statistics!”

    If you are going to quote Dr. Fauci and CNN and use that as your baseline of opinion to implement or alert folks,
    then I have to disagree.
    The numbers are up because of more testing. The so called cases are bundled in with many factors not truly be reported.
    The truth is not found in the major media.
    Nor in people using the hype to sway opinions to garner votes or money.


    Please don’t send me a computer answer of some kind!

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